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2PM’s Nichkhun got quite a few laughs while he guested on MBC’s “Radio Star“. One of his confessions was particularly entertaining…he admitted to pretending that he didn’t understand Korean on occasion. More »

f(x)’s Victoria recently guested on Radio Star with 2PM’s Nichkhun, where she recounted memories of Korea when she first arrived there. More »

On July 11th, 2PM’s Nichkhun appeared as a guest on MBC’s ‘Radio Star‘ and surprised everyone when he revealed that he shares his profits with the rest of 2PM. More »

With the 2012 London Olympics just weeks away, variety show Running Man is set to air an Idol Olympics Idol Special featuring top singers in its next episode. More »

You’ve heard the fun Olympic song released by the massive team of Korean idols, Team SIII, “Win the Day“. Now you can check out the MV and see all of your favorite idols acting all adorable together in one MV! More »

The 2012 London Olympics are just around the corner and your favorite K-pop groups have come together to form Team SIII and celebrate with a special Olympics song, “Win The Day“. More »

So, 2012 so far is a decent year. Some amazing comebacks already, with quite a few more coming our way. However, with our favorite stars going through their busy schedules, it seems like there really isn’t any time for scandals to happen (you’d think the companies won’t want their idols to be doing messed up stuff at this point of time), but they have. So here are 7 Major KPOP Scandals of 2012…So Far. More »

GTH studios has recently released the international trailer for its upcoming Thai film ‘Seven Something‘ which also features 2PM’s Nichkhun. Produced to celebrate the 7th anniversary of GTH studios, the film stars seven actors presenting three love stories by three different directors. More »

J.Y. Park has revealed that Swizz Beatz‘ visit was not just a visit! There will soon be a JYP Entertainment and Swizz Beatz collaboration for Reebok! More »

2PM’s Wooyoung has hit the cover of Men’s Health magazine for their July issue showing that his perfectly sculpted body is ready to hit the beach…and the battlefield. More »

With summer just around the corner, it’s time for us to hit the beach and pools for some summer fun! Before that, however, we’re going to have to work to slim and tone our bodies to perfection. While doing this, it’s only natural that we have a goal body image set in mind, but for these KPOP idols, their bodies might be a bit too hard to achieve… More »

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Do you think of spending the day at a beach or a pool? Or would you be spending your time indoors catching up on all the dramas you missed and practicing your video game skills? Well whatever the case is, have you ever imagined do ALL those things with someone hot, sexy and maybe a bit dorky? Well, if you have ever thought of ANY of these things, then you’ve got to keep scrolling and read about the 12 Idols That You’d Want As A Summer Fling. And who knows, maybe they’ll last longer than the summer! More »

2PM is currently traveling throughout Japan for their “Six Beautiful Days” tour and Nichkhun decided to snap a selca or two to share with everyone! More »

With the goal of expanding outside of South Korea, companies no longer look for just star potentials in their home country but have grown to accept those of other nationalities. Nevertheless, appearance is still an important factor More »

JJ Project just made a VERY impressive debut with “Bounce” on Mnet’s M! Countdown and afterwards, a number of the JYP Entertainment artists showed their support. More »

EXO’s recent trip to Disneyland in California got me thinking. I love Disney and I love k-pop. What happens when you put them together? More »

The educational specialists, IVYTZ conducted a survey of 1,615 middle schoolers asking who they wanted as their math and English teachers, and the results revealed that they want Big Bang’s T.O.P as their English teacher, and national MC Yoo Jae Suk as their math teacher. More »

Super Junior’s Heechul is known to be one of the most feminine male KPOP idols out there, earning him the title of prettiest ‘flower boy’ KPOP fans ever laid eyes on. Then along came a boy named Ren (ironically, his name means ‘lotus’ in Japanese) and the rest was history. More »

Chansung and the dog are so cute together! –Wait! Is that Nichkhun at the back? More »

After news of the G8 girls on Invincible Youth 2 having a combined weight less than that of a horse, we got a little curious. Which male idol groups are the heaviest and what animal has the same weight? So here is a list of male idol groups and their animal counterparts. More »

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