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In Korean variety shows, it is quite popular to set up ghost filled rooms and pair up idols to adventure through them together. Fortunately for us, there is generally at least one of the two that gets frightened at every possible trap. If you’re up for scaring someone this Halloween, here are some people to try out! More »

Are we ready for some Kpop Idol Off!? The next match will feature Onew (SHINee) vs. Hyorin (SISTAR) vs. Woohyun (INFINITE) vs. Lee Joon (MBLAQ). Which idol are you going to represent? Read on for the details on how to sign up! More »

Halloween is coming closer and with this years halloween we have the theme Zombie. If zombies would be roaming through the streets would you be able to outrun them? Well these speedy idols could. Here’s a list of 20 fast idols who would be able to outrun those horrible zombies. More »

There’s not really much dispute that just as the songs are infectious and too catchy not to sing along too, KPOP dances are much too cool not to get into the groove to. If you’re on the beginner’s side like myself however, it’s always a good idea to start from simpler dances and move onto harder ones - we’re talking simple enough for a zombie! More »

These days every idol on a magazine cover has been photoshopped, everything has to be flawless. But some idols already have a body you can say is flawless, that in our eyes doesn’t need any photoshopping. Have a look at this list of 13 idols who garner a lot of attention with their great figure: More »

K.Will recently released the MV for “Please Don’t…“, and Starship Entertainment has revealed a behind-the-scenes photo of the singer on the set of the MV. More »

Soloist, K.Will is back and he’s kicking off his return with the release of “The Third Album Part 1” and the MV for his title track “Please Don’t” starring Seo In Guk and SISTAR’s Dasom. More »

Ailee’s return with “Invitation” is less than a week away and her peers are cheering her on in a special video! More »

Sistar’s Hyorin is known for having a body that every women can envy, and with these unedited photographs, she has further proved just how naturally perfect it is!

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Today’s Daily Rant is about those people around the world who got addicted to Gangnam Style, listen to it 1000 times a day, and think they already know every single detail about KPOP. Like a “KPOP Expert”. More »

Solo artist K.Will is preparing for a comeback with a brand new album. More »

Mnet recently hosted an online global poll, asking netizens “Which k-pop idol couple is the best?”. The poll ended on October 3rd, and the first place winner is Eunhyuk and Donghae from Super Junior! More »

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon recently “got married” to his virtual wife, actress Oh Yeon Seo on MBC’s “We Got Married“, but After School’s Lizzy isn’t too happy about that. More »

KBS 2TV‘s Chuseok special, which took place on the 1st of October, showed agency mates Beast’s Yoseob and A Pink’s Eunji becoming partners to fight for the title of “king and queen”.

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Kara’s Jiyoung, Kim Shin Young and Jewelry’s Yewon decided to visit Jiyoung grandparents who own a real estate agency in Seoul, on the September 29th broadcast of “Invincible Youth 2.” More »

From Flauntme: When I had seen Holika Holika’s Make-Up Starter, I was a bit confused as to what it was for. Though trying it out, it makes more sense once you open it. If anything, I feel like I shouldn’t try to guess by name for any of the many and unexpected beauty items that Korean cosmetic brands can come up with. I’ll just applaud their innovation at offering things you didn’t know you wanted to ues. More »

The sweet ladies of SISTAR updated their official Twitter to wish fans a happy Chuseok! They seem to be separated at the moment, all spending the special holiday with their families. More »

Unfortunately in the KPOP industry, having a fair distribution of song parts doesn’t apply to all idol groups. Some members don’t get that much lines and get less attention because they are rarely on camera during performances. More »

Sistar’s Soyu recently caught many eyes by showed off a different look than her sexy stage charisma. Appearing in a traditional Korean orange hanbok, she can be seen sitting sweetly in a gama (a wheeless vehicle). More »

Let’s face it, the butt has quite a tough job. We sit on it all day long and it never gets to see the front. However, KPOP has given behinds the spotlight for a change and has found ways to display them in cute, sexy and constantly catchy ways. Join in on the fun!

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