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The highly anticipated 2011 Dream Concert was held on May 28th and was hosted by MCs Kim Heechul, Goo Hara, and Soong Joong Ki. The concert saw performances by U-Kiss, 5Dolls, Eru, IU, Rainbow, K.Will, After School, Kim Soo Hyun, Secret, BEAST, KARA, T-Ara, SHINee, Jewelry, Sistar, Sistar19, G.NA, Ft Island, miss A, f(x), 4minute, 2PM, DBSK, Kim Tae Woo and Flower. Luckily for the fans who were unable to attend the event, the concert was aired on KBS2TV and KBS World today. More »

What would happen if girl idols had mustaches? For one, it’d be quite hilarious. A user uploaded a Photoshopped picture of several girl idol members with fake mustaches and it has been quite a rage on the internet. More »

If you put SNSD’s Jessica and T-ara’s Hyomin together in a picture, showed said picture to a random passerby, and asked said random passerby if he or she thought the two of them were related, chances are they’d probably say yes. More »

There’s been a lot of buzz ever since it was revealed that T-ara’s Jiyeon was playing a lesbian in the new Korean drama, “Miss Ripley.” We all know that Korea is particularly strict when it comes to anything along the lines of homosexuality. However, we’ve seen a number of characters in well-known dramas that are homosexual. More »

Just after they announced that they would be branching into the Japanese market, girl group T-ara has revealed some extra, awesome information! Before they leave the mother country for a few months, T-ara will be having a Korean comeback next month! More »

It looks like another idol group has hopped on the Japanese wagon! Rumors about girl group T-ara debuting in Japan were wandering around the past few weeks and it looks like they are true! T-ara will be holding their very first live event in Japan on July 5th. How exciting is that? More »

T-ara’s Jiyeon’s shocking role was revealed in the recent episode of MBC’s “Miss Ripley“. On June 6th, viewers were able to witness Jiyeon take on the challenging part as ‘Yu’, the daughter of the Japanese Prime Minister. Yu was staying at a hotel in Korea before she secretly slipped away, causing Lee Da Hae, who plays the role of ‘Jang Miri’, to go on a search for her. More »

Today’s video of the day, courtesy of NanaKitten, features SHINee KEY’s girl group dance compilation. Dancing to various hit songs from groups like KARA, Wonder Girls, and T-ara– I think he did a great job covering them! Thoughts?

More »

Eunjung has joined the ranks of other celebrities who have been called “make-up humiliation.” On May 30th at the CGV theatre in Seoul, Eunjung attended a premiere of her movie, “White: The Curse of The Melody.” She plays one of the main roles in the film and had to stand on stage for a quick speech. She looked stunning in a unique mini-dress, but her face makeup did not match. As you can see from the photo, white powder was packed onto the bottom half of her eyes. More »

Modern girl groups are slowly evolving. Gone are the days where much emphasis was placed on singing. In its place are tight-fitting outfits and sexier dance choreographies. While there are netizens who love these mature, sexy looks, other netizens deem it to be too sexy. The Korean music industry is known to be more conservative and stricter on what female idols wear, whereas here in America, as long as you cover up “the essentials,” you’re fine. So I went ahead and found 10 “super sexy” female idol outfits that got many a netizen squirming, for the right or wrong reasons. More »

Spring cleaning is the best time to find old keepsakes and memories. While organizing her stuff, T-ara’s Hyomin rediscovered her college entrance examination slip and college acceptance letter and proudly displayed it on her Twitter for all to see. More »

It has been reported that T-ara and their agency’s CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, will be opening up a cafe franchise starting in Kangnam called “Café Page One”. The café will be designed with the concept of “star shop.” More »

T-ara’s Hyomin recently uploaded a hilarious photo on her Twitter in celebration of her birthday. On May 30th, the idol uploaded a photo on her Twitter with the tweet, “Thank you for coming to my birthday party. A few more people than I expected came.. (Note: At 8PM, T-ara will have a performance. Don’t miss it.)” In the photo, Hyomin is looking directly at the camera while the background reads: “Celebration. Hyomin Birthday. 1989.” The idol had photoshopped herself into a stadium photo and added the letters in the background. More »

Having earlier released our top 10 Male Kpop Idols with extreme Aegyo skills list, we have now returned with an extension of this article, this time focusing in the world of female idols. For those who didn’t catch on last time, “aegyo” is simply a Korean word that represents a cute, innocent, and yet vivacious charm. “Aegyo” can either be endearing with moderation but in many cases it could be a controversial thing where it calls upon a punch like many people would describe it. More »

The Dream Concert returned on May 28th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. The artists that performed tonight included TVXQ, KARA, SHINee, B2ST, 4minute, 2PM, F.T. Island, f(x), G.NA, miss A, Kim Tae Woo, Seo In Kook, SECRET, SISTAR, IU, Rainbow, After School, U-KISS, Eru, K-Will, Jewelry, T-ara, 5dolls, Flower, and a special appearance from actor Kim Soo Hyun. Below are the performance photos! More »

Kpop has so many songs it is amazing. There are the occasional songs you listen and see the translation for and think, ‘Oh, but they banned this other song and it wasn’t even this bad,’ …or at least I have. Here are 10 Kpop songs or music videos I personally am surprised are not banned by the strict Korean music industry. The list is in no specific order. More »

Summer is slowly approaching and many of you are preparing for some Summer fun whether that be going out to the beach or just chilling with friends and enjoying a nice Popsicle. In this post, you will see 10 CFs starring a variety of KPOP idols. The CFs will feature scenes that relate to Summer and I hope it excites you for the season! More »

T-ara’s Eunjung has just released the official soundtrack for her upcoming horror film, “White’s Curse“! The title song, “White” is sang by the movie’s fictional group, “Pink Dolls” wherein Eunjung is a part of. So that means, you can hear her voice in the song! Check it out below: More »

It has been announced that T-ara’s Jiyeon will be making camero in the upcoming episode of MBC’s new drama, “Ripley.” In the pilot episode, Jiyeon will be playing of the Japanese prime minister’s daughter named Yuu. She then suddenly disappears at the hotel that Kim Seong Woo’s character owns, but eventually the character of Lee Da Hee finds her and returns her back to the prime minister, which in return raises her status. More »

Starting on May 10th, a six day survey was conducted, asking voters for their opinions regarding which idol group they thought were most family-like. Out of a total of 5,804 votes, 2,846 (49%) people chose SNSD as the idol group with the closest family-like bond. Big Bang came close behind with 2,445 (43%) votes. Rounding off the top five are groups CN Blue, 2PM, and T-ara with 260 (5%) votes, 127 (3%) votes, and 82 (2%) votes respectively. More »

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