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- Arriving with not quite what was expected, especially after teasers, these were the most disappointing comebacks of 2012…so far.

- A Happy 4th of July to you and those that see your nails in today’s Daily Nail Art.

- With Katie Holmes‘ divorce still ongoing, details have been revealed that someone is tailing her.

- Poor Alice, it seems as though being forever alone is the only thing in her future.

- A quick tease by HTC seems to reveal that the wait won’t be much longer for the Droid Incredible 4G.

- Gamers on Android are now able to play and bring Final Fantasy III wherever they want.

- This diamond-shaped speaker is petite and also rechargeable to bring you your tunes.

- Stay in paradise when you check into the Grand Pacific Le Daiba, who offers Gundam-themed rooms for you fans and a good time.

BBQ and cookout prep later! What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Find out which KPOP MVs made the list for the best and share your favorite of 2012…so far.

- Demi Lovato denies a love line with 1D’s Niall Horan (I’m sure not many Directioners could do the same so easily).

- How to have the most epic game of Ultimate Foozeball ever.

- Is it weird to know that Apple doesn’t (currently) own

- Sport a few bolts of lightning on your tips when you try out today’s Daily Nail Art.

- The Wizard Edition for Ni no Kuni will come with lots of goodies that will make it hard to resist.

- Racking up more than $10,000, the rental hats worn by Kate Middleton went for a few pretty pennies.

- Ted just came out but with FX’s quick moves, viewers will know where to tune in to catch its TV premiere debut.

- Samsung is expectant that the new Galaxy S III is going to clear the 10 million mark by next month.

- ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s new PV for “Sore Dewa, Mata Ashita” is now out!

Napping after a list of to-dos. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- 2NE1 is looking fierce in the new group shot that they have revealed for their impending comeback.

- With loads of gloss and shine from the packaging, see if Missha’s M Luminous Color Lip Gloss performs as well as it looks.

- It’s official - Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are splitting up.

- New WaSaBi cases for the Nintendo 3DS bring a new type of look and artistic style to your favorite portable game console.

- With help from the iBrain, Stephen Hawking’s genius yet mysterious mind will be uncovered.

- One look and you’ll want everything in Zara’s new June 2012 lookbook for their TRF line.

- Those looking forward to Google Glass will have to keep busy until at least 2014.

- Ellen DeGeneres, James Franco, Backstreet Boys, and more are all in line for their own place on the Walk of Fame.

- The theme song for upcoming romantic comedy drama, “Rich Man, Poor Woman,” will be by miwa.

Hopefully a fun weekend to come. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Rising expectations, it’s been revealed that Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free & Single” choreography was created with help from the King of Pop’s dancers.

- Decorated in such cute, this SHINee SHINI Star Clear Pact in Peach from Etude House is pretty adorable. Find out if its worth it in Sandy’s review.

- As much fun as it is to always be on your smartphone, an overuse can lead to health problems.

- Strutting down the runway, Ed Westwick makes his model debut in the fashion city of Milan.

- Those going to Comic Con will be able to look forward to a big reveal for upcoming shooter, Fortnite.

- Jena Malone may be taking on the role of Johanna Mason in the anticipated Hunger Games sequel.

- Google’s new Nexus tablet is quite the beaut and with an equaling appealing price tag.

- Find out the secret to how the Angry Birds were really created…

- Try not to “aww” seeing this cutie chick plushie having a petite meal.

- Check out this short PV for StylipS‘ new single “Choose Me Darling.”

Time seems to be flying this week. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Seohyun recently celebrated her birthday with a party…only Eunhyuk arrived first to Twitter-document the awkwardness.

- Thanks to Anabel’s review, you can see if the Whitening Essence Mask from Silk Whitia is worth your moola.

- Love is in the air once again for Zooey Deschanel, who was recently seen with a certain “Dear John” screenwriter.

- An official release date has been given for Just Dance 4.

- Get your sneak peek at a piece of shoe beauty from Rodarte’s upcoming footwear collection.

- Samsung’s mysterious new device “Jasper” has made its appearance on FCC documents.

- Here’s one fail situation you don’t want to be in when cooking pasta.

- Your photos are in for an editing treat with today’s App of the Day, Phototreats.

- Vimclip drops an energetic PV teaser for “BA+BA+BYE.”

Appreciate of this sunny day! What was the highlight of your day? More »

- It’s been revealed that T.O.P’s little sister for his upcoming movie role in “Alumni” will be actress Kim Yoo Jung.

- Hair a bit dead lately? See if Living Proof’s Restore combo is just what your locks need to look healthy and new again in this review.

- Flipboard for Android has arrived in the Google Play Store - pick up this visual reader app now!

- Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian seem to have quickly become the latest pair of celeb buddies.

- New details have surfaced for the confirmation of the special Collector’s Edition of Journey.

- Designer Doo-Ri Chung has announced that she’s leaving her namesake brand.

- Bright lights and stars seem to have always been in Lea Michele’s future.

- Get your own Grabatron in today’s action-packed App of the Day.

- You can now check out French Kissnew preview for their “Rainy day” PV - a bit melancholy but really pretty.

Cozy hoodies on this chilly, cloudy day. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Yesung seems to be channeling his inner Peter Pan for the latest “Sexy, Free & Single” teaser from Super Junior.

- If your face isn’t as clear as you’d like, it might be beneficial to try out some of these tips from Dr. Murad.

- Did 11 year old Willow Smith get her tongue pierced?

- Arriving today, gamers will be able to finally pick up the new Skyrim Dawnguard DLC.

- Find out exactly how much energy you need to keep an iPad alive.

- All eyes will definitely be on you if you rock a pair of these shades from the latest Linda Farrow and Prabal Gurung collaboration.

- Everyone knows at least one Pokemon, but would you still be able to name them all if Mary was the one describing them to you? (Besides Pikachu, the automatically given one.)

- Well wishes to Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek who was recently hospitalized.

- You can now place your preorders for Sony’s Google TV.

- Surely you won’t be able to resist going all out after seeing BABYMETAL’s new “Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!” PV.

Ended a long day with a yummy citron macaroon! What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Super Junior will be returning with “Sexy, Free, & Single” and has started off their teasers with Eunhyuk.

- Agree or disagree with the latest declaration that Usher is the next King of Pop?

- How tempted would you be to drop $13,000 on one product for your face?

- Thanks to Amazon Germany, the Wii U may be arriving this December.

- It’s a pretty easy choice for most, though still pretty funny to see this Hermione vs. Bella matchup.

- With more prepaid wireless options available now, it seems like most Americans are saying bye to contracts.

- The Huawei M660 gets a sneak peek capture - looks pretty good.

- Ebisu Mucats has released short PVs for their next upcoming single.

A sunny and fun lunch date adventure with the best friend. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- The first trailer for the upcoming drama “When Love Walked In” (featuring Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi, f(x)’s Victoria, and Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen) is now out!

- Check out Sandy’s review on AmorePacific’s Rejuvenating Creme and if its slightly high price tag is worth it.

- Samsung aims to appeal to everyone’s “human” side in their latest commercial for the new Galaxy S III.

- House of Billiam releases a new women’s varsity jacket in a print that is perfect for these bright summer days and…it’s reversible!

- Microsoft has finally revealed their iPad rival-worthy Surface tablets.

- It seems like Demi Lovato has disappeared from the set of X Factor.

- New details have arrived on the upcoming collector’s edition of God of War Ascension.

- One “fashionable” knockoff that Steve Jobs most likely did not approve.

- Sad news, Shoujo Lolita 23ku seems to be going on an indefinite hiatus.

Finally got my strawberry shortcake craving fulfilled - mmm! What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Ready to share him with the world, Super Junior’s Siwon tweets a picture of his son.

- See if you’re more of a “Lazy Sunday” or someone who’s “Out For Fun” in this review for MAC’s new Casual Color Lip & Cheek Pot.

- Upgrading the traditional bento lunchbox with technology to cook your food and keep it warm till you nom it gone.

- It seems like we may be seeing Adam Levine as a guest star on Glee.

- The lookbook for the new adidas Originals and Opening Ceremony collaboration is out!

- Did you know that the Wii U was almost scrapped due to its high pricetag?

- New details are out on the upcoming Motorola RAZR V smartphone.

- Kanye West is trying to swoon Kim Kardashian’s mon with a Bentley.

- How would you like to rock this Tom-approved pair of TOMS?

- Koda Kumi has officially announced her new remix album!

New week, fresh rain, good time to try something new. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Cutie leader JR from NU’EST shows off his Twitter confusion and gives fans a few birthday updates.

- Peek at the upcoming MAC x Ruffian Collection that is set to land this Summer 2012 - very chic.

- A leak reveals Emma Stone’s bombshell cover for Vogue July 2012.

- Twilight fans will be excited to see the first picture of Renesmee, which has come out for Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

- This EasyGrab camera concept looks pretty cool and useful to boot.

- Proclaimed as something better than YOLO, I’d pick this sweet treat every time.

- If the Droid Incredible 3 ends up looking like this, I’d say it’d be a winner - so sleek!

- A pouch for your shades, the Rebecca Minkoff Pebbled Leather Sunglasses Case is in the most summer-worthy shade of turquoise.

- Recent losses seem to be forcing Sony execs to go through with wage subsiding.

- Fans can expect a new album from Sakamoto Miu to come this August!

Mmm mango/original swirl froyo with…mangoes! What was the highlight of your day? More »

- f(x) seems to have gotten inspiration from labelmate SHINee in their concept pictures for “Electric Shock.”

- Are you more of a “Vagabondage” or someone into “Life and Beth,” see how the new nail lacquers from the MAC x Beth Ditto collection did in this review.

- Maison Martin Margiela is officially confirmed as the next designer collaboration for H&M!

- One journalist seems to not be so smitten with Nickelback and their upcoming concert…enough to even list out suggestions as to what else you could spend your $45 on.

- Seems like Samsung Galaxy S III users under Verizon and AT&T won’t be able to get their free 50GB from Dropbox.

- Alyson Hannigan tweets the first picture of her second baby bundle of joy.

- Nickelodeon’s refresh of “Figure It Out” is arriving soon, but sources have already revealed who their first slimed star will be.

- With some of the ladies of SNSD so active in 2012 so far, which has been your favorite drama that a couple of the girls have stared in?

- You get not one, but three USB ports in this pretty convenient and shell-shaped USB Hub that is featured for today’s Unique USB - too cute!

- No need to save up money yet, the Xbox 360 is suppose to keep up with the competition for at least 2 more strong years.

Cloudy day errands. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Boyfriend gets ready to charm all you Best Friends once again with their MV teaser for “Love Style.”

- Say hello to another cute TONY MOLY item, this time it’s a review for the Hello Bunny Perfume Bar in Bebe Powder.

- Zara Woman’s lookbook for June 2012 is full of hot fashions and pieces that I’m sure everyone could fit into their closets.

- Fire lovers and iPhone 4/4S users will find the MatchBook Pro case right up their alley.

- Bad timing for Lady Gaga, who got hit by a metal pole at her recent concert in Auckland.

- Blizzard sends out official word on their stance about cheaters on Diablo III.

- Send your love to the Forever Alone Guy, who you sometimes can’t help but relate to.

- The super sleek LG Optimus 4X HD will be arriving for Europe this month.

- Take a listen to Morning Musume’s upcoming track, “The Matenrou Show.”

Catching up on “Big!” What was the highlight of your day? More »

- For Taetiseo’s final “Twinkle” stage, Taeyeon gave a “cracking” good present to their fans.

- Providing you with a quicker and easier way to sport nail designs, check out how the Metallic Nails in Giraffe from Elegant Touch do in this review.

- In day 4 of our Gamer Diary for Diablo 3, there apparently is no cow level in this version…but there is something else suspiciously cheerier…sort of.

- Instead of sipping red wine, how about wearing it as a dress?

- While a TV seems like a staple for entertainment, these celebrities do fine without that they actually don’t own one at all.

- One Tinker Bell ends up in tears after being denied admission into Disney.

- Iron Man 3 has officially begun shooting!

- Be enlightened and have a laugh when you find out the other uses that one could have for Thor.

- Jacket covers for Mano Erina’s upcoming “Song for the DATE” single have just been revealed.

A goodbye to the sister after almost a week of bonding catch-up. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Finally! MBC announces new episodes to begin again for “We Got Married.”

- Change up your boring blacks and browns for the MAC Zoom Lash Mascara in Plum Reserve covered in Jinra’s review.

- Reebok and Marvel have teamed up for one superhero-studded Summer 2012 Collection.

- If it’s coming from the president, you surely can’t deny Obama’s request for you to…call him maybe?

- New technology is being used in Usher’s upcoming concert that will let fans join him [virtually] onstage.

- Samsung’s ChatOn service arrives for Windows Phone OS users now.

- LittleBigPlanet Karting drops a new blazing trailer at this week’s E3 2012 conference.

- Take your pictures through the PhotoToaster in today’s App of the Day.

- Sekai no Owari fans can look forward to a new album from the group to come this July.

A really good sleeping in to wake up to sunshine. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Check out these 8 female idols who are definitely rocking their beach-ready bodies well.

- Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are now…engaged?!

- Indulge in these 7 video games and work on your swimsuit figure at the same time - sounds like a deal right?

- See if Dr. Hauschka’s Cleansing Cream is the one for you in this review.

- Find out what today’s App of the Day, 100 Floors, is all about.

- Giuliana Rancic gears up to launch her own clothing line on HSN.

- One of those situations where YOLO is not the best answer

- Interestingly, MTV is starting to work on a Scream TV series.

A delicious pasta dinner with the sister. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- CN BLUE’s Yonghwa shows off his hard work in the gym with a new Twitter selca.

- Check out this review to find out if Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer is what you need to make your foundation last.

- Jessica Sanchez has her sights on Eminem to guest on her debut album.

- Scribblenauts Unlimited is heading to the Wii U and 3DS!

- Ashley Tisdale is heading to the big screen again as one of the female leads in Scary Movie 5.

- Customers can find out the specifics of what AT&T is offering for their Samsung Galaxy S III launch.

- Now this is why you should never wear Crocs when you go tanning (…or outside).

- Such a cute Red Dragon is featured in today’s Unique USB.

- Mano Erina releases her full PV for “Song for the DATE.”

Too much lolz at “Big” and dry, breezy mornings. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- You may think you know the difference between EXO-M and EXO-K but this picture points it out pretty hilariously.

- You may not know that beauty for real’s See the Light! Illuminating Light Up Lip Gloss (whew!) is the perfect one for you, but after Jinra’s review, it’s actually extremely handy with all its features.

- While we’re still in the early phases of Summer, here are 8 ideas of things to plan with your friends for some fun memories.

- Check out this cool and actually professional-looking backpack and if that’s not enough…it’s waterproof too!

- The Avengers have successfully defeated Harry Potter in claiming the coveted title of being the third biggest movie of all time.

- The Sony Xperia ST21i gears up to its arrival with its actual name, the Sony Xperia Tipo.

- Rei Kawakubo shares her designing methods that definitely sets her apart from other designers.

- Halo 4 drops an impressive gameplay trailer at this week’s E3 2012.

A very fun catch up pho lunch with my sister (who’s been gone in Ecuador since January)! What was the highlight of your day? More »

- The members of SHINee either all have similar tastes or…aren’t shy about sharing underwear.

- Make your summer an adventure by checking out these 6 music festivals and tours.

- Accessorize smartly with these fashionable and Summer-worthy hair accessories.

- Rock this cute braided bangs look that was inspired by SNSD’s Yoona.

- Residents of Korea will be able to pick up the new and sleek Samsung Galaxy R Style soon.

- It’s true! Castlevania will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

- A new poster and teaser trailer has just come out for the upcoming “Perks of Being a Wallflower” movie.

- Today’s App of the Day, Inkflow, will appeal to those that love learning and explaining via visuals.

- PASSPO☆ is taking the skies in their latest PV for “Next Flight.”

After a full day at work, coming home to mail packages! What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Who would’ve guessed - Justin Bieber sharing the same stage as those a part of the Hallyu Wave?

- Your 2012 Summer Movie Guide is here! And there’ll definitely more than a few that I can’t wait to see this season.

- Samsung’s S Voice has finally debuted to work on all ICS devices.

- You can’t have fun in the sun without a pair of shades - check out these 10 affordable sunglasses that will have you rocking in style this Summer.

- A handwritten note by the one and only Steve Jobs is up for auction to be owned by one special (and probably rich) person.

- Rock any of these fun nail designs to perk up your digits and your Summer.

- New specs and a trailer for the Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack are now released.

- A set of watermelon nail art is featured for today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day - so yummy!

- An interesting comparison that shows the difference between “gay” and “normalmarriages.

- Looking for a new manga to fall in love with this Summer? Look no further than these five intriguing picks.

Refreshing sleep and awake to a brisk morning. What was the highlight of your day? More »

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