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T-ara’s Jiyeon and Soyeon were spotted having a conversation on Twitter. Sure there is nothing wrong with that—unless when everything they wrote doesn’t make sense! Looks like the two of them are in some kind of extraterrestrial world. More »

2NE1’s Minzy if often, most of the time, seen with hairstyles and outfits that make her look tomboyish—which she is, but the point is, fans had never got the chance to see the feminine side of her. The idol revealed a selca of herself on Twitter, looking completely different from the Minzy we know. More »

Being loved by fans is good but when they start to get too obsessed with their favorite idols, stalking and interrupting their privacy, it gives the idols a massive headache. It seems that T-ara’s Soyeon had been suffering from this problem as someone has been bugging her on Twitter. More »

Actor Jang Geun Suk had created an account on Twitter not too long ago. If you haven’t followed him on Twitter, I am sorry to say that the actor had already decided to delete his account. Apparently, the reason of his decision is because of his cellphone batteries. More »

A selca miss A’s Suzy recently took made her fans worry about her health and condition as the singer looked gloomy and worn out. More »

On November 3rd G.NA took to Twitter to show off her rack…her shoe rack that is. The sparse rack is not brimming with shoes like many fans excepted. It is minimalist at best holding mostly ankle booties. A majority of the shoes were Black, the only color is a pop of red here/there and one pair of white sneakers. With the choices numbered down for her it seems she is still having trouble choosing between them. More »

Super Junior’s Donghae seems to be getting in the Christmas spirit early, as he recently tweeted this picture. More »

Teddy Riley has already responded to SNSD haters about their recent comment over The Boys MV. It seems Many Wonderfuls are still very touchy over the comment he had made about the Wondergirls. Although instead of taking it up with him it sounded like they were attacking SNSDs song directly. The exchange went as follows. More »

How do you show your love towards your groupmate? Easy, by sketching a picture of him of course! And that is exactly what MBLAQ’s G.O. decided to do, sketching a hilarious caricature of Seungho and upload it on Twitter. More »

Today’s photo of the day features a JaeJoong jack-o-lantern! Isn’t it just amazing? I wouldn’t mind seeing these kinds of jack-o-lanterns all around my neighborhood once a year. Props to mitsukai_soj for her excellent carved pumpkin. Too all of our readers, Happy Halloween! Kpop style. More »

Actor Jang Geun Suk decided to give his dear sasaeng fans multiple warnings for interrupting his privacy through Twitter. ‘Sasaeng‘ fans are also known as overly-obsessed fans who follow their idols around for 24/7. In short, we call them stalkers. More »

SNSD has taken the KPOP world by storm with the release of their third album, The Boys. Not only that, but the girls have signed with Interscope Records for their first US release and even broke into the top 100 for iTunes. Now, you can get the latest updates of the girls by following their official Twitter. More »

Recently, Super Junior’s Shindong posted a stylish photo of himself on his Twitter account, and it has been receiving a lot of attention from ELFs all over the world.

More »

Been missing 2PM’s Chansung on Twitter? He is now back in Twitter to please his fans with a brand new selca! More »

On the 20th of October, 2PM’s Taecyeon showed how much he was stressing by tweeting, “Ahh marketing midterm… I feel like I’m growing white hairs on my head“. More »

T-ara has been getting in a lot of trouble lately with the press due to their attitude problem an unprofessional attitude. Singer Mose was quick to comment on his Twitter about his own incident surrounding the girls. He intended for them to remain nameless but it was pretty easy to figure out to whom these vicious words were intended for. More »

On the 18th of October, 2PM’s Junho and 2AM’s Jo Kwon impressed fans by participating in a conversation about their futures through Twitter.

More »

Although it looks like a bunch of ladies sitting in a bathhouse, it’s actually 2AM flaunting their hydrating masks while relaxing in a back room.

More »

MBLAQ member, G.O, recently tweeted, “Hey everyone, time sure flies! MBLAQ is celebrating our 2 year anniversary! Thank you!! And to all of our A+ goddesses, you’re all going to be with us until the end, right? Love you all.”

More »

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon uploaded the picture above through his Twitter account along with the message, “Still in Junrado Naju. Haven’t been able to eat any of Naju’s famous ox-tail soup or a single pear. Still filming.” More »

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