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Sasaeng fans are not new to the KPOP scene as they are fans who stalk their favorite idols pretty much 24/7 and leave their idols with very little privacy. More »

We know that sasaeng fans take it over the top when it comes to their favorite oppas (notice how female idols don’t really have sasaeng fans?), but tvN eNews ran a segment on the reality of sasaeng fans, and I’ll warn you now: it’s disturbing and full of ‘wtf’ moments. More »

As sasaeng fans are a hot topic lately due to the recent scandals involving JYJ, reporters looked deeper into why sasaeng fans do what they do. Reporters arrived in front of a beauty salon in Cheongdamdong, Seoul where extreme sasaeng fans wait in hope of seeing their favorite stars before they head to work. Kim (18), a sasaeng fan said, “Ever since the controversy, everyone’s been trying to stay on the down low. However, we can never stop.” More »

On March 8th, JYJ attended a press conference for their 1st South American Concert. The members opened up about sasaeng fans and apologized for the issue concerning assault against sasaeng fans. Jaejoong is heard swearing and hitting sasaeng fans. If you haven’t checked out the audio, listen to it below: More »

The Daily Rant is a feature where I will speak freely without bias (actually, not sure if that is possible in a rant) and honestly about issues in the Asian entertainment world. Today’s Daily Rant is: sasaeng fans. More »

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