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The most recent magazine published by Yonsei University’s LGBT club called “Come Together “ recently held a poll to find out who was the most popular girl idol on their campus. More »

KBS Music Bank returned with its weekly broadcast full of awesome performances. We got to see SNSD, 2AM, Girls Day and other hot stages, including comeback stages of Orange Caramel, F.Cuz, and BEAST. At the end of the show, SNSD won their K-Chart triple crown with their hit song ‘Hoot,’ followed up by Huh Gak in the second spot. Congratulations, SNSD! More »

The rumors circulating around 2PM’s Taecyeon and SNSD’s Jessica have gotten to the point that both companies have stepped forward to make an official statement about the supposed couple. More »

Today’s video of the day, courtesy of JesterNick, features 2PM’s Nichkhun and SNSD’s Yoona depicting a couple reunion on StarKing. Starting off as little kids that like each other, the pair is put together thanks to a rainy day– but just as soon seperated because “young Nichkhun” moves to a different school. A few years later has them grown up and reuniting again under a rainy day, but Yoona is shocked at meeting Nichkhun again. Check out why and see how the story unfolds below. More »

A neitizen recently uploaded a photo on an online community under the title of “What animal does SNSD members take after?” The hilarious photo collage is garnering much attention from neitizens. The photo shows the 9 members of SNSD with their animal look a likes. Each member has a few resemblances to a couple of animals. More »

Sad news for SNSD’s Tiffany, who will have to take some time off from promoting SNSD’s comeback song, “Hoot“, because of a knee injury. More »

Pumashock is a successful youtube artist who has covered many songs in the past. If you have not heard of her, she has appeared on Star King after arousing much attention for a video she released last year. The video shows herself covering SNSD’s hit song, Gee. More »

SNSD girls are fighting! Now, guys calm down and breathe before watching this video. This is actually a incident that happened during the announcement of Music Bank’s winner last week. More »

After having teased us already with 2 MV teasers, the audio for Taeyeon (SNSD) and The One’s duet track,”Like a Star,” has finally been released. Check it out below: More »

After releasing their “Hoot” MV quite a while ago, SNSD has now released the dance version of their MV. Check it out below: More »

A recent parody photo of SNSD’s ex- kid leader, Taeyeon has been uploaded on a popular community site. The fan created the picture where Taeyeon is being sold on an online mall called G-Market. Her value currently stands at 1 infinity billion won, a price unreachable by fans. There was also another topic where Taeyeon insoles was being sold possessing the ability to make you instantly 160cm, making neitizens laugh. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of lytoe, features Epik High feat. SNSD’s leader Taeyeon in “Love Love Love.” For a live performance for the Seoul Music Awards back in 2008, with softer and a lower vocal range than the original — mostly due to exhaustion in her voice, does this sound pretty ok or could be better? More »

A recent close-up photo of SNSD’s Ice Princess, Jessica was uploaded onto a popular community site. The photo showcases her beauty and resemblance to a doll. The picture is initially captured from the TV show, ‘One Night of Celebrity TV.’ More »

SNSD Taeyeon and The One’s collaboration single is expected to be released on November 17 and to build up the hype even more here’s the teaser video for their single titled “Like the Stars.” More »

All people get sad, upset, or hurt and that’s just human nature to have those feelings but we have to learn to pick ourselves back up and keep going. In many cases music can be the best medicine for those feelings. Cheerful, happy, and just all around bright music can give you the push to keep going. So, you guys might be asking me, “Alaa, what exactly are these songs that can make feel so happy” and so I present you all with my Top 10 Songs to Listen to When Your feeling Down! More »

MBC’s Music Core is back with another exciting music show, featuring lots of awesome performances, which include SNSD, 2NE1, VNT, Co-Ed, SG Wannabe, and a lot more! Check them out! More »

The girls of SNSD, who have been doing extremely well after advancing into the Japanese market, are back posing for Elle Girl Japan. More »

On an episode of variety show KBS2TV’s “Happy Together,” Seohyun, maknae of SNSD, revealed her member’s sleeping habits. “I’m the maknae so I wake up the earliest and wake the rest of the unnis up. When I turn on the lights, Yuri just asks me to turn it back off again, while Tiffany says, ‘I’ll be up in a bit,’ and never gets up. Sooyoung is easiest to wake up, but I was hurt one time when she was sleep-talking and told me, ‘I know, why don’t you take care of yourself for once,’”stated Seohyun. More »

Congratulations to user kpoplover1215 for correctly guessing the previous Baby Pictures with Seohyun from SNSD. The first person to correctly guess a celebrity from their baby picture receives a whopping 100 EXP points. To play, leave a guess in the comments below. More »

KBS Music Bank is back with its weekly music show full of great performances. This time the K-Chart Number 1 nominees were 2AM and SNSD, and at the end of the show SNSD got their second K-Chart trophy for their track ‘Hoot.’ Congratulations, SNSD!Check out their encore stage and enjoy other performances! More »

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