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Have we learned nothing from our experiences with the Roomba? Samsung is set to release a new high tech robot vacuum called the “Tango” in the near future. The scary part isn’t the fact that this little guy costs between $400-600, it’s that it contains a camera and software for identifying objects! More »

Kpop girl group Kara recently brought their fashion to Okinawa. The girls went for a short holiday just before their “Wanna” comeback performance this summer. The trip to Japan was to reward Kara’s efforts in their previous album. More »

KARA’s comeback album “Revolution” is out~ The comeback album “Revolution” is out with a photobook! And here is the preview of KARA’s photobook album pictures! More »

It’s Summer, so it’s time to whip out those swimsuits! Big-thinking designers at the Watercube had a chance to “revolutionize” new swimsuit designs into a mix of Chinese influence with a new sexy twist. China is known to frown upon revealing clothing but this year there’s a whole new reality. More »

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