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Yesterday, SNSD performed their new song, “Run Devil Run,” on KBS Music Bank, and it I didn’t think it was that great. Today, the girls performed on the MBC Music Core stage. Keep reading to see what I thought of today’s performance. More »

SNSD’s newly repackaged Vol. 2 - Run Devil Run album is dropping March 24. Run, Sowons, run! …to your nearest retailer carrying this. Everyone knows I’m not the biggest SNSD fan in the world, but looking at all the deetz on this album, is enough to make anyone run for this new SNSD album. More »

Welcome back to Kpop battle: A place where you’d be running to vote for your favorite Asian artist in “theme battles!” Today, this special involves running themes. This time, Epik High gets to compete with two of the biggest girl groups around! More »

Today, SNSD performed their latest song, “Run Devil Run,” on KBS Music Bank. To the surprise of all the fans, SNSD showed up in white outfits instead of the expected black. More »

Well, SNSD fans, it looks like your highly anticipated moment is finally here. SNSD has finally released the song that goes with their new black concept. The song is called “Run Devil Run.” More »

SNSD has been teasing us for quite a long time since the “black” pictures have come out and just recently the teaser. Finally the full song has been released. I have to say that I haven’t been a huge fan of SNSD before. I mean, I liked “Gee” and all the other songs, but I wasn’t really a fan fan. But with “Run Devil Run” it was super good!!! More »

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