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The full trailer for South Korean film, I Saw the Devil was recently released and boy, does it look thrilling! This movie pits hottie actor Lee Byung Hun (IRIS) against badass actor Choi Min Sik (Oldboy) in an epic battle of cat and mouse. More »

A pair of brothers in Southern China was arrested on Monday for releasing 500 poisonous snakes near the home of a village leader. More »

This is some strange way of showing revenge. Three months after her boyfriend dumped her, a Hong Kong girl decided to show what kind of action the guy would be missing by using the most reliable and safest place on the world: the internet. More »

In Ninja Assassin, the Ninja’s could toss a shuriken (throwing star) to your chest faster than a speeding bullet. If you were the enemy, frankly, you wouldn’t be able to unsheathe your gun before they have wiped out your entire force. Before Ninja Assassin, the early 80s and 90s came the explosion of Ninja everything. This explosion led to numerous TV shows, thousands of films, merchandise and students haphazardly enrolling in martial arts courses. Amongst the many old films, a few of them were actually pretty cool. Below I’ll talk about a few movies that I’ve seen, not in any particular ranked order. More »

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