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Boy Ningin has grown a lot in the past few months. We have a lot of new users and with them a lot of new opinions. Sometimes those opinions differ and sometimes the opinions aren’t so much opinions but flames or attacks. You know, with so many opinions, chances are there’ll be people who disagree with you. Let’s just leave it as a difference of opinions before it escalates to personal attacks that could violate our terms of use and get you banned. On our end we’ve added a new feature that hopefully nips flame wars before they start, comment Likes and Dislike. You can find this on the bottom right corner of each blog comment along with a total score for the comment. If the comment score is too negative, the comment will be hidden from pubic view. Enjoy this new feature and remember to be more tolerant of other people’s opinions. More »

Sometime next week, we’ll be switching to a new user profile system. This new system will have a completely redesigned and re-tooled area for uploading photos, including a slick new interface that will allow for multiple photo uploads. The new changes, however, are not compatible with our current system of storing photos and so all your photos will be removed. If there’s any important photo stored in your profile currently, you should download them soon. With the new batch photo upload feature, you’ll be able to upload all of them again easily. Any profile photos uploaded between now and the time we make the switch will not be saved. More »

In about 10 days, we’ll be switching to a new and super cool profile system. Part of the changes will include a new and easier to use design for private messages. Unfortunately the new private message system and the old one are not compatible and after discussing it internally, we decided to go ahead with the improvements at the cost of losing all messages stored in our old system. The takeaway here is that in about 10 days, you will not have access to your old private messages anymore. Any messages sent between now and the upgrade will also not be saved. If you have something important in your private messages, you should copy them somewhere else. More »

Continuing our long line of creative and unique giveaway ideas, allow me to introduce the Mixr Reward Center. In short, it’s yet another way to earn free stuff on Ningin and the other sites in the Mixr network. However, it’s much more than that. It’s a new system of giveaway that is points-based which offers us numerous flexibilities in coming up with new and exciting contests as well as allowing you guys to pick and choose the exact prize that you want. What this means for you is two things: More »

Yesterday we switched over to the new EXP scoring system for good. For the most part there were no issues and hopefully none will come up later. As I explained earlier, there are a lot of changes. Refer to that post if you forgot what some of them were. I’m going to get into hints and tips about the fastest ways to score EXP. More »

Update: Done!

Just a heads up that this Friday morning (or Thurs evening depending on where you are) at 2am EST, all Mixr sites will go offline for network upgrades. It shouldn’t take more than 30-60 mins. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding!

It’s been a month since we took our Social News system offline. Originally it was only suppose to be down for two weeks, but web development is just like construction in that delays are inevitable.

The shutdown wasn’t just for a redesign, rather a complete overhaul of the Social News application. You see, we’ve learned quite a bit from the data gathered over the past year and this revamping is a result of that research. More »

Happy February everyone! You know what that means? It’s Valentines season! It may be a fake holiday but everyone and their mom celebrates it. And why wouldn’t they? It’s unofficially chocolate day.

Anyways, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve upgraded our blogs to version 7! Take a look around and tell us what you think.

Here’s this week’s wrap up: More »

Phase One of the Ningin redesign. Please enjoy the new Community Page!

Ningin doesn’t have a home page per se like most websites. Rather an equivalent that we call the Community Page which takes a snapshot of all the different things happening within Ningin at a given time. It was natural for us to start with this section first. The goal of this redesign was to introduce a cleaner layout and more intuitive navigation. I hope you can agree that we made a big step towards accomplishing that goal.

You might have to refresh your browser by pressing F5 for everything to work properly.

As mentioned before, a new design was only part of the new Ningin. There are many more features and functionally in the pipeline. This phase of the upgrades not only changes the Community Page, but adds the foundations for those new features which will be added in later as they are developed and tested. Every one of our current applications, Forums, Blogs, Social News, and Profiles, will receive major upgrades in features and functionality. When this upgrade is all said and done, we will be at Ningin 2.0 =) More »

Short version: Around 1am Tuesday morning we took our servers down to allow us to work on preparations for the new design and new features. During this time a hard drive problem was discovered on our lone database server. While we have multiple web servers, we only had one database server. Because it was the hard drive that needed replacing, we basically had to install and reconfigure everything all over again. However, no data was loss during this entire process as we made a complete backup before taking the server offline. All in all, Ningin was down for about 36 hours - 4 hours spent diagnosing the problem, 18 hours waiting on a new server, 8 hours setup time, 4 hours originally scheduled upgrade and maintenance, and last but not least, 2 hours of intermittent sleep. Sorry to keep you waiting, but that’s how it was. More »

As some of you already know (many of you actually don’t), we’re in the processing of a complete make-over for Ningin. Perhaps it’s more fitting to say Ningin will experience a major upgrade in both design and features. Every single area of Ningin will look different. Every single application (social news, blog, forums, profiles) will have new features. Plus, we’re adding one new application! The tentative date for all of this is in about 2-3 weeks. Some site downtime will happen (it’s also an infrastructure upgrade). Most likely this will happen in phases, so the whole upgrade might last as long as a month.

While this upgrade will have many different focuses, the main one is something I’ve stressed about a lot on Ningin, Community. There will be a lot more things you can do to interact with the users on Ningin. There will be a lot more interactions with other Asian media websites. Probably most importantly, there will a lot more interactions in the offline world as well with event happenings and charity organizations. The latter isn’t going to happen right away, but it is a major goal of ours.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that Ningin has only been on this path since March of this year. The amount of growth in users and content has definitely been great! Who knows where we’ll be if we continue at this pace.

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