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miss A, the soon-to-be-debuting girl group from AQ Entertainment (a sub-group of JYP Entertainment) is set to debut in the early days of July. Well, as the date approaches, it looks like the group will be doing some teasing, because a promotional dance clip for the group has just hit the internet! More »

Augmented reality, more commonly referred to as just “AR,” is computer enhanced graphics that mimic reality and often is influenced in real time by influences from the “real world.” Well, this type of technology was incorporated into the advertisement campaign for 2NE1’s promotion of Bean Pole Jeans. Keep reading to check out the wonders of technology! More »

Cosmetic production company Etude House is heating up summer 2010 with a new 2NE1-inspired makeup line. The girls can be seen above sporting the products designed to add some zazz to your eyes. More »

In February, a campaign to search for the next “Lollipop girls” was launched. The girls that were chosen would be included in a photo shoot promoting the LG Lollipop 2 with Big Bang and be awarded 10 million won ($9000). Well, the time has come, and the new Lollipop girls have been revealed! More »

Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou has expressed his anger towards a beer company for using a promotional picture of him in one of their commercials. The beer commercial is linked to a recent martial arts film that Jay guest starred in. More »

2NE1’s new digital single entitled “Try To Copy Me” has been all the rage lately, but we shouldn’t forget that this song is, in fact, promoting a product. This song serves as the music for the Samsung Corby F commercial. Read on to find out what Tuc thinks of this commercial… More »

Big Bang’s newest advertisement deal for the Lollipop 2 phone is pretty sweet~~ they just released a couple of promo pictures and a video looking for the next Lollipop Girl! More »

Kitaro’s Impressions West Lake was nominated at the Grammys in the Best New Age Album category. Jane Zhang, who sang the theme song, was there at the Grammys. Unfortunately, Kitaro didn’t win. More »

Our favorite international singer has returned with her new BoA Deluxe album details. A track list was released and includes a radio edit of Energetic produced by the legendary Sean Garrett, a previously unreleased track called Control produced by Brian Kennedy, and one mysterious track entitled Crazy About. More »

You’ve probably heard by now, JYP and his Wonder Girls will be doing a three city tour starting March 6th in Los Angeles, then Orange County on March 7th, and ending in New York on March 8th.

We know Ningin has a lot of Wonder Girls fans and quite a few JYP and 2PM fans as well. Ningin itself has been pretty good friends with JYP and the artists on his label. So it seems natural that we should do something special for this big event. More »

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