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Pretty much everyone knows how much Super Junior’s Siwon loves God. You know, to the point where he tried to convert Heechul. Well, what about God? What does he feel towards Siwon? More »

Idols have been wearing cardigans like crazy be it female or male. There were so many pictures of them that I decided to do one group at a time. The first one is Super Junior. Every member of Super Junior has worn a cardigan before and even multiple times. More »

On September 3rd, Super Junior’s Siwon teased his fans by sharing a sexy fan drawing of himself. Siwon wrote, “From the looks of the hand it looks like a male.. please do a good job” and attached the above photo. More »

Super Junior’s Siwon stuns with his excellent acting performance in the rain for his upcoming KBS drama, “Poseidon.” More »

It’s okay to admit that most of us are attracted by the looks of an idol or an idol group first, then perhaps move on to the less good-looking ones because of their talent. Which, what it means in the intelligent companies’ ears, means that guys need to be either adorable or chocolate muscles from head to toe, and girls to be thin, and preferably tall. If any fans sees a single picture that falls out of the picture, their company squeezes the fat out of them, if there’s any at all. More »

Upcoming KBS drama, Poseidon, has aired its first two teasers that features a bit on Super Junior’s Siwon and it’s adding up to be quite an action-packed thriller of a teaser! More »

After staring in the thriller/action/suspense drama “Athena: Goddess of War“, Super Junior’s Siwon is gearing up for his return to the silver screen again with “Poseidon“. He will be playing the role of a Navy cop named Kim Sun Woo and the first episode is set to air on September 19th. More »

Super Junior’s Siwon is busy filming for upcoming KBS drama Poseidon, and though he’s busy in his role as Captain Kim Sun Woo, he still found some time to have fun and pose with his fellow co-actors. More »

Super Junior’s Siwon has been missing from his group’s “Mr. Simple” promotions thanks to his participation in KBS drama Poseidon. But don’t worry, ELFS; Shisus has uploaded a recent picture of himself suited up in a captain’s outfit, much to the delight of fangirls everywhere. More »

As an entertainer, the eyes are very important in attracting attention from fans, and other than popular idols having cute eyes and gorgeous eyes, many of them also have a very sexy gaze! Let’s take a look at my personal top 11. More »

There’s some more love between Super Junior’s Siwon and Kyuhyun! On the recent episode of Strong Heart, Kyuhyun revealed a fun fact about Siwon’s love for him. More »

Super Junior’s Siwon had some kind words to say about his dongsaeng, Kyuhyun, who is recognized as one of the top KPOP singers in the music industry currently. More »

Celebrity Soulmate, the goal is to find out who is the most popular person to be the soulmate of an Asian celebrity. The most popular answer wins and those that gave the most popular response get 25 EXP points. For the previous Celebrity Soulmate, we asked you who Kim Bum’s soulmate is. Drum roll please! The majority of you chose Kim So Eun! No surprise there. More »

Recently Super Junior’s Siwon and Heechul revealed photos of their own girlfriends. Fans were curious as to who that mystery girl was, but that girl was none other than their teammate Donghae, aka Lee Soon Hae. More »

I hope all Super Junior fans are prepared for this because members Siwon and Heechul have both revealed a photo of their girlfriend. On August 17th, Siwon uploaded a photo of a pretty girl More »

We recently asked you if you would friend, date or marry Park Jungmin. The majority of you would want to friend Jungmin! Today’s celeb crush is Choi Siwon, aka Shisus, Simba, Horse, etc. He is a member of Super Junior and also one of its sub-groups, Super Junior M. Besides his successful career with SuJu, Siwon has also ventured into acting and modeling. He was appointed as a UNICEF envoy last year on July 22nd. More »

If you remember, Super Junior’s Siwon will be participating in coming-soon drama, Poseidon, and it seems like he had a good first day of filming. More »

An interview with Super Junior was recently aired on a KBS Entertainment new program and Super Junior’ Kyuhyun expressed his confidence in his appearance. More »

Super Junior’s Siwon was given the nickname “Simba” by Heechul because he said that his face looked like a prince’s. Siwon’s fans also call him “Shisus”, “God’s #1 Fan”, and “Soldier of Light” due to the fact that he is very religious. While most people know these nicknames, how much of Siwon do you really understand? That’s what this brief profile is here for! More »

On August 4th, Super Junior held a press conference for their 5th album, “Mr. Simple” at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul. More »

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