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- It seems like it’s going to be a party of people that will be featured in Psy’s upcoming “Gentleman” MV.

- The dates are out for the Honda Civic Tour with Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson.

- A leak reveals multiple colors for the supposed Facebook phone.

- Want to be a part of a Guinness World Record attempt? Just get a trim at Aveda on April 22.

- A GameStop lets it slip that the PlayStation 4 will be launching globally as soon as this year.

- Sneak a peek at one of Beyonce’s fab costume for her upcoming music video.

- Who said you need a number two to take…a sweet couple picture?

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- Soon you’ll be able to catch Lee Jong Hyuk, Lee Chun Hee, and SNSD’s Sooyoung on tvN’s new drama “Dating Agency.”

- Indulge in your sweet tooth with MAC’s upcoming collection, “Baking Beauties.”

- New and old fans of the series will be able to pick up Dynasty Warriors 8 this summer.

- Mark your calendars for 2015…seeing as “Finding Dory” (the “Finding Nemo” sequel) has just been confirmed by Pixar!

- How darling is this flying pug? It’s no wonder it made today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day.

- It seems like we might be able to expect a clothing line from the Duchess of Cambrige?

- Rock the white chicken featured in today’s cute iCase of the Day.

- It’s a wonder no one caught this mannequin mishap that definitely shouldn’t have gone out onto the floor.

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- Given the choice, Kwanghee would chose full surgery over minor cosmetic procedures - could you say the same?

- Rock some literally “rocking” frames from Shwood’s new collection made out of slate.

- Leave it to the geeks to come up with this impressive cheating method.

- A variety of Japan-connected icons are is featured in today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day in the form of…cupcakes!

- New box art has been released for Grand Theft Auto V.

- A “Good Point” is made in today’s Skin of the Day that might actually make you hungry as well…

- Who would’ve thought that we’d get to this point to see Cory and Topanga’s wedding rings?

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- Take a listen to the soothing vocals of LUNAFLY in their awesome cover of JB’s “As Long As You Love Me.”

- It was a close call for Taylor Swift who was almost punctured via…a sword by Ed Sheeran?

- Filming for “Fast & Furious 7” could start as soon as this summer.

- A pretty mistake has colored Lauren Conrad’s hair to a fun and cheery pink!

- Totally love the sleeker look in this iPhone 6 concept - definitely drool-worthy.

- Zac Posen lends his design skills to a new hair accessories collection with John Frieda.

- Fans of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu can expect the singer to drop a new single this May!

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- How cute are Yubin and Lim in this selca that was taken during their date together.

- Looking for something different than the currently popular BB creams? See if Nip + Fab’s CC Cream is worth the one letter upgrade in Jinra’s review.

- T-Mobile excitedly picks up the iPhone 5 alongside their new no-contract plans.

- Justin Bieber is in hot water after a new assault accusation surfaces following a “reckless” driving situation.

- If you were ever curious as to how Godzilla became a reality…wonder no more after this.

- Tory Burch cracks down on Bluebell for using a too-similar design to their famous “T” logo.

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- It’s good to know that G-Dragon work isn’t prompted by money.

- Check out Jessica’s review to see if your inner diva comes out with NYX’s Ultra Pearl Mania in the gorg color of Jade Pearl.

- It seems like we can expect 2 iPhones from Apple in this upcoming year.

- The first campaign photo for Beyonce’s new H&M ad has been revealed.

- Follow Fall Out Boy in their latest music video for “The Phoenix” now!

- A new gameplay trailer has dropped for Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

- Need to up the kawaii level in your room? Here are 5 Japanese items that will definitely do the trick.

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- Jinwoon’s sweet revenge moment finally happened for Go Jun Hee on this week’s “We Got Married.”

- See if your lips will be screaming for It’s Skin Ice Creamy Lip Bar after checking out Jinra’s review on this intriguing product.

- Make teatime more enjoyable with this cute Birdy Swing Tea Infuser that is certainly a sight to see.

- T-Mobile seems to be gearing up their LTE network with recent testing in 9 US cities.

- Find out where your favorite Disney princess ended up after their “Happily Ever After”…

- The wait is almost over for the Marvel Heroes MMO, seeing as an official launch date has been revealed.

- Fancy up your sushi love with this unique sushi box that was designed by…Kate Moss?

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- Younha drops a new MV teaser for her latest single, “It’s Not That.”

- For lashes that will be absolutely irresistible, see if Too Faced’s lashGASM Mascara will do the trick with help from Jessica’s review.

- Good news for Feedly, who has picked up more than 500,000+ users with the recent news that Google Reader will be dying.

- Kristin Cavallari steps into the jewelry world with her first collection that has many covet-worthy pieces with just one glance.

- A shocked elephant is in the spotlight for today’s Cupcake of the Day.

- Why display plain towels when you could have these geeky hand towels that will surely please every gamer out there.

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- Seeing as miss A’s Fei has become more comfortable being on variety shows, it seems like we might be seeing her on the screen more often.

- A anti-aging dream for your skin? See if Shiseido Benefique’s Retino Essence does the trick in Jinra’s review.

- Learn all the new colors for the upcoming season with this cute video from J.Crew’s crewcuts kids.

- Mark Zuckerburg claims the top spot in this year’s CEO rankings.

- Ouch - Ed Sheeran takes a bad fall during a recent performance.

- Assassin’s Creed 3 drops a new gameplay trailer for “The Betrayal.”

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- Angels now have a new social media outlet to be up-to-date on new news from Teen Top themselves.

- Urban Decay reveals their new eyeliner vault that will surely have all you makeup junkies drooling.

- Turn any pair of gloves into touchscreen-friendly ones with this new AnyGlove gel.

- In the latest issue of “Elle,” Nicki Minaj shows off her makeunder transformation.

- Hooray! The The Ellen DeGeneres Show has officially been renewed to be on the air till 2017.

- The Last of Us‘ campaign component will take how many hours?

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- The short PV is now out for Boyfriend’s “Hitomi no Melody.”

- See if you can obtain that ombre look right at home with a peek into Jinra’s review of L’Oreal’s Féria Wild Ombre.

- Feast your eyes on J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons impressive collection of “Shiny Ponies.”

- Seems like there might not be romance in the air as Taylor Swift gives her side on the recent Ed Sheeran rumors.

- Word is that Google Glass will even let you identify people just by their…clothing?

- Here’s one “like a boss” response that only Neil Armstrong would be able to give.

- Via GameStop, there’s already a strong demand for the upcoming PS4.

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- DMTN’s Daniel is still in hot water after admitting to selling marijuana even though he didn’t smoke it.

- New nail wraps have been released from CK One Color and are full of attitude.

- Fans of Pretty Little Liars will be excited to hear that season 4 now has a premiere date for the summer.

- A new teaser for the upcoming Galaxy S IV is presented by Samsung before the anticipated promotion event.

- Pretty height may not have been worth it in the countless high heels that have seriously “mangled” SJP’s feet from Sex in the City.

- US gamers will get the chance to pick up Pandora’s Tower on Wii as soon as next month.

- A set of yummy Japanese-themed cupcakes are shown off in today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day.

- If you’re looking for amusement the next time you stay in a hotel, here are some pranks that will surely spook the housekeeping.

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- TVXQ finally reveals their full PV for their current Japan single, “In Our Time.”

- See how Holika Holika’s Soda PoreCleansing Light Cleansing Oil will blast away your makeup in this review.

- Use SlideShark to ensure your presentation goes smoothly featured in today’s App of the Day.

- When deciding on camping companions, there’s multiple reasons why the Fantastic Four would be perfect.

- Class up your cupcake game in today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day that is adorably moustache-themed.

- A release date has been placed for those of you looking forward to Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler.

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- How precious are these photos of Donghae when he was just a little munchkin?

- See if It’s Skin’s Hyaluronic Acid Cream is able to provide your skin with what it needs in this review.

- Word on the tech street is that Apple might be releasing a polycarbonate iPhone for $330 next year.

- Vans teams up with J.Crew for a cool vintage-looking collection of their Washed Canvas Authentic Sneakers.

- The adorable Quvenzhané Wallis has been confirmed to play Annie in an upcoming remake for Christmas 2014.

- Cute up your whole bath/shower routine with these Hello Kitty toiletries featured in today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day.

- At the Game Developers Conference, everyone will finally be able to get that closer look at the PS4.

- The reality of how profile pictures on Facebook really turn out…

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- It came quicker than expected but Park Shin Hye has sent her goodbyes to “Go Dok Mi.”

- Head to Sephora to pick up their special line inspired by 2013’s Color of the Year.

- It seems like Daniel Radcliffe is close to inking his name as Igor in “Frankenstein.”

- Diane von Furstenberg hits up Roxy for a new and print-filled swimsuit collection!

- Check into this week’s Upcoming Game Releases to see what’s arriving on your favorite consoles.

- Today’s App of the Day lets you professionally organize your hand-written notes using DukePen.

- Here’s one way to set up an intimidating security system

- Satisfy a chocolate sweet tooth with today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day featuring a lot of Oreo cookie pandas.

- Could you live in these coffin-esque apartments in Japan?

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- 2AM introduces “One Spring Day” to IAMs with their first MV teaser.

- Here are 5 things that you should try not to miss when you’re on a trip to the “Land of the Rising Sun” that is Japan.

- See if It’s Skin’s Color Play Lumilight Lip Tint is able to pout up those lips in Jessica’s review.

- Resourcefully, here’s how to have your barbecued meat and…iron out those wrinkles too?

- A new study shares that men and women are quite different in the way that they tweet on Twitter.

- It seems like a fifth “American Piesequel is totally possible - would you watch it?

- Meloetta, the appropriately named melody Pokemon, will be offered by GameStop in March.

- Did you know that Janet Jackson was secretly married in 2012?

- Jennifer Lawrence’s clothes from her “Silver Linings Playbook” role have been placed in an auction.

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- After wrapping up her first “The Three Musketeers” performance, Wonder GirlsYenny shares a super cute selca.

- Find out how the Chinese use fire to…brighten their eyes?

- In the world of fashion, the iPad has managed to become a huge influence.

- T.Swift has been spotted out and about with a new potential man.

- The upcoming “Ninja Turtles” film has officially booked Megan Fox into the cast.

- Marimekko x Converse have teamed up for one print-tastic Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

- Viewing this guy from behind, you might be inclined to ask “where’s Totoro?”

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- Kim Woo Bin takes a trip down memory lane to his school days in an interview with @star1.

- It’s a plethora and wonder of metallic delights for the designs in Joanna Mastrioanni’s Fall 2013 collection.

- Aiming to get you to show off your pearly whites, see if NYX’s intriguing “The ‘Blue’ Lip Gloss - Smile Brightener” comes through as a winner in my review.

- Archos aims to make an impact in the tablet market with their latest release, the Platinum Tablet series.

- The latest teaser for The Host has surfaced and it’s definitely creepy.

- The Amazing Spider Man - Ultimate Edition is set to arrive on the Wii U!

- A variety of yummy cupcakes are featured in today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day.

- See if your favorite dog matches up with your preferred font - quite funny how they’ve fittingly been paired.

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- SHINee has returned and has finally released their latest album, “Chapter 1 Dream Girl - Misconceptions of You!”

- See if you can obtain super pretty lips with Supersmile’s Ultimate Lip Treatment covered in Jinra’s review.

- Google gears up to possibly open their own…retail store?

- Off of the big screen, it seems like some of our favorite Disney princes have taken up a specific kind of modeling.

- See a marriage proposal go wrong…multiple times.

- TheRekindledPage is covered in today’s Daily Etsy for their unique prints and night lights.

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- DMTN has released the image video for their latest MV, “Safety Zone.”

- You can spend a weekend in Russia with the pieces featured in Nonoo’s new Fall/Winter 2013 Collection.

- See if the It’s Skin Babyface B.B Cream in Moisture is able to get your skin silky smooth with coverage in Jessica’s review.

- It seems like the boys of One Direction have picked up zumba to prep for their upcoming world tour.

- One teen decides to send the adorable Hello Kittyinto space?

- Miranda Cosgrove has been officially cast for Christina Ricci’s new sitcom.

- The new Soul Sacrifice Premium Edition bundle will be arriving with a special Cosmic Red Vita.

- Upstaging the real deal, this lil’ weather boy has ended up stealing the entire segment!

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