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We’ve seen KARA’s recent MV for “Speed Up” where Jiyoung and the rest of KARA looks quite fierce, but mix Jiyoung’s footage with ‘Robocop’ and you get…Jiyoung Cop! More »

I’m not much of a Hello Kitty collector but these HK model kits looked awesome! I wouldn’t mind buying some of these. Only problem is that they’re not even real products. Bummer. More »

A team of scientists from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology has developed a power enhancing suit reminiscent of Ironman and Robocop. More »

I was scheduled to speak with Kenichi Ebina at 1:00pm. Unfortunately, I failed to factor in the fact that we live on opposite coasts, making my phone call three hours late! What was I thinking? [clearly, not enough] Fortunately, Ebina is an understanding fellow and graciously spoke with me whilst he drove and made a pit stop at the drive-thru. More »

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