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On the 11th of October, JYJ’s Jaejoong showed off some new pictures of his amazing penthouse through Twitter. Too bad his face isn’t shown in any of the pictures! More »

Today’s photo of the day, courtesy of Alteil, features MBLAQ Mir’s English skills. A caption that captured Mir’s reply in English on twitter to fellow member Thunder’s tweet, what do our readers think of his English skills? Although what he was trying to say is a bit jumbled up, I think it’s not too bad. More »

A little while ago, Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev, actresses from the American TV show ‘Vampire Diaries’, praised K-Pop and of the baddest girl groups, 2NE1, through an exchange of tweets.

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Jang Geun Suk recently updated his twitter with a little caption: “Master is embarrassed of me “ Interested in the meaning behind this, I subconsciously clicked his twit pic..and came up with this picture. Yet I cannot see what led her to embarrassment, unless… he shuffling? LOL That is the only reason I can come up with behind the “embarrassing” pic. If anyone sees anything hidden in here please do tell! More »

We all want to show support for Junsu’s new album, I mean Jun. K’s new album. He has support pouring in from all over the world, so It’s not surprising one of his biggest supporters is a little closer to home. Nichkhun rallied fans to put their “Hands Up” for Jun. K’s new release. More »

On the 7th of October, 2PM’s Junsu officially released his solo debut single, “Alive”, under the name ‘Jun.K’. His fellow 2PM members tweeted messages of encouragement and support, which made fans smile at their close relationships. More »

Remember seeing 2NE1’s Minzy and her ‘One Piece hat’? Well it’s either that her mum is also a big fan of the comic or they share the hat! Minzy’s mum was seen wearing the ‘One Piece’ hat as well! More »

T-ara’s Hyomin recently shared an old photo of hers on Twitter and wrote, “My hair was really long. I use to work out so hard… I have to become diligent again. Who wants to do it with me!” More »

The face of the woman who gave birth to 2AM’s Seulong has been revealed! More »

Previous member of U-Kiss, Kim Kibum, tweets the link to his newest Facebook page! Idols have been increasing their access to international fans lately. First, it was a widespread among Twitters, then, After’s School’s Bekah, and U-Kiss’s Eli make tumblr accounts and now, previous member of U-Kiss, Kim Kibum creates a Facebook! (Although Kim Heechul of Super Junior beat him to it.) More »

2PM’s Nichkhun recently uploaded shots of him and his sister, Sherleen, goofing off through his Twitter account. Nichkhun and Sherleen amused fans with an adorable collection of photos that showed off the beauty that obviously ran in the family. More »

Hoorah! The moment you have all been waiting for is here. Jang Geun Suk is now officially on Twitter! More »

Young Saeng recently had some fun on the computer by giving himself virtual makeovers. Have you ever wanted to see what this SS501 member would like as a Star Wars character, astronaut, or soldier? Well, now’s your chance!

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Most people start off their mornings with an early jog, or perhaps a cup of coffe, but not Super Junior’s Siwon. He decided to ditch the coffee and post up an amusing picture of him early this morning. More »

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of M!Countdown? Well soon you can see for yourself! More »

It was recently announced that U-KISS will be making a comeback in Korea with their second official album in September. Even though Dongho suffered a small injury during choreography practice, the boys are working hard for their comeback and Kevin has updated fans on the progress. More »

Everyone might already know that FT Island’s Lee Hongki loves nail art, especially if you’re following him on Twitter. He has revealed quite many different designs on his Twitter and I thought he deserves his own list on Ningin! More »

Beast just finished their fan meet in China and most fans know of Junhyung and F.T Island’s Hongki and their close relationship. One fan, who was a Primadonna, decided to take advantage of this fact and gave Junhyung a letter stating to take care of Hongki. More »

Today’s photo of the day, courtesy of Alteil, features Super Junior’s Heechul as a rap star? A print screen of a twitter account questioning why “Kim Hee Chul” trended on Twitter at #1 for 3 days straight and then concluding “his [stuff] must not stink… he must be some rap star,” he couldn’t be any more wrong! If he went solo, can our readers see him as a rapper? I wonder if ELFs mass tweeted this persons account telling him/her exactly who Heechul is… would you?

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Singer G.NA posted a couple of gorgeous photos on Twitter on June 15, and unsurprisingly, people couldn’t avoid commenting on her great body. Along with the photo, she tweeted, “Sleepy G.NA. My eyes are disappearing”. The photos showed her looking adorable in summer clothes. But what caused distress was her short shorts. Fans thought it was looking slightly risque. More »

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