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SNSD has once again proven their popularity in Japan with their total sales for the first half of the year. According to the mid-year summary for Japan’s Oricon chart, the total sales of SNSD’s singles, DVDs, and other merchandise is over 809,000, which adds up to $32 million USD in revenue. This accomplishment allowed the girl group to take the number 5 spot on the overall sales chart for the first half of 2011, and the number 1 spot on the sales chart for overseas singers. More »

SHINee has hit Japan hard as after only one day of release, the group’s Japanese debut single sold over 50,000 copies! Their Korean song “Noona, You’re So Pretty” was a big hit and the Japanese version (Replay) has proved to be a big hit in Japan as well. With the number of copies sold, the boys placed second on the Oricon daily chart, behind Acchan. More »

SNSD recently released their first full-length Japanese album on June 1st. That same day, they topped the Oricon Daily Album chart to reach #1 by selling 73,583 albums. Now with the sales count for the second day, SNSD has already surpassed the 100,000 sales mark! Having sold 48,428 units, they have a total of 122,011 units sold. More »

Despite having only just released their first album, SNSD has been doing very well in Japan. Currently ranked first on the Oricon Daily Album chart, as well as the #1 most reserved CD in Japan, it has been revealed that over 500,000 units have been shipped, with many expecting it to be a big hit. More »

From Rekuru: The queen of pop, Hamasaki Ayumi, is now officially the female artist with the highest music DVD sales in Japan. According to Oricon’s Weekly DVD rankings for May 9, Hamasaki Ayumi topped Morning Musume’s previous top record of about 2.303 million DVD sales with her latest music DVDs having boosted her sales to 2.313 million units. More »

The boys of MBLAQ yesterday held a special fan event and also celebrated their Japanese debut single “Your Luv” which placed 2nd on the Oricon charts. At the event, G.O said, “We would love to become #1 on the Oricon ranking chart.” His wishes were soon fulfilled as MBLAQ reached #1 on the Oricon daily chart. The boys have sold a total of 11,066 copies of their single to date. Rain, MBLAQ’s mentor Rain was so proud of their achievement that he posted a screenshot of the chart on this twitter. More »

JYJ have been hitting the news frequently with their mini album release named “The…” on September 8th, Oricon’s prediction that they will top the chart and photo scans of their album. All of these are for their activites in Japan, but it has been confirmed that they will return to the Korean music industry. More »

The members of DBSK may not be performing together as of now, but their impact on the music scene, even in their absence, can’t be denied–Japanese chart Oricon recently declared that DBSK was the reason why Korean girl groups and Kpop are doing exceptionally well in Japan, as most of their Japanese fans are teenage girls and young adults. More »

Japanese chart Oricon recently released their prediction for what their aptly named Oricon chart would look like for September 8’s releases after a week of sales. Does that date sound familiar? Yep, that’s the day that JYJ’s The… is set to hit stores! So it may be no surprise to you that the chart decided that their mini-album was more than likely to become another #1 hit on the Oricon chart. More »

KARA released their new Japanese debut single of the famous butt dancing song, Mister. The girls of KARA had a lot of success throughout last week including the #1 spots they grabbed in Japanese iTunes‘ music video and music download charts. Their success doesn’t seem to stop there as the girls have broken into Oricon’s weekly ranking top 10 after selling 29 thousand copies of their debut single album so far. More »

From Rekuru: On July 7, Hey!Say!JUMP released their first studio album, suitably named Jump No. 1. To no one’s surprise, all of their five singles have jumped (pun intended) to number one on Oricon’s weekly single rating. Furthermore, Jump No. 1 has been holding first place on Oricon’s daily album ranking since its date of release (a sizable feat). More »

Last week, on June 2nd, Japanese artist YUI released her latest single, entitled to Mother. Well, it looks like the single isn’t doing too shabby, seeing as how it has managed to top the Oricon singles chart in its first week! More »

Oricon released the list of Japan’s top selling manga for the first half of 2010 and surprise, surprise, more than half of the series come from Shonen Jump. Let’s see if your favorite series made it to the top… More »

How can you expect any less from Xiah Junsu of DBSK? Soon after flying solo from the group to release his solo single “Intoxication” on May 26th, Junsu quickly climbed up the renowned Oricon Daily Chart of Japan! More »

Since its release on March 4, Oricon reports that the 57th volume of the popular manga series One Piece has sold 2.282 million copies as of last week. Not only are the sales extremely impressive but it also means that this volume of One Piece is the number-one selling book since Oricon began recording sales in 2008. More »

How’s BoA doing at her current Identity tour? Her first day just passed, and was set at Kobe, Japan. She sure looked excited in these shots! Seems BoA is sporting some of her most recent fashion designs. Still some traces of MJ here, as well as good amount of plaid, topped off with gold shoes. What do you think? More »

Is SNSD/Girls’ Generation going to rule the world? I say this because their second album, Oh! has made it into Japan’s Oricon charts without them doing promotions in Japan. Sure it was only on the 54th spot for the second week of February but that’s impressive for not even trying to break into the Japanese market. More »

TVXQ is on quite the leader of the honorary boy band honor roll. Only the first day of sales and they have easily reached 228,000 units sold. This puts them on yet another record sales in Japan since 2007. The die hard cassies were probably raiding the TVXQ trucks. They are on track to sell all 650K shipped pre-orders. More »

Sadly, my fears did not subside as BoA’s latest album, Identity tanked to sell only 14,000 copies/pre-orders sold on Oricon charts. Although it’s no.2, that’s still about 4x less than the no.1, and much less on track to Girls’ Generation. This will go down as a career low for first week album sales. More »

Tohoshinki (preferred as TVXQ/DBSKk due to S.M. litigation) had their single break out into the no.1 Oricon spot. To beat their competition was no easy mark, as they were only up against some of the best in Japan, Funky Monkey Baby’s (who impressed me in Kouhaku), L’Arc~en~ciel, and AAA. More »

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