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2PM’s Nichkhun and Wooyoung and 2AM’s Jo Kwon recently shared a fun picture that they took together. More »

On the 21st, 2PM’s Nichkhun tweeted a fun picture of himself dressed in all pink. More »

2PM’s Nichkhun is one of the more loyal twitter users among other Kpop artists. On August 19th, he tweeted a VERY sweet tweet (whoa cool rhyme there…) to all his “Hottest” fans! The tweet was very positive and an inspirational message, and he used many 2PM songs as puns! More »

Have you ever thought that TEEN TOP’s Chunji and 2PM’s Nichkhun looked alike? Did you ever want to see the two take a picture together?Well these two celebrities have fulfilled our wishes by taking a fun selca together! More »

Some certain photos of 2PM’s Nichkhun and TEEN TOP’s Chunji are attracting a lot of attention. Most people who see the pictures state that the two stars look very similar. More »

On August 8th, 2PM Nichkhun uploaded a cute photo of himself plus tweeting, “One day I’ll be wearing these glasses and yelling at my grandchildren hahaha.” In the picture it shows Nichkhun wearing round shaped glasses while making a grampa-like face expression, that made many laugh just by seeing the picture. More »

On a recent episode of ‘We Got Married,’ MC Kim Na Young made a slightly embarrassing confession. More »

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria will be spending some sweet time together in the beautiful scenic Maldives starting August 1. More »

Guess being ‘taken’ does hurt your popularity a wee bit. 2PM’s Nichkhun experienced that firsthand during a recent broadcast of Dream Team! More »

Who would’ve thought? 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria, who seem so lovely and cute and friendly together, had their first fight on We Got Married. More »

Music distribution site, Monkey 3, conducted a poll on “The one you want to run towards and hug from behind, the man with the mesmerizing back profile is…?” The person who claimed the number 1 spot is JYJ’s Jaejoong! More »

On a recent episode of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart2PM’s Taecyeon talked about his ‘business relationship’ with Jessica from SNSD. More »

During the July 23rd episode of the ‘2PM Show,’ there was quite a commotion between Junho and Junsu while promoting Junsu’s song “Hot.” Junho made an evaluation using a unique metaphor: “Laced with the addictive electronic sound, it will be sure to largely appeal to children just like junk food.” More »

2PM’s Nichkhun recently tweeted a hilarious photo of himself with a pig nose. On July 13th, the star uploaded the above photo onto his Twitter and wrote, “This is why you call it a piggy nose,” referring to the a plug adapter on his nose. More »

We’ve seen 2pm’s Nichkhun in quite a number of variety shows already ever since 2008, however for the first time ever, Nichkhun will become the MC for their show, SBS’ “2pm Show“. More »

Last week, we saw two pictures from 2PM’s Nichkhun’s and f(x)’s Victoria’s official wedding pictorial and now a third one has been revealed for We Got Married. More »

You see this and you just go “awwwww….” Well at least that’s my reaction. More »

Earlier today, Nichkhun and 2PM were on SBS Radio where Nichkhun was of course asked about Victoria and his feelings for here. More »

After much teasing and suspense, the Khuntoria couple has finally locked lips! On the most recent episode of WGM, 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria enacted the ‘Spiderman Kiss’ that Nichkhun has always wanted to try out. More »

The cast and crew of “Running Man” flew over to Thailand to record for the upcoming episode, which will feature special guests 2PM’s Nichkhun and actress Kim Min Jung. The episode, “Special 50th Episode in Thailand,” will be aired this Sunday and will take viewers to Nichkhun’s home where he will reveal his family members. More »

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