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Eva pilots all over the world can now quench their thirst in their cockpits as they battle Angels. Mokku has manufactured a new line of water bottles featuring the torsos of Asuka and Rei from the hit anime franchise, Evangelion. More »

Today’s Picture of the Day will feature an awesome animated gif starring Bullet Bill from the video game franchise, Mario. More »

Recently, photos revealed that a boy in China had 16 toes and 15 fingers (the source says 15 but I can only see 14- unless I can’t count right) prior to surgery to reduce the amount to the normal 10-10 ratio on March 19. More »

People sure do have some serious mental issues these days. Take this group of boys in China for example. They decided to light up some 100 RMB bills on fire. They then proceeded to use them to light up their cigarettes. More »

Blazblue is one of the most interesting fighting games I have ever played. It has a complex storyline with very fun characters. The vampiress Rachel Alucard is one of my favorite characters (Her theme song Queen of Rose is my favorite from the series). I also love her familiars, Gii (the bat) and Nago (the cat). More »

Tsutomi Nihei’s artwork is very interesting. It’s different from what you see in mainstream manga. You could say that his art is for a niche audience that enjoys sci-fi with a mix of horror. More »

Today’s Picture of the Day features a lovely fanart done by Nadou of deviantART featuring characters from Final Fantasy VII and FFVII Crisis Core. More »

This seems like a strange yet yummy idea. Pizza in the shape of an ice cream cone! Sounds very weird but looks very appetizing. More »

This is such a cool and interesting scarf! It features Yoshi from video game series Mario with his tongue wrapped around your neck for warmth. More »

This is such a cute depiction of Totoro as Batman. Even with his fierce look, you can’t help but want to hug the fluffy creature. More »

From Wirebot:

I hope never. That is my answer to the picture. Many people think the series is outdated, boring, and too linear for this day in age. They can go live in a hole with their action games for all I care. I say, keep em coming Square-Enix! More »

For today’s Picture of the Day I will feature another video game based cake that wouldn’t be quite as easy to “stab” into like the Tonberry cake. It features the characters of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker game and was elaborately done with nice, minute details. More »

Today I will feature a dedicated and talented cosplayer, twinklee of deviantART, cosplaying as Astharoshe from Trinity Blood. To tell you the truth, I haven’t seen nor read Trinity Blood so I don’t know if this costume is accurate. All I can say is that twinklee did one heck of a job creating this masterpiece of a costume. More »

I have featured plenty of human cosplayers on Picture of the Day so I thought I’d feature a different species for a change. A dog to be more exact and he/she is cosplaying Okami Amaterasu from the video game Okami (of course). More »

This tag from a shirt “Made in Thailand” has a questionable crossed out chicken on it that leaves many to interpret what it means. More »

This drawing of Ayumi Hamasaki biting on the leaf of a rose is sexy. What’s great about this is piece of work is that the artist, KLSADAKO of deviantART, drew this using a traditional tool of art: the pencil. More »

This is a cool looking themed shelf and table designed after Nintendo’s Mario’s world. More »

This is one badass piece of artwork. This fanart of Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon was superbly done by leejun35 of deviantART. More »

I saw the Alice in Wonderland movie yesterday and felt like posting this picture I found a couple of weeks ago. It mixes Alice with Nintendo’s Mario’s world into one clever illustration. More »

Everyone loves Hello Kitty. Even evil villains. Take Star WarsDarth Vader for example. For the next spinoff of the series, Star Wars: The Kitty Wars, Vader chooses Hello Kitty to be the official mascot of his empire. He even ditched his old costume for one that’s more suitable for the empire’s image. More »

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