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- Have your heart ready to be melted by these 10 kids covering your favorite KPOP songs and idols.

- Check out Jinra’s review to see if Mizon’s Fruit Therapy Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel is as effective as it appears to be.

- With the imagination of one artist, see where your favorite Disney couples have ended up after the movie ends.

- One way to get the wi-fi password that also does double duty as a pretty genius parenting tip.

- The new Fall/Winter Campaign for Zara TRF has arrived with Cara Delevingne looking as pretty as ever.

- This week’s Sales Chart seems to be holding steady for a few games that it seems no one can knock from the top.

- A delicious-looking bunch of blackberries are featured on and in today’s Cupcake of the Day.

- Keep track of your pulse with this unique workout watch that offers a bit more than just the time.

- The wait is over for Perfume’s full PV for their current single, “Spending all my time.”

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- Hwayoung makes an appearance on Twitter to tweet a request to fans.

- With a name like the Face Oasis Cleansing Water, H2O+ sure has a lot to live up to - see if it does in Sandy’s review.

- How one newspaper has decided to distinguish the two Korean countries participating in the current Olympics

- It’s all about the Sculpture Bag for the upcoming Autumn/Winter Collection from Marni.

- Glee has officially added two new female McKinley students to the cast for Season 4.

- New technology can be spotted in the latest trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3.

- Hotmail users will soon become users due to a new switch by Microsoft.

- Look forward to David Guetta and the new collaboration track he’s completed with Sia.

- ONE OK ROCK teases fans with the release of their short PV for “The Beginning.”

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- Lend your vote to this week’s poll on the idol departure that was the most shocking.

- Check out if the Its Skin Babyface Teardrop Liner is able to become your new favorite finishing touch from this review.

- So I’m not sure what happened in that four year break but I have to say that Beijing definitely beat London for mascots.

- Like clothing that stands out a bit? Chromat’s latest Cage Collection will surely be the perfect fit.

- Look out for Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara to make her animated appearance on…Family Guy!

- A pair of closed doors for the HTC office in South Korea - considering their competition, it’s no wonder.

- Pokemon Black and White 2 gets closer to a release with a new trailer that you can watch now.

- Apple TV users can now enjoy their movies and shows with the new availability of Hulu Plus.

- Today’s Cute Carriers features a very cute Smoothie Contrast Trim Backpack that would be perfect for your back-to-school shopping list.

- The girls of Perfume have released the short PV for their new single, “Spending All My Time.”

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- With looks that could rival a doll, here are 8 KPOP idols possessing beauty that you can’t deny.

- See how much of a “Heavenly Creature” you can become with MAC’s Mineralize Eyeshadow in Magnetic Attraction via Jinra’s review.

- Lay your eyes on these inspired designs featuring more than a few of your favorite Disney princesses and villains.

- Check out this super impressive stop-motion animation that someone created out of 7,000 sticky notes and featuring everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario.

- The wait is almost over for T-Mobile users who have been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy Note, that beaut of a tablet-smartphone.

- Lady Gaga has sent out a warning to…Carly Rae Jepsen?

- A set of chocolate sandwich cookies are featured for today’s iCase of the Day.

- To the delight of fans, the Modern Family stars have reached an agreement and are set to continue filming soon.

- After this, you won’t ever question where Kentucky is on a map.

- NO NAME has finally dropped the PV for their debut single, “Kibou Ni Tsuite.”

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- If the first bout of JongTae love wasn’t enough, their second PDA moment on stage will surely satisfy.

- Want to master it all? Let Benefit help you out with its new kit, “How To Look Your Best At Everything” - a very alluring name, don’t you think?

- Android lovers will find this themed USB charger aka “Andru” too cute to ignore.

- The Fall 2012 collection video for Alexander Wang and it’s pretty awesomely creepy.

- A trio of zany bridesmaids are introduced in this first trailer for “Bachelorette.”

- With how much love “The Dark Knight Rises” has been getting in theaters, these 7 inspired cosplays definitely show love for Batman (…but maybe not in the best way for his look).

- Today’s iSkin of the Day features a pretty precious Keroppi Cropped Face that is definitely kawaii enough for any iPad.

- Click play on the new Deadlight trailer and you’ll be brought into another world with unknown knowledge of what horrors lay around the corner.

- Try as he might, it seems like Liam Payne’s girlfriend will have to “straddle” a male dancer in the near future…in front of a pretty worldwide crowd.

- While parents probably think that you’re just wasting time watching so much anime, here are 5 things you end up actually learning about.

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- Channeling their inner goddess, Hyoyeon and Seohyun are looking gorgeous in these BTS shots for their LG 3D Smart TV CF.

- Toted as an industry favorite, see if OC8’s Professional Mattifying Gel is able to bring salvation to your shine.

- Cody Simpson brings fans into his personal tour bus.

- A new Diablo III exploit has players discovering that they can become invincible playing a Wizard.

- Who would’ve thought that details (especially something like this) would make such a difference?

- HTC brings out a black One S that is exclusive to T-Mobile employees.

- MasterChef is coming back once again for a sure-to-be exciting fourth season.

- Have fun bringing your photos to life with today’s App of the Day, Phonto.

- With this Star Wars-themed GPS, you’ll be able to safely drive away from the dark force.

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- For all you JongTae shippers, SHINee sure did deliver at their recent SHINee World II concert tour…

- See if you can really create the perfect eyeliner look with Etude House’s Drawing Show Dot Liner in Black.

- Incase and Andy Warhol are teaming up again for a new Summer 2012 Collection.

- To heartbroken 1D fans everywhere, it seems like serious love is in the air for Louis Tomlinson and his current girlfriend.

- The gorgeous Sofia Vergara takes the top spot as highest paid TV actress - congrats!

- It seems like Samsung is gearing up to reveal another Galaxy device this August 15.

- Get ready for a new (younger) line from Jason Wu that will be similar to a previous and very popular collection.

- The real reason why Professor Oak asks for your gender at the beginning of every Pokemon game.

- Dance Central 3 goes the time travel route for the new version, alongside some sweet, new tunes.

- A preview has been released for Ieiri Leo’s upcoming single “Bless You.”

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- The mood was “Sleeping Beauty” for Leeteuk and Kang Sora’s anticipated wedding photoshoot - so cute!

- With looks like a marshmallow, see how Holika Holika’s Puremellow Skin Tuning Starter does in Jinra’s review.

- It seems like we have two “secret” movies to look forward to from Marvel Studios - any guesses?

- How would you want your boss to pay you to go on vacation from your job?

- An elegant Cabas ChYc Bag by Yves Saint Laurent is featured for today’s Cute Carriers.

- The new Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance trailer takes you on an adventure to explore the universe.

-Inside every one of us is this level of love for our six packs

- Is it possible that Samsung will (finally) announce the Galaxy Note 2 at IFA Unpacked?

- Reebok and Melody Ehsani have teamed up for this attitude-filled revival of the Betwix.

- Check out the dance practice for THE Possible’s latest single, “Nanja Korya.”

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- Watch Leeteuk attempt to complete an interview in English…sort of.

- Arriving in a yummy-sounding Strawberry Yogurt, see if this My Beauty Diary Mask lives up to its prettiness.

- Select trains in NYC are trying out an intriguing smartphone-based ticketing system.

- A new animated trailer has surfaced that will surely please any fan looking forward to Pokémon Black & White.

- Who’s ready for chillier weather? It seems as though ASOS is with the release of their lookbook for Fall 2012.

- Samsung’s latest commercial for the Galaxy S III amps you up for the phone and the upcoming Olympics!

- It seems love is in the air for Adam Levine again, who was spotted holding hands with a new…Victoria’s Secret model/girlfriend.

- UNISON SQUARE GARDEN’s “Ryuusei no Squall” PV is finally out!

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- Looking quite sharp, Super Junior shows off their suave style in these BTS photos for Sexy, Free & Single.

- See if the Vitamin C O2 White Sun Powder from Etude House is able to keep you protected from the sun and set your makeup?

- A first look at Rihanna’s upcoming new show, “Styled To Rock” - very promising.

- It seems as though Adele has already dropped some big bucks on her to-be-baby’s nursery.

- This musician creates some pretty sick beats using his side brain and…an NES controller?

- Live Nation has officially debuted their app for all you Android users and concert lovers.

- Fans of Thor can look forward to more scenes between Odin and Jane in Thor 2.

- Your car should never get this dirty that the Y U NO Guy has to step in to show off the grime.

- Help Agent P solve the mysteries presented in today’s App of the Day, “Where’s My Perry.”

- Hamasaki Ayumi reveals the PV for her latest single, “You & Me.”

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- Super Junior gets trapped in a tight spot for the Version B album cover of “Sexy, Free & Single.”

- A sneak peek at NARS‘ upcoming Fall 2012 Collection in the (photo) flesh!

- For 200 US movie theaters, 4D is coming and you’ll be able to feel it in all your senses.

- Released online, you can check out Josh Hutcherson’s unexpected audition tape for The Amazing Spider-Man.

- Wedding designer extraordinaire Vera Wang has sadly called it quits with her husband.

- It seems as though the charms of Justin Bieber wasn’t able to get him out of his latest legal trouble drama.

- Mark your calendars for October to finally be able to pick up Street Fighter x Tekken on Vita.

- The hiatus is over for TOKIO fans, who will be treated to a new album from the group (after six years!).

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- Two group pictures of Super Junior in their comeback “Sexy, Free & Single” attire have surfaced online.

- A record-breaking first day was set with Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy S III, and its debut in South Korea.

- Using Pantone colors, this artist is determined to document every human skin tone.

- Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum, has confirmed that a sequel is coming.

- Tattoo #15 has been chosen and inked on starlet Miley Cyrus, with inspiration from a certain president…

- Sony Online announces that fans can expect PlanetSide 2 to begin next month.

- Why ride an elevator when you can travel down in style and with a touch of childhood reminiscence.

- Figure out what you should focus on in today’s simplistic (but true) iCase of the Day.

- A peek at Team USA’s uniforms for the upcoming Olympics have appeared, crafted by designer Ralph Lauren.

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- Rocking it well, here are 8 KPOP idols who rock the colored hair trend quite stylishly.

- Target is planning one amazing designer collaboration collection with its new partner, Neiman Marcus.

- It’s official - the final Hunger Games film will be split in two, so mark the (also revealed) releases dates now.

- Not even Cookie Monster can escape the addicting pop sensation that is “Call Me Maybe.”

- A particular blue hedgehog teams up with everyone’s favorite cat for one pretty kawaii mashup that I’m sure even the manliest of fans could “aww” at.

- Lay your eyes on Chanel’s upcoming Fall 2012 Collection, Les Essentiels de Chanel.

- Take a voyage over Edinburgh in today’s lighthearted iCase of the Day.

- You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with all the Olympic happenings with the launch of their official app.

- Today’s Cake of the Day is almost too adorable to eat, especially since it combines Hello Kitty and Pooh.

- Birthday wishes from AKB48’s Oshima Yuko to Maeda Atsuko show off their friendship well.

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- An OTL moment for the stylists that insisted on these bad hairstyles that make for some of the worst in KPOP history.

- See if your face can become pearl-like and rejuvenated with Etude House’s Pearl Extract Mask, covered in this review.

- Is it possible that we might be seeing a Destiny’s Child reunion happening in the future?

- Carly Rae Jepson will be taking her “maybes” to a guest spot on 90210.

- Want! SUPRA teams up with A-Morir Skytop for a pair of kicks that offer the right amount of glitz and style.

- A super cute Jaejoong is featured as Dr. Jin’s Kim Kyung Tak in today’s Unique USB.

- Mad Catz drops this super sweet and limited eidtion EVO Championship Series-inspired Arcade Fightstick Pro.

- Check out Motorola’s latest Atrix HD release for a smartphone that is also “Kevlar strong.”

- Some words of wisdom from comedian Doug Stanhope for quitting a bad drinking habit…

- knotlamp fans won’t have to wait too long before getting some new tunes, seeing a the group has just confirmed their next album and even a tour!

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- Stolen kisses? Made even better when they are between some of your favorite male KPOP idol couples, rounded up here.

- This Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad from Clinique looks pretty perfect for you neutral lovers, find out how it performs in this review.

- Katie Holmes is already making plans for NYFW to finally debut her Katie & Yang Collection.

- Apple is in troubled waters once again, with its latest drama concerning Siri and China.

- Upcoming animated film, “Epic” has dropped its first official trailer starring a pretty impressive voice cast list.

- The PS3 version of Persona 4 will sadly be region-locked.

- An inflatable Android makes its way to reality this September but…only for a select audience.

- Here’s what can happen when sh*t is taken a bit too literally

- That’s right, Sailor Moon will be coming back as an adaptation that will bring fans a new anime season!

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- B1A4 are becoming papas(!) in the next season of Hello Baby - let the cuteness unfold.

- Looking absolutely cheery, lay a “Cat’s Wink” on your lips with this high-scoring Tony Moly Lip Gloss.

- A peek at the new version of JS Wings from the new adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott collection - so bold!

- Verizon customers that preordered the new Samsung Galaxy S III can look forward to their arrival before the end of the week.

- Newly released, The Amazing Spider-Man has excitedly just been confirmed to be a trilogy!

- Let us put video game mega-company THQ’s worth into easier-to-imagine comparisons…like with Happy Meals?

- In a perfect petite size, the Tory Burch Kipp Crossbody Bagg is today’s choice for Cute Carriers.

- All those annoying YouTube complaints have been brought to life and put into a video…on YouTube.

- Complete your Any.Dos with today’s App of the Day - a clean and efficient agenda organizer.

- “Sparkle” with Fairies in their newest PV for their current single.

Texting tag hilariousness. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Their military service is inevitable but it seems as though Super Junior will be taking turns with their enlistment.

- Etude House’s Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam sounds promising to super-cleanse your pores, but find out if it actually does in Jinra’s review.

- H&M’s new collection for July/August 2012 seems to wrap up the prime and end of summer fashions really nicely.

- Word on the tech street is that Apple is working on a iPad Mini, measuring in at 7.85-inches.

- Filled with “lol” moments in its first trailer, “Pitch Perfect” seems to be a top contender for those looking for a laugh.

- Pantech drops news on their new (and very sexy sleek) Vega S5 LTE smartphone.

- A new Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer has been released by Ubisoft.

- Legs feeling tired? Why not rest on this…mushroom chair? Weird, but hey, it’s Hello Kitty.

- Preciously cute little girls share their story about the “worst haircut ever.”

- A radio rip of “BRIGHT STREAM,” Mizuki Nana’s upcoming single, has surfaced.

Sun’s out and perfect for…a nap. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Did you favorite moves from 2012…so far make our list of Best Dance Choreography?

- See if the petite and cute Floria Nutra-Energy Travel Kit from TONY MOLY delivers to enhance your skin’s hydration and glow.

- More expanded news on the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

- It seems as though Emily Blunt would be game for a Devil Wears Prada sequel as long as she doesn’t have to deal with this particular detail.

- Sony picks up Gaikai Inc., a cloud-based gaming, for a cool $380 million.

- Even the gods know that there’s only one hair brand that is worthy enough.

- It seems as though Miley Cyrus is planning on being tattoo-free for her impending wedding.

- A new iTunes may be coming as soon as the end of this year.

- EXILE releases a short PV of their current single, “BOW & ARROWS.”

So much yummy food! What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Find out which KPOP MVs made the list for the best and share your favorite of 2012…so far.

- Demi Lovato denies a love line with 1D’s Niall Horan (I’m sure not many Directioners could do the same so easily).

- How to have the most epic game of Ultimate Foozeball ever.

- Is it weird to know that Apple doesn’t (currently) own

- Sport a few bolts of lightning on your tips when you try out today’s Daily Nail Art.

- The Wizard Edition for Ni no Kuni will come with lots of goodies that will make it hard to resist.

- Racking up more than $10,000, the rental hats worn by Kate Middleton went for a few pretty pennies.

- Ted just came out but with FX’s quick moves, viewers will know where to tune in to catch its TV premiere debut.

- Samsung is expectant that the new Galaxy S III is going to clear the 10 million mark by next month.

- ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s new PV for “Sore Dewa, Mata Ashita” is now out!

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- 2NE1 is looking fierce in the new group shot that they have revealed for their impending comeback.

- With loads of gloss and shine from the packaging, see if Missha’s M Luminous Color Lip Gloss performs as well as it looks.

- It’s official - Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are splitting up.

- New WaSaBi cases for the Nintendo 3DS bring a new type of look and artistic style to your favorite portable game console.

- With help from the iBrain, Stephen Hawking’s genius yet mysterious mind will be uncovered.

- One look and you’ll want everything in Zara’s new June 2012 lookbook for their TRF line.

- Those looking forward to Google Glass will have to keep busy until at least 2014.

- Ellen DeGeneres, James Franco, Backstreet Boys, and more are all in line for their own place on the Walk of Fame.

- The theme song for upcoming romantic comedy drama, “Rich Man, Poor Woman,” will be by miwa.

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