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- Back for round two, these 10 KPOP idols surely have the 4D charms to make the list.

- Priscilla shares her thoughts on Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and how the film fared in presenting the beginning of the end for The Twilight Saga.

- New word on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus has it dropping (hopefully) in early December.

- Here’s your chance to own a designer name without making your wallet cry too much.

- Happy Feet Two recently dropped this weekend and it might be worth it to read this review before you consider checking it out in the theaters.

- The treasures you find at conventions, especially when it shows off something that really ends up one-of-a-kind, like this Minecraft-themed Xbox.

- All of the cakes featured for Round 2 are a sight to see - can you believe it’s all cake?

- HP announces a tempting, new ultrabook: the HP Folio 13.

- Were you aware that the lovable Onew had this not-so-hidden side to him as well?

- Teasers have dropped for Fairies‘ upcoming single, “HERO/Sweet Jewel” - sounds great!

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- Heechul shows love for his one and only crush even while he’s away completing his military service.

- Justin Bieber manages to be free from his recent “baby daddy” drama and accusations…at least for now.

- Does this Eye Shimmer Souffle by Vincent Longo bring the right touch of sweetness to your eyes? Find out in Jessica’s review.

- Find out 5 tempting features that the recently released Kindle Fire has to offer and see if you aren’t convinced to pick one up.

- A new character is set to come in at True Blood’s upcoming fifth season.

- Rather than be a place of just fun, it seems like Chuck E. Cheese was also the recent location for a…fist fight?

- Stressed? You may not be after listening through these 10 songs that will hopefully calm your mood a bit.

- HTC drops news of the Sensation XL, which offers similar qualities to the other models in the Sensation line.

- Your guide to the Pokemon world has arrived and is available here - makes me want to pick up the game again, how about you?

- Seeing all these yummy edibles will surely appeal to your sweet tooth and best of all, they’re all Harry Potter themed!

- The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has welcomed a bundle of joy to the world and is now a mom!

- No Sleeves announces their upcoming and 8th single that will be dropping late December.

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- I wonder if you guys are ready for this bromance-filled round two of male idols holding hands - such love.

- With Thanksgiving coming up fast, here are five anime characters that you wouldn’t want to invite to your feast.

- United Colors of Benetton is really going for a loud comeback with their latest set of “controversial” campaign ads.

- T-Mobile wants to help you beat the Black Friday rush by throwing a Magenta Saturday Sale with everything under $49.

- Watch out! Viktor & Rolf are starting 2012 with a new Spicebomb fragrance to start the year off right.

- Build your “Tiny Tower” to success with today’s app of the day.

- Who will win this hilarious battle between a cutie beagle and…a leaf blower?

- See if your favorite idols made the cut for this part two roundup of K-Idols showing off their gorgeous blonde hair.

- Lifetime considers turning the Casey Anthony story into a TV movie - good or bad idea?

- A sparkly and girly nail art tutorial that was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

- I have to say, that is one outrageous car you’re driving there, Maury

- The Mass Effect script has apparently been leaked! BioWare surely won’t let things lay where they are.

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- Seeing 11 more of these cutie idols and their squishable cheeks makes it oh-so-tempting to whip out your camera to puff and pose yourself, am I right?

- Check out Sandy’s review to see if NYX’s Slide On Pencil delivers as an affordable drugstore eyeliner that is worth your green bucks.

- With the Twilight Saga finished, is Taylor Lautner saying bye-bye to Jacob’s chocolate abs?

- At least you can really brag that almost no one has a ring like this…especially when it’s made of something as peculiar-but-cool-sounding as Space Gold.

- Pick up the full suite of Touch apps by Adobe with their latest release for Android users.

- One guy decides to intentionally make it possible to go to jail in exchange for some… hemorrhoid relief?

- Xbox hits the big 1-0 and it seems like the boss man of the European division can’t help but express his joy.

- The official trailer for “Mirror Mirror” has dropped and is definitely for anyone who is a fan of fairy tales, but with a fresh twist, of course.

- Dream releases a short PV for “Dreaming Girls” - looking so girly and gorgeous!

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- We viewed the good, now it’s time for the bad and though these 10 male idols might make terrible boyfriends…the appeal and want to date them is still there.

- Those with shaky hands might look to POPBeauty’s Ink Outliner as a solution, though see how well it performed in Jinra’s review.

- Logitech Revue users will be able to pick up their Google TV 2.0 update soon!

- Lofti manages to hand-draw and hand-stitch her Fall 2011 Collection this year - pretty cool.

- Appearing during a dark time in his life, even someone like George Clooney had considered suicide as an option for his life.

- Pick up the new Kogeto Dot accessory for your iPhone and shoot effortlessly in panoramic mode.

- It’s a battle between this rottweiler and corgi that may not end like you expect - don’t be deceived by their looks.

- Persona 4 has been newly announced to be turned into a play!

- Apparently even plants cannot resist having a reaction to…tickling?

- Crystal Kay unleashes her PV teaser for her comeback single, “Superman” - looks and sounds like a good one!

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- I totally agree that any one of these 10 male idols would make a dreamy boyfriend - who would yours be?

- The new 10-inch tablet from Fujitsu makes a “splashing” impression by taking a dip into some water…and emerging perfectly fine.

- Check out if NYX’s Tinted Lip Spa in Pinky Winky satisfies in Sandy’s review.

- Seems like share values for Activision are falling thanks to a decrease of World of Warcraft users.

- Feeling a bit groggy lately? Maybe you could perk it up by trying out one of these diets that emphasis more on a healthy lifestyle.

- Learn about countries all around the world right from your phone with today’s app of the day.

- The douchepug arrives as a new internet meme that will at least bring a chuckle when you read some of the things people have come up with.

- This Chinese girl manages to look amazingly similar to a delicate doll.

- One fan brings up this pretty cool trailer of a Space Jam x Immortals mashup.

- A collection of tote bags have been made even cuter when they star the characters from everyone’s favorite and adorable brand, Sanrio!

- Manga artist Arina Tanemura’s contract with Ribon is coming to an end.

- See if the Leather Cuff Pyramid from nOir Jewelry is able to provide as one amazing dupe for the popular Hermes cuff and be a chic and edgy alternative without making your wallet cry.

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- While they probably do have the bodies to pull it off, should these actresses have worn less revealing dresses?

- For the vampire fan on your shopping list, here are 5 gift ideas that you could get them.

- After every recent release, news comes out right away for the next one - Call of Duty is no exception and the next version could be out in 2012.

- See if sporting NARS’s Damage on your lips will have you causing some (the good kind) with how it looks.

- The not-yet-released Samsung Repp gets picked up by US Cellular to be offered for free when it does drop.

- A super adorable collaboration between Hello Kitty and One Piece has resulted in this cute design that is featured for today’s plushie of the day.

- Project 365 is a fun picture app to pick up if you’re interested in cataloging the days of your life.

- Kristen Stewart gets picked up to star in the role of Snow White for the upcoming movie, “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

- Fans of Yamapi will be excited to hear that he’s going to star in a new drama!

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- Teasing cuteness, a new picture of SNSD+ and SHINee’s dance practice has surfaced that makes you wonder what they’re planning.

- Those tired of their phone and high cell bill might want to look to Republic Wireless who is offering pretty much unlimited everything at just $20/month.

- Could Clinique’s Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss be the one to keep your lips pretty in this harsh winter weather? Find out in Sandy’s review.

- Eye candy galore with the new jewelry pieces that have surfaced from Samantha Wills‘ latest collection.

- Those who managed to get an early [legit] copy of MW3 can rest easy that they won’t get banned.

- One look at these Election Day cupcakes and it should make you want to get out there and vote if you’re able to.

- Preorders have started for Dell’s upcoming Latitude ST for those that have been eyeing its arrival to come sooner.

- With the colorful and kid-like concept that B1A4 burst out onto the KPOP scene with, is it too much for them to actually make it?

- Usually it’s the actor as a whole who gets famous and recognized, but for Cillian Murphy…it’s his eyes?

- Saturday Night Live hops onto the recent Kim Kardashian drama and brings their own spin to her story in this hilarious skit.

- GACKT is looking super awesome in the new jacket photos and short PV for his current single, “Graffiti.”

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- It’s totally a bromance between these 11 male idols and the speedy camera that caught them holding hands - aww!

- If you have gamers on your holiday shopping list, you might want to check out this roundup of the 10 most wanted games this season to help you out.

- Is it true? Has the love between the Biebz and Selena sizzled out?

- One of the first actual peeks at the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD has surfaced and it looks pretty impressive.

- Bored with your everyday bun? Try out this Gyaru-inspired and upside down braided bun for a more intriguing twist on a favorite.

- A freebie from iTunes lets you pick up a free mini-game for absolutely nothing…though you do need your iOS device to play.

- My Week With Marilyn, an upcoming film, is set to have a showing at Buckingham Palace - impressive!

- Say your goodbyes to these now-too-old heroes that probably touched all of our hearts in their prime.

- It’s a fashion battle between Alexa Chung and…Kris Jenner?

- Congrats to model Mori Kimiko, who excitedly just announced that she and her husband are expecting their first bundle of joy!

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- There can only be one winner in this fight between Leeteuk and Donghae

- eloquii emerges as a new line by The Limited that is catered to their more plus size consumers who like to stay chic and fashionable.

- Sloppy mistakes expose the proof that the “reality” of Jersey Shore is actually (and probably) all staged.

- See if a Oxygen Purifying Facial is worth your money to revive your tired skin with this review from the Joanna Vargas Salon.

- Apple users will soon be able to scoop up the iOS 5.0.1 update that will fix the problematic bugs from the initial iOS 5.

- An army of Pac-Man and colorful ghosts await your tummy on top of these petite cupcakes.

- Costco brings a tempting deal for a plan if you’re looking to pick up a new phone under T-Mobile.

- Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres put out their best in this fierce battle of…niceness?

- The 20th single from UVERworld has been announced and is set to arrive this December.

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- With all the love that Sunny has gotten for her short wig, it seems as though she’s taken the plunge and made the actual cut!

- See if Brand New Skates by OPI are worth the pickup for your nails this Fall in Jinra’s pretty review.

- Look out for the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket to land at AT&T in the upcoming week.

- China brings the drama and definitely the high style for their recent Fashion Week.

- It seems as though Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may have been accidentally married?

- One petite and cutie chinchilla takes a soothing ride on a pint-sized swing - too adorable!

- More Kardashian-related drama, though it seems as though the family of her now-ex, Kris, apparently hated Kim all along.

- Transform your iOS device’s camera into one with a lot more options with today’s app of the day, Big Lens.

- A new internet meme surfaces and this time, we get one killer puppy who has a lot to say.

- Kis-My-Ft2 reveals some information on their upcoming second single, “We Never Give Up.”

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- One Korean girl dislikes her bare face enough to choose to not remove her makeup for the past…two years.

- Check out these anime cosplayers who really went all out and maybe even jot away an idea to have handy for the next costume dress up party.

- It seems as though the love couldn’t last and Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce after just 72 days of “marriage.”

- Love times three from these celebrities that were spotted wearing the same Rebecca Taylor dress out - though it’s super cute and very Fall-esque, so they’re forgiven.

- Seeing these kiddie munchkins going as Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj is strangely on point and almost too cute for words.

- The still fresh Samsung Galaxy Nexus was just announced, but has managed to make a ridiculously priced appearance on Amazon.

- Before the movie arrives, peek at a scene from Breaking Dawn and see how Bella reacts to her budding discovery.

- If you’re in a gaming mood for something new, then you should check out Vector Stunt to satisfy your boredom and ears.

- Forget Nyan Cat, Nyan Pug seems like a cute contender for your heart as well - though he doesn’t sing…from what I can tell.

- One of the main problems that iPhone 4S users have been facing is an annoyingly short battery life, though it seems Apple engineers are in the works to help it.

- AKB48 reveals the title and some additional information about the next single, “Ue Kara Mariko.”

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- It doesn’t need to be Halloween for these 10 KPOP idols to show how much of a scaredy-cat they are (but we love them anyway).

- With Missha’s M Shiny BB Cream, check out how well it did as a contender for those on the more fair side in this review.

- Apple releases a trio of new TV ads for the iPhone 4S highlighting three of its appealing features.

- Try not to get too hungry seeing all these delicious and cute bento boxes rounded up into one adorable post.

- New Spotify competition arrives in the form of “The Lounge” from Pure.

- The newest Project Runway winner has been decided and excitingly, she’s also the first Asian to win as well…

- The result of some creative video game lovers and fans of the addictive tunes of Nyan Cat.

- It’s been one speedy decade but the time is here that the original Hobbits are able to reunite…out of their character gear.

- In one interesting display…you can see the imagination oozing out of the people who put together these pumpkin births.

- Arashi reveals four of their new B-side songs from their upcoming single, “Meikyu Love Song.”

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- See if any of your favorite idols made this second roundup for idols having some of the cutest eye smiles.

- AKB48 brings it again with their latest single, even breaking their previous sales record!

- One of the first images of the Motorola Droid 4 seems to have surfaced, pretty amazing since model #3 came out like last week.

- Super Mario is the star of these diorama toys from Japan - definitely makes you want to visit a toy store again.

- James Franco is featured on the latest issue of Vman, which also turns out to be their Decade Issue!

- The latest Japan craze has to do with fang-like teeth that would definitely not be the dentist’s favorite…especially when they intentionally go “fix” them to make them crooked.

- DirecTV plans to unveil a new HD user interface that customers will surely find will make their viewing experience a little smoother.

- One $300,000 shirt that you can feel good about purchasing.

- Jonathan Lipnicki hits the big 2-1 and if you’re not sure why that name sounds familiar, you might want to click here for a refresher.

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- Leeteuk and Donghae have a bit of fun on their vacation…and even tease Eunhyuk while they’re at it.

- Look forward to the 4G LTE iPhone to arrive and be available next year.

- Indulge in your jewelry desires with the pretty items from mdcollection, featured for today’s Daily Etsy.

- Celebrate Day of the Dead with this cool and limited edition design for a new Android collectible.

- The VS Fantasies Holiday 2011 at Victoria’s Secret is totally gorgeous and perfect for the holidays.

- Lay your eyes on the trailer for Mist of Pandaria, World of Warcraft’s latest expansion pack.

- Fans of casual chic style should lay their eyes on items features for an upcoming partnership between LnA and PacSun.

- Modern Family has newly been named the #1 scripted TV show!

- A preview has been released for JOKER’s debut single, “No.1” - definitely bringing the rock feeling.

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- The one who angered Yoseob better watch out! It’s not nice to impersonate

- What happens when a student’s love letter gets in the hands of this creative teacher, who decided to turn it into a lesson.

- More news on the upcoming Apple TV, which is now being said to be developed by Apple’s VP.

- Gamers look out for the Mass Effect 3 demo, now confirmed to arrive in January 2012.

- The Walking Dead gets the thumbs up for a third season.

- Was Sephora’s Ultra-Smoothing Primer able to live up to its alluring name? Find out in Anabel’s review!

- Life will become a bit more fun if you introduce the HTC Titan into your life.

- girugamesh plans to hold an astonishing 13-day live event that will surely be something to see.

- With the Lindsay Phillips Snap Shoes, you’ll be able to sport an endless number of ballet flats with just one easy snap - super chic!

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- In an almost unexpected display, one Asian superstar shows off some SuJu love for Sungmin right on his shirt.

- Acid Black Cherry plans to release his next single this December - though you can peek at what’s to come now.

- A new change results in a bummer announcement for those on Spring who had enjoyed the unlimited data from their mobile broadband plans and mobile hotspot.

- Fashion designer Gareth Pugh brings sleek lines and edge to his new collaborative collection with MAC!

- AC’s Ezio Auditore has been confirmed to kick butt in Soul Calibur V.

- Courtney Stodden seems to have intended to make a skin-baring impression in wearing this outfit to meet MTV execs.

- HTC lets us in on an update to know if the new Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich will be coming to your specific phones.

- Orlando Bloom reveals a tidbit about playing his latest bad boy character in The Three Musketeers.

- Feminize your plaid with today’s $100 To Spend outfit, which brings a bit more style to sporting jeans in this cold weather.

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- Take a listen to the sneak preview for Donghae and Eunhyuk’s upcoming duet, “I Wanna Love You.”

- There’s no doubt that this guy is definitely a Google Chrome user…and super-fan apparently.

- Lauren Conrad recently toned down her rainbow colored tips for a pretty peach - how well does she rock them?

- Finally! A release date for the PlayStation Vita has arrived for those in Europe and North America.

- Why not have a bit of cute included for something as seemingly ordinary as a drain stopper.

- The PlayStation Store is now fully open for Sony’s Tablet S owners.

- Interestingly…Fred Durst (that Limp Bizkit dude) has managed to get his own sitcom on CBS.

- You’ll feel extra fancy in the mornings if you pour yourself some cereal from one of these couture branded boxes.

- L’Arc-en-Ciel picks up the honored title of being the first Japanese artist to perform at NYC’s Madison Square Garden!

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- See if the matches were on point for these KPOP females and their Disney princess counterparts - some seem so alike, they could be twins!

- A pretty cool read on how Steve Jobs was remembered by his first girlfriend.

- Be inspired to dress up for Halloween without having to do much but follow these fun and festive makeup tutorials.

- Though it’s coming pretty soon, Google’s CEO really couldn’t help himself and gushed love for the next Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich.

- Indulge in your inner cute monster with these 10 Domo-Kun products.

- For the FF fans…new trailers for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 are too good to not check out!

- Bad news for Olympic show jumper Ellen Whitaker, who has been charged with a DUI - ouch.

- James Franco brings his serious A game face in his latest gig, modeling for Gucci.

- A new Jdrama this season, “Runaway~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni” becomes even more anticipated as Ikimonogakari was just named to sing the theme song.

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- With their good looks and charms, who wouldn’t want any of these 10 idols to be their prince in shining armor?

- Props to these 10 fans who really went all out with their cosplay to really resemble their favorite characters.

- The latest update brings new support for 14 languages in Google Translate for Android.

- Keep your hearts from melting and letting out an “aww” after you check out 10 of the cutest dog breeds ever.

- 3D game support will be possible for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

- Is the “most expensiveBB Cream really out of reach for the everyday person?

- New iPhone 4S users might be surprised to find that the familiar 3G switch is now missing.

- Ewan McGregor admits his serious “love” for director Danny Boyle.

- It’s already been 20 glamorous years for luxury footwear brand Christian Louboutin and they’re celebrating with…a pair of limited edition pumps!

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