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A 42-year-old technician was arrested and sent to seven years in jail and given eight strokes of the cane in Singapore for biting off another man’s ear. Remind you of a certain ex-boxer? More »

A girl on the streets of Chongqing, China was found with a sign stating that she needed help raising money to have a “ghost” marriage with her supposedly dead boyfriend. More »

Zhang Mengqian was just a normal college student looking for a potential boyfriend. So she decided to post an advertisement about her search. However the unexpected happened and thousands of suitors came “a knockin’ on her door.” More »

A temple in Gunma Prefecture, Japan offers women a chance to write down their desires on paper and then flush them down a toilet. Sounds like fun, eh? More »

It seems a good amount of wives in Japan have ill feelings towards their husbands. How bad is it? Well, some of them want their husbands dead and some even tried to kill or harm their spouses! More »

It seems Ai Otsuka and Rip Slyme’s SU are dating! Well, it’s a rumor for now but apparently she gave him her spare apartment key and he’s been seen around her home. Yeah, they’re probably not dating… More »

This is some strange way of showing revenge. Three months after her boyfriend dumped her, a Hong Kong girl decided to show what kind of action the guy would be missing by using the most reliable and safest place on the world: the internet. More »

Pressure to bring home a lover during the Lunar New Year is so suffocating that many singles in China are resorting to rental boyfriends/girlfriends. More »

From Wirebot:

I don’t care what video game haters and protesters say - video games are educational. They can teach you better hand-eye coordination, decision making, leadership skills, and, perhaps most importantly of all - dating secrets.

Why else would Harvest Moon be around for so long? Do you really think that it’s the exciting premise of waking up every morning to do chores, raise and water crops, and pull weeds from your farm? Of course not! It’s the dating and courting aspect that makes the game so appealing. Every Harvest Moon game is about two things: farming, and getting married. But you don’t just pick a girl you like and marry her. You have to win her heart, increase her affection towards you, and only then can you try to push your relationship beyond “just friends” to “just married.”

I think some men need to play Harvest Moon, to learn a thing or two. Here are 7 lessons that Harvest Moon teaches you about dating and winning a woman over (and please note that while these are addressed at men, and are about women, most of them can be applied to either sex). More »

Jessie tried to clear it up that her and Jay Chou did NOT have an affair. She said that if they were or weren’t together right now, that she would either die or gain 50 pounds. Jessie’s denial was prompted by the rapidly-spreading rumors of a new “Double J Love Affair.” The funny thing is Jessie and Jay’s affair have become the new version of “Double J Love Affair.”

Jessie held a new album release interview on the 11th during which Jay Chou appeared by video broadcast. Jay revealed that he originally wanted to sign a contract with Jessie but it was screwed up by the affair. So through video, Jay Chou apologized to her and hoped that it won’t affect the sale of new albums. More »

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