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Earlier we saw a behind-the-scenes picture of SHINee with 2NE1’s Dara for their second series CF for Etude House, and SHINee was seen wearing pink suits. More »

Back at the beginning of March, all eyes were on SHINee and 2NE1’s Dara as they starred in some romantic CFs for Etude House’s Kiss Note. More »

SHINee has returned and they don’t disappoint with their 4th mini album titled ‘Sherlock‘. Consisting of 7 songs of different varieties, the boys show off their voices and their growth. We’re going to ignore their strange teaser photos, and focus solely on their songs. If you haven’t checked out their album, now is the time! More »

The 5 shining members of SHINee tell us their personal thoughts in the latest ‘I AM’ movie posters! More »

Every week on Inkigayo, one group is chosen to promote traffic safety by singing the Traffic Safety Song. This week, SHINee showed us how to drive safely! More »

SHINee has been energizing fans with their intense performance for Sherlock and just last week, they guested on Mnet’s Beatles Code 2. More »

It looks like France has been enraptured by the contemporary band SHINee as Cosmopolitan France has included SHINee in their Top 10 Sexiest Men of the Internet (though, Cosmopolitan France, you mean SHINee as a whole or SHINee as five individuals?). More »

Despite idols being unreachable, which idols would you want to karaoke with if you could choose? Here’s our list! More »

Following SHINee’s Onew’s pictures from his underwater filming for the Japan Arena Tour, it looks like Minho, Taemin and Jonghyun have donned on school uniforms for the VCR. More »

SHINee kicked off their comeback promotions with Sherlock, their title track to their eponymous fourth mini-album, and the group appeared on Entertainment Relay’s guerrilla date. More »

SHINee has made their comeback with Sherlock and the boys have been plowing through their different promotional schedules. They recently guested on Shimshimtapa where Onew awkwardly gave fans his cute aegyo. More »

Oh no worries. These are rumors for a reason. SHINee will be remaining your adorable 5 member group. However, the boys will be appearing on Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News where they show off their handwritten resumes, talk about some interesting and funny rumors and hilariously explain their reactions to the rumors. More »

Shim Jaewon was the very kind person to share with us a few bts photos of SHINee’s dance practice and MV shooting for their recent song Sherlock, and he’s back once more with another silly picture of the adorkable boys. More »

SHINee has made their long-awaited comeback with Sherlock and assuaged the hearts of anxious Shawols who had been waiting for them in Korea for nearly a year and a half. More »

Currently, SHINee is enjoying a hit with their latest mini-album and title track, Sherlock, as they have made their return to the music scene in nearly 1.5 years. More »

Boy group SHINee has recently made their comeback with 4th mini-album, Sherlock, to the delight of fans, and though they may have kicked off their promotions, the boys are already preparing for their upcoming Japan Arena Tour. More »

It’s a bit of a pity that SHINee began their comeback promotions this week and that MBLAQ is saying farewell, but at least they are able to promote on the same stage for one week, which paves the wave for some adorable Onew-Lee Joon interactions. More »

SHINee officially kicked off their promotions for Sherlock with their performance on M! Countdown, but before they made their appearance, M! Countdown began a countdown and showed the boys preparing for their stage in the waiting room. More »

SHINee made their long-awaited comeback on Music Bank with latest hit song Sherlock and before they took the stage, they posed as temporary MCs in the waiting room. More »

Currently, SHINee has just begun promotions for their fourth mini-album Sherlock with the title track of the same name and Onew has left a message for Japanese fans, telling them to be patient as they will be seeing each other soon. More »

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