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On the April 9th episode of ‘We Got Married’, f(x)’s Victoria decided to apologize to her ‘husband’ Nichkhun after failing a mission. Previously, Victoria promised to shout Nichkhun’s name while on a live CCTV broadcast in China in front of millions of people. Unfortunately, she was unable to fulfill her words. Nichkhun’s got ‘angrier’ when he noticed that his wife seemed to be too ‘friendly’ with the MC. To make up for it, Victoria danced to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and successfully made her man happy. More »

Music Portal Bugs! recently made a poll and this time the questions was: “Which Idol/Singer seemed like he/she would be easily fooled on April Fool’s Day.” Votes were counted and SNSD’s Aegyo Queen, Sunny topped the list with 32.15% However, not all netizens agree with this because from Sunny’s participation on the variety show, Invicible Youth, the maknae showed her skills and wit. Some commented, “April Fool’s Day doesn’t apply to Sunny”, “She’s really fast in sensing things. “She will never be fooled.” More »

2PM’s Nichkhun has recently given up his innocent heart throbbing features by transforming into a “Dark Nichkhun.” Recently, Nichkhun uploaded a picture of himself onto his official Twitter account along with an amusing caption, “Welcome to the DarkSide.” More »

The results for the KPOP Idol-Off EXP Bets: Nichkhun (2PM) vs. Tiffany (SNSD) are in! More »

Who’s feeling lucky today? Nichkhun (2PM) vs. Tiffany (SNSD). Who wants to win 100 EXP? More »

It was earlier revealed that 2PM’s Thai Prince, Nichkhun would be making a guest appearance in Taiwanese artist Wilber Pan’s upcoming MV. Many fans have been anticipating for what was install and luckily, a clip of the MV was aired on NTV1. More »

The results for the KPOP Idol-Off EXP Bets: Onew (SHINee) vs. Nichkhun (2PM) are in! More »

Who’s feeling lucky today? Onew (SHINee) vs. Nichkhun (2PM). Who wants to win 100 EXP? More »

The results for the KPOP Idol-Off EXP Bets: Nichkhun (2PM) vs. Siwon (Super Junior) are in! More »

Have you ever wondered if Nichkhun would be as good looking as he is now as a grandpa? Seems like 2PM’s very own Thai Prince has anticipated your question, as he recently tweet a picture of himself with a mustache along with a message: “Hello everyone! Grandpa Nichkhun has returned!” Returned? When did he ever show up as a grandpa in the first place? Am I missing something? More »

Nichkhun of 2PM is popular. In fact, so popular, that fans would save his life above other idols if an earthquake ever happened. Now that’s hardcore loyalty right there. More »

Last week’s Sungmin vs. Nichkhun KPOP Idol-Off match saw a victorious win for Team Nichkhun. Now that we’ve announced the winning team, it’s time to announce the random prize winner of the Super Junior Bonamana Repackaged Album courtesy of YesAsia. Drum roll, please! More »

The results for the KPOP Idol-Off EXP Bets: Sungmin (Super Junior) vs. Nichkhun (2PM) are in! More »

2PM’s Nichkhun showed fans a picture of himself six years ago via his Twitter account. And while he definitely resembled the Nichkhun of today, he doesn’t exactly look the Nichkhun we’re used to seeing–since when did he have blue eyes? More »

The adorable 2PM member Nichkhun recently went on to endorse ice cream brand Baskin Robbins. During the endorsement, Nichkhun got a chance to be an ice-cream chef and he even created two of his own flavors, ‘Kissing mango‘ and ‘Magic Kung fu ice cream.’ He has released a CF which showed him holding 12 different flavors of ice cream and then him eating one of them. More »

2PM member Nichkhun is helping to endorse clothing brand Customellow and in the recent photo shoot, the concept was ‘About A Boy‘ and Nichkhun pulled it off greatly. In the photo shoot, Nichkhun wears smokey makeup and fashionable clothes but looks cute and child-like in his own way. More »

It has been confirmed that the Khuntoria couple from MBC’s “We Got Married” will visit Thailand to see Nichkhun’s parents! On the latest episode of WGM, Nichkhun handed Victoria a present from his mother. At that time, she was only able to bow her head in front of the television as a way of saying thanks. However, she’ll be able to actually thank Nichkhun’s mother in person once she meets her! She will not only meet his parents, but also Nichkhun’s sisters. More »

I bet 2PM member Nichkhun wasn’t expecting to be at the top of Twitter’s Trending Topics list worldwide. He recently released a cute picture of himself wearing those fake 3D glasses without the lens on. He wrote, “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Nerd Khun =]” which means “kekekekeke Nerd Khun =].” “Nerd Khun started to be in all the Nichkhun fan’s tweets and in just 2 hours of Nichkhun’s tweet, Nerd Khun has already reached number one on Trending topics! More »

It’s on to the next round of KPOP Idol-Off matches with Super Junior’s Sungmin and 2PM’s Nichkhun. We’re upping the stakes this time by including a prize of a KPOP album rewarded to a random eligible player after the conclusion of each match.This 5-day flash game match will determine which idol has the most passionate fans! Read on for participation details. More »

2PM member Nichkhun has been starring in a lot of CF’s lately and I am not complaining. The Thai prince has now endorsed another popular company called ‘BRAND.’ Basing on the CF BRAND is most likely a company that specializes in health products. More »

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