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Unlike our EXP system, all points added or subtracted from your Reward Center account is made available to you via the History link. Your history will provide you a pretty detailed list of everything you’ve done to reserve points including providing links to the blog posts that you contributed to using our tip system. This way, if we didn’t give you points for a tip, you can pm Jinra to let her know. More »

I know there’s a been a flurry of EXP changes in the past couple of weeks and at some point I’ll get to writing a full guide to answer most of your questions. However, the changes are still ongoing so it makes sense to wait till I finish all the features that I want to add. The guide is the next thing on my todo list. Until then, I’ll continue to update via blog posts and on Twitter (@ningin). Read on for the updates so far. More »

Yesterday we switched over to the new EXP scoring system for good. For the most part there were no issues and hopefully none will come up later. As I explained earlier, there are a lot of changes. Refer to that post if you forgot what some of them were. I’m going to get into hints and tips about the fastest ways to score EXP. More »

From Wirebot:

While Final Fantasy XIII is bound to keep RPG fanatics holed up in their bedrooms for the next couple of weeks, it’s not the only big title being released this month. In just 7 days God of War III will start heating up Blu-ray drives across the world. Here’s a few strategies that might help you knock out the 50+ hour epic that is Final Fantasy XIII in time for Kratos to ready his blades of Chaos. More »

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