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KPOP idols are famous not only for their wonderful voices and dancing moves, but also because of their abnormally beautiful features. Here’s a list of idols with looks that are fit for a doll. More »

Many girls all over the world are envious of KARA’s Goo Hara’s slim figure…the group’s leader, Gyuri is no exception. More »

Girl group f(x) will be wrapping up their promotions for “Electric Shock” this week and leader Victoria recently updated her me2day with a yummy picture. More »

f(x)’s Victoria recently guested on Radio Star with 2PM’s Nichkhun, where she recounted memories of Korea when she first arrived there. More »

The lovely ladies of f(x), who have recently made an explosive (or should I say electric) comeback, made an appearance at the film screening for ‘I AM: SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden‘ to greet fans and potential viewers regarding the movie.

More »

f(x) recently made their return to the music scene with second mini-album Electric Shock and the ladies posed for an adorable selca during MV shooting. More »

You all remember that star-studded drama? Right, the one with Super Junior’s Zhou Mi, f(x)’s Victoria, and Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen. Ringing a bell yet? Right - drama When Love Walked In. Good news: the drama has released the first trailer. More »

We’re so close to having f(x) make their long-awaited return with ‘Electric Shock‘ that I think the anticipation is killing everybody. So far, the girls are living up to the name of their album but giving fans a shock with all the new teaser photos. (SM sure is setting a trend with the concept photos…) More »

After revealing Krystal’s teaser photo for their upcoming mini-album ‘Electric Shock‘, f(x) has given us double the ’shock’ with the concept photos. Photos for not one, but two members were unveiled on June 6th and it definitely lives up to the title of the new album! More »

2PM is advertising for Everland’s Caribbean Bay again this year and this time they’re teaming up with miss A’s Suzy. More »

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Do you think of spending the day at a beach or a pool? Or would you be spending your time indoors catching up on all the dramas you missed and practicing your video game skills? Well whatever the case is, have you ever imagined do ALL those things with someone hot, sexy and maybe a bit dorky? Well, if you have ever thought of ANY of these things, then you’ve got to keep scrolling and read about the 12 Idols That You’d Want As A Summer Fling. And who knows, maybe they’ll last longer than the summer! More »

With the goal of expanding outside of South Korea, companies no longer look for just star potentials in their home country but have grown to accept those of other nationalities. Nevertheless, appearance is still an important factor More »

Today’s Daily Rant, I’m pretty sure nobody here can disagree with me. Yup, much thanks to the never-thinking-before-leaping CEO of CCM, T-ara now has a new member…the FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD Danee. More »

Last week Friday, a majority of the SMTOWN artists arrived at LAX to prepare for SMTOWN Live in LA and fans came to greet the artists. More »

f(x)’s Victoria is currently in China, where she is filming for Taiwanese drama When Love Walked In, which will also feature Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi and Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen. More »

Late last year f(x)’s Victoria was chosen as the newest muse for cosmetic brand IPKN, and the vivacious singer has released a new CF for the brand. More »

Super Junior-M has been quiet on the music scene as he has been filming for his upcoming Taiwanese drama When Love Walked In, in which he will be starring alongside f(x)’s Victoria and Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen. More »

SM Entertainment has released their second group, f(x)’s individual teaser photos for the movie ‘I AM‘. More »

Despite the term of being called “Korean idols”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all our beloved k-pop idols are actually Korean - because some of them aren’t! Although they don’t have the Korean blood flowing through their veins, we still grow to love them all the same. So, whom exactly are some of these idols that might not look like what they are? More »

f(x)’s Victoria was cast in Taiwanese drama When Love Walked In and she has been busy preparing for her role as the long-lost daughter and heiress to a company. More »

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