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SNSD recently arrived in Paris for the SMTown Live World Tour in Paris and members Soo Young and Tiffany took some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city! On June 8th, Soo Young uploaded two photos of herself and fellow member Tiffany on the SM Town Facebook page. More »

On August 16th, SBS celebrated their 20th anniversary, and they invited a ton of stars including BoA, SNSD, KARA, Kim So Yeon, Son Dambi, etc. SNSD’s Soo Young, who is known for her tall figure, sported an outfit from Coming Step, which is a Korean clothing brand. More »

So you just bought a new bib to drool over Girls’ Generation, and you think hot damn, what about the problem becoming sweaty, just thinking about them? Fret no more, the hot vixens Yuri, Seo Hyun and Soo Young of Girls’ Generation will cool you off with their campaign for “Dreaming Water.” More »

All your bases belongs to SNSD. Just hand it over, it’s theirs anyway. SNSD has been red hot recently but still number 1 across all charts and categories. That has changed; SNSD has completely taken over. Every single chart: TV, radio, magazine, mp3 sales, album sales, broadcasts, online, ringtones, billboard - you name it, SNSD owns it. More »

SNSD is officially off the Richter scale. There is far too much going on for these hot vixens to even comprehend. SNSD was second only to Michael Jackson on Youtube views at one point, and on another day having the most views. To summarize, So Nyeo Shi Dae is a force to be reckoned with. More »

Despite some heavy controversy, The Girls Generation (SNSD) came back strong with Tell Me Your Wish (Genie). The Music Video was just released last night (6-25-09), and the very next evening they debuted BIG at KBS2 for their comeback special. More »

After all the madness fighting alongside Nazi’s and the Japanese, the Girls Generation take it easy to do some mothering on their new TV show. There are 6 parts, so be sure to continue after the jump. In the meantime, the cover of the new mini-album has been corrected to much relief of fans. More »

If you think Girls Generation has had enough buzz already, we’ve only just begun. There’s so much going on, one can hardly keep up. Netizens In Korea with their keen eye were quick to notice the cover had Japanese-like war planes along with Nazi crosses. I say “like” due to the fact there is a strong likeness, but the artist tried to alter them. Apparently the alterations were not enough, and was not thought through, according to the majority opinion of fans. More »

Its only been a few days since the whole buzz about “Tell Me Your Wish” was posted and already SNSD is up for breaking 3 records. At this pace, SNSD will be breaking their own previously held sales record from their hit song, “Gee.” More »

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