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Gizmodo Japan has captured some great shots of the Square-Enix booth at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show. As any kind friend would do, I am passing them along to all of you. My personal favorites are the Slime silverware and the Kingdom Hearts chibi statues. More »

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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light gets released in North America on October 5th for the Nintendo DS. Get a jump on learning the new class -er “Crown” system before anyone else with this trailer detailing the new way you’re going to battle. More »

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Although Square Enix had already released the release dates for the fourteenth installment of their highly renowned Final Fantasy series last week (various dates in September 2010 for Windows and various dates in March 2011 for the PS3 depending on the version and the region), the date for the beta test wasn’t announced until recently. More »

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While 3D gaming might not be what gamers want, it is apparently what developers want. Even Square-Enix, legendary JRPG studio, are working on ways to bring 3D to their titles. First up is Final Fantasy XIV on PC. Grab some comfortable nose pads and strap on your 3D shades because this is going to be a long ride. More »

Shonen Gangan’s July issue sold out, thanks to the ending of a great manga/anime series Fullmetal Alchemist. However, this issue sold out so quickly that many FMA fans couldn’t get their hands on it which prompted Square Enix (the publisher of Shonen Gangan) to republish the last chapter in their September issue, coming out on August 12. More »

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The big 3 (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) weren’t the only companies showing off games at E3 this year. For the first time ever mobile games have been given equal treatment at E3 with a section of the showroom dedicated to nothing but upcoming mobile releases and it paid off big time. Amongst the many games announced, Sqaure-Enix’s announcement that they were bringing Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions and Secret of Mana to the iPhone may have taken the cake. More »

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It feels like forever ago that Square-Enix announced Final Fantasy IX coming to PSN. Today we got official confirmation on when and it’s a lot sooner than you may have imagined. Full details including price can be found below. More »

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Final Fantasy. A household name among RPG enthusiasts (and even video game fans in general) comes at us once again with a new DS game called The Four Heroes of Light. Why the generic title you ask? Well, this game prides itself on going back to the basics. No epic story, no insanely fine-tuned character development, just a good old storybook tale of good vs. evil, light vs. darkness, all wrapped up in 100% customizable characters and Final Fantasy nostalgia. More »

A survey was conducted in Japan, asking 3,000 gamers what they’re favorite Square Enix game franchise was. Some titles that made it to the top 10 were surprising while others were predictable. More »

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San Diego, California gamer, Daniel Wolf, has filed a class action lawsuit against Square Enix and Sony Entertainment of America over alleged widespread Playstation 3 system crashes that occurred during Final Fantasy XIII gameplay. More »

Square Enix game designer and scenario writer, Miwa Shoda, was shocked to be told that RPGs did not need a storyline. More »

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Are you ready for Dragon Quest IX? We’re still a little ways off from its July release date, but until then check out this extremely cute Slime speaker stand. More »

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Now might be the time to stop holding your breath for a Final Fantasy VII remake. Yoshinori Kitase, the director behind Final Fantasy VII has stated that a HD reboot would take 10 times longer to produce than Final Fantasy XIII. More »

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Square-Enix announced today that Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light for the Nintendo DS will be making it way to US shores on October 5, and to Europe some time later this fall. More »

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Square-Enix has officially released its first game for the iPad. Chocobo Panic will have you, and a friend if you so choose, herding colorful chocobos. Use 6 fingers to collect as many as possible before the time runs out in solo and co-op play, or compete against a friend in versus mode. More »

Itadaki Street is a Monopoly-like board video game series produced by Square Enix that mixes together characters from their beloved Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchises. The newest addition to the cast? A chibi-fied Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. More »

This year, Square Enix released two games, Nier Gesalt and Nier Replicant, in Japan that features the same exact character with totally different appearances. Only Nier Gesalt was released in the US because of its beefed up, badass looking main character. More »

For you hard core Hello Kitty collectors out there, Square Enix is releasing Hello Kitty Formation Arts miniatures that’s a combination of cuteness and sophistication. More »

In August Square Enix will ship out these totally cute Kingdom Hearts figurines for us to hold, showoff, play or whatever you do with your figures. More »

Square Enix seems confident of their IP that they decided to open a bar in Tokyo called “Luida’s Bar,” a bar where they serve Dragon Quest delicacies! More »

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