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It was recently revealed that popular girl group SNSD would be endorsing the Japanese cough drop “E-ma Nodoame” and a CF has just been released! The 15 sec ad features their hit single “Gee” blasting in the background while the girls are frozen in place. More »

A recent photo of SNSD’s Yoona and solo singer, Se7en has made its way onto an online community site where it has been receiving an abundant amount of attention. More »

With SNSD as spokesmodels for Dior, they continued their love for the designer brand by being in a photo shoot for fashion magazine “Cosmopolitan.” With the emphasis of the shoot on the brand’s tote bags, each member was given a Lady Dior bag in a different color to showcase the various bags’ versatility and ability to work with any outfit. More »

Earlier on in the month, it was revealed that two-thirds of SNSD would be models for the French makeup company Dior, and now their advertisements have been released in the March edition of Allure magazine! More »

A recent survey on the popular site, Daum, asked it’s users which idols they would want to see the most in a drama. That survey has recently ended and all of you can check out the results below: More »

Todays photo of the day, courtesy of Shinata, features an SNSD farm? Labeled “SoshiFarm,” this picture has SNSD members photoshopped in animated animal costumes. With so much randomness of interaction amongst the nine, this is chaotic like a farm. More »

Users on the popular website Daum were asked who they believed were the most charismatic leaders and the results have recently been revealed. Check out the list below: More »

On Kara’s Baidu thread, a poll was conducted asking neitizens who they thought was the best kpop idol dancer. An abundant amount of neitizens participated in the survey to conclude that former 2PM member, JaeBeom was by far the best dancer within the Korean Industry. More »

A recent group photo of artists under SM Entertainment has caught the attention of neitizens worldwide. This week, idols like DBSK, Super Junior, Super Junior-M, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), TRAX, CSJH The Grace’s Sunday, Isak and Lee Soo Man gathered to celebrate a SM Manager’s wedding. More »

SNSD’s Yoona recently participated in a photo shoot for Innisfree and now the pictures have been released. Check out the rest of the pictures below: More »

Earlier this month we launched a giveaway of All About SNSD Paradise in Phuket Photobook. That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the lucky winner! Drum roll, please. More »

Popular Korean site, Daum recently created a poll to determine which idol looked best in blonde hair. The results are finally in to find that neitizens felt that SNSD’s Jessica was the idol who looked the best in blonde hair. More »

On the recent broadcast of SBS’s “Nightly TV Entertainment” the girls of SNSD participated in an interview while they were filming a CF for a cosmetic company. When questioned about their poses, Sooyoung confessed to something that caught the attention of fans. More »

The results for the KPOP Idol-Off EXP Bets: Nichkhun (2PM) vs. Tiffany (SNSD) are in! More »

As promised, periodic additions to our Reward Center: DBSK - Keep Your Head Down Promo Poster, SNSD Hoot Official Poster, YG Family Life 2010 Concert Making Book and one surprise item. You’ll just have to click through to see what it is… More »

The KPOP Idol-Off Finals have recently concluded with Team Tiffany claiming victory. It’s now time to announce the lucky random prize winners of the You’re Beautiful DVD Set courtesy of YesAsia and the Autographed Jessica (SNSD) Photo. Drum roll, please. More »

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! KPOP Idol-Off is ending after this match, KPOP Idol-Off Finals: Nichkhun (2PM) vs. Tiffany (SNSD). For this final match, a You’re Beautiful DVD set courtesy of YesAsia and an autographed photo of Jessica were at stake. Let’s find out who won.

Chronicles of Raynor [Tiffany] LISARRHH - 15340 [Nichkhun] Bloobubbles - 13099 Team Tiffany’s LISARRHH starts off the match by putting her team on lead. We’re not surprised to see her name on the list anymore because she’s such a good gamer! Sorry Team Nichkhun’s Bloobubbles, you should try harder next time! The score is 1-0.

Perpetual Blaze [Nichkhun] Shannon - 7215294 [Tiffany] lytoe - 1289047 Team Nichkhun’s Shannon must be really good at this game because her score was unbeatable! Even Team Tiffany’s lytoe (who is known to be a fantastic gamer) could not even come close to her score. Team Nichkhun therefore scores a point, and the score is tied with 1-1.

Burger Jam [Nichkhun] deniseisafan - 1394 [Tiffany] notyourwallet - 1154 Team Nichkhun’s deniseisafan is keeping up with the momentum by winning this round. Besides deniseisafan, Team Tiffany’s notyourwallet also had to beat Alteil who placed second. Unfortunately, notyourwallet was not able to do that, and Team Nichkhun scored yet another point. The current score is 2-1.

Monster Evolution [Tiffany] lytoe - 22776 [Nichkhun] ArkaVel - 20234 The table has turned, and Team Tiffany’s lytoe took the lead by beating everyone, including Team Nichkhun’s ArkaVel. Uh oh Team Nichkhun, be careful because it seems like Team Tiffany is ready to take you down! The score is tied with 2-2.

Block Squad [Tiffany] parkhaeri - 763460 [Nichkhun] Rosey - 296330 Team Tiffany’s parkhaeri obtained a score that no one was able to beat. Therefore, she helped her team win another point. Team Tiffany is slowing gaining back the momentum! Their score is increased to 3-2.

Iceblast [Tiffany] bentheshortall - 636940 [Nichkhun] yayitsmercy - 434530 Team Tiffany is on a roll! Fellow team member bentheshortall snatched the first place, beating Team Nichkhun’s yayitsmercy by a margin of 200000 points! Team Nichkhun needs to step up its game! The score is currently 4-2.

Ninja Cubes (tiebreaker) [Tiffany] SadFalse - 6180 [Nichkhun] foolishmia - 5270 Unfortunately for Team Nichkhun, this wasn’t their time because Team Tiffany’s SadFalse easily won this game of Ninja Cubes! The final score is 5-2, and Team Tiffany wins the KPOP-Idol Off!

Prizes: 100 EXP and a pin to each member of Team Tiffany. Stay tuned for the announcement of the random winners of a You’re Beautiful DVD set courtesy of YesAsia and an autographed photo of Jessica.

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good romantic song whether it be about relationships, love or heart-break? Here is a list of 10 romantic Asian songs that I think fit into Valentine’s Day. They might not all be about great relationships but they do talk about love. In no particular order. More »

Todays song of the day, courtesy of wthahalolz, features SNSD members Tiffany and Sunny covering 4men’s “I Can’t.” Sung for a radio show, how do you like their cover? More »

Update no. 4 of KPOP Idol-Off match, with Nichkhun (2PM) vs. Tiffany (SNSD). Again no difference to the overall score but many gamers are making an effort in changing it. Individual scores are changing but Team Tiffany still leads at 2 - 5. More »

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