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SISTAR’s sub-unit, SISTAR19 will be making a comeback at the end of the month, and Naver Music has revealed some new teaser images for the girls’ return! Check them out! More »

The sexy duo, SISTAR19 has finally set their comeback date and the girls have revealed their concept to get fans excited. More »

MBC is getting ready for the 2013 Idol Athletic Championship with 100 stars on the list to participate! More »

On January 16th, the 27th Golden Disk Awards continued with the second half of the award ceremony, this time recognizing artists in the digital album category. So who took home awards this time? More »

SISTAR’s Hyorin celebrated her birthday on January 11th, and thanked fans for all of their birthday wishes with a photo. More »

Sistar is used to being greeted by cheers, screams and applause whenever they take to the stage. However, for what seems to be the first time since debut, they received a cold reaction from a high scool audience, which lead to some tears.

More »

On January 4th during a segment on MBC’s ‘Section TVLeeteuk talked about the things he is fond of now that he is in the army. More »

It’s officially 2013 all over the world now, and the Starship Entertainment artists are greeting fans this new year with video messages. More »

2012 was a big year for many of the female idol groups. Some won over their fans with their cute and sweet stages, while others stepped out fierce and ready to rock. However, which female group stood out to the editors this year and was named Best Female Group of the Year? Find out now! More »

A very interesting KPOP girl group map has been posted online recently, sparking much debate. The map indicates how popular each group is, depending on how much “land” they have. Undoubtedly, SNSD reigns as the most popular girl group of 2013 (according to the map). More »

The 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun was finally held on December 29th, and now you can take a look at the performances from the year-end show. More »

The 2012 KBS Gayo Daejun was held on December 28th, and now you can check out the performances right here! More »

Following the release of Mystic White and Dramatic Blue’s songs, it’s time for Dazzling Red and Dynamic Black to reveal their tracks for the 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun. More »

The 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun is just around the corner and the project groups, Mystic White and Dramatic Blue have revealed their tracks before the performance, as promised! Check them out! More »

SISTAR is wishing all of their fans a Merry Christmas dressed in their adorable animal pjs! More »

SISTAR’s sub-unit, SISTAR19 consisting of Bora and Hyorin will be kicking off the year with a brand new song! More »

Billboard has named its “20 Best K-pop Songs of 2012” and at the top of the list is INFINITE’s “The Chaser“! More »

SISTAR’s Hyorin is bringing a little Christmas cheer to KBS2’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook with a special performance of “All I want for Christmas is You“. More »

The holidays usually mean cooking an amazing, and huge, meal for your family and it is always nice to have a little help. But, who should you ask? Who has the skills to pull off such a meal? More »

The holiday season is on it’s way and with that comes a lot of Christmas and holiday songs.

If any of you have gone caroling in previous years, you know that it is no easy feat. Walking around town and singing in freezing weather is enough to keep me inside, but what if an idol was going to go with you? Would you stay in, or rush out the door? Here are some of the idols I think have what it takes to make caroling sound amazing and make it more entertaining at the same time. More »

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