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Heo Young Saeng made his return on May 22nd with the MV for “Crying”, and now you can check out the music from the rest of his new mini-album “SOLO”. More »

Heo Young Saeng is getting ready to make his return with his second mini-album “SOLO” and today, he’s teasing with the MV teaser for “Crying”. More »

Heo Young Saeng is preparing for his second solo mini-album and on May 11th, B2M Entertainment unveiled his teaser photo and jacket cover for “SOLO”. More »

Super Junior-M has released the music video for the OST track “S.O.L.O” featuring Siwon and Donghae! More »

Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae participated in the Taiwanese drama Skip Beat in which Super Junior-M took part in the OST. More »

Remember how we heard some not so clear audio versions of Super Junior-M’s S.O.L.O and Super Junior’s Donghae’s This is Love featuring Henry? Well, fans, rejoice as the official versions of the songs are out and for us to listen to in their entire glory! More »

Super Junior members Siwon and Donghae acted in the currently-airing Taiwanese drama, Skip Beat, and after hearing Donghae’s solo featuring Henry for the drama, Super Junior-M shows off their improved Chinese skills in new song for the drama. More »

“Thirty, flirty and thriving.” Being 30, brings you up at a whole new level, let it be your maturity or the wrinkle lines, a 30 year old’s lifestyle is very much different. It is the peak in one’s life where there are many negative downfalls but with that said it comes with a bundle of positive aspects. More »

After an intriguing teaser, the full music video to Narsha’s ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba‘ has been revealed! It’s got crazy wigs, creepy undertones and some religious references that may or may not be offensive. Depends on how sensitive you are about those kinds of things. More »

Things are looking great for Narsha, who just released her brand new solo album. It’s retro, funky, and it makes me want to Bbi Ri Bba Bba my way to the dance floor! More »

It has been reported in May that Super Junior’s Hangeng is set to release a solo Mandarin album. Now he is following through with this plan by beginning to tease fans with a new photoshoot. More »

It was allegedly announced earlier this year that 4minute member Jiyoon would be getting a solo album sometime in March. That date passed with no word at all, and fans were confused as to why exactly Hyun Ah got two solos while Jiyoon got none. Well, it seems like the Jiyoon solo debut turned out to be a “misunderstanding,” according to Cube Entertainment. That’s right; Jiyoon is NOT getting a solo debut. More »

As if he wasn’t already the target of much adoration around the world, it seems the despite many legal troubles and dramas, DBSK’s Xiah or Junsu, is going to be just fine. A fan favorite for his voice and boyish ways, Junsu has a whole lineup of projects coming your way. More »

Erina Mano, a popular Japanese idol, has been invited to attend Anime Expo. Mano finally had her solo debut last year in the girl idol troupe, Hello!Project (similar to Johnny’s Entertainment that pumps out boy groups). Anime Expo, which includes many new (and old) anime, introduces singers, etc,etc, will be held on June 30 this year in Los Angeles. A representative explained, “It was appraised that having a solo performance would be better, considering most of the idols within the group are currently busy with other activities.” More »

4minute’s HyunA and Nassun have unveiled the music video for HyunA’s new solo song “Outlaw in the Wild.” I liked her “Change” song, but I really disliked the music video due to how sexual it was for a 17 year old. This video is more of a cartoon. The music video is pretty entertaining, but I don’t really like the song. More »

The 4minute leader and former Wonder Girls rapper is going hip hop in a new solo debut. Like many stars out there, they like to add side projects in addition to their regular girl group or boy group activities, cause they do whatever it takes to be on top. More »

2NE1’s Park Bom, with the huge success of her song, ‘You and I’, has finally done her solo debut performance on SBS Inkigayo this past weekend. With the release of her song, and her music video (see here), its finally her debut stage performance! More »

Wow. This song was beautiful. First time hearing it, but it was nice. 2AM Seul Ong has a very good voice. I always knew 2AM were a group of ballad singers, but I didn’t think Seul Ong’s voice fits 2AM. I mean, there are good singers in 2AM, so it’s hard to stand out. More »

With G-dragon’s first solo album, ‘Heartbreaker’ being released this year, G-Dragon is now on his way to his first solo concert! You know you won’t want to miss his first solo concert! Here are the details of the concert. More »

It’s time for Seung Ri to shine and get really dirty in the process. His solo single “Strong Baby” is an upbeat catchy song that reminds me of Justin Timberlake. Well, he likes NSYNC so I’m not surprised.

First thing I noticed is G-Dragon. His little cameo was always cute; however, Seung Ri standing next to G-Dragon makes him more masculine than usual. I guess its supposed to show viewers how mature Seung Ri is becoming, but it just made me cringe.

We start with this “CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK” dance thing. You tell me what the hell that means. We’ve also got him in his car with the crazy chick in the front driving. He’s so mature he can’t even drive a car. He does get with the “Last Farewell” lady in the end so I guess it’s a plus for his maturity but then he takes off his shirt and shows his abs. I’m not saying his abs were bad but I’m used to Seung Ri being the little unimportant brother of Big Bang. All I can say is good luck with your solo career Seung Ri. I still like Tae Yang’s solo “Look Only at Me” MV better. More »

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