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- It seems like these 10 KPOP idols have the fountain of youth in their back pocket and really do not match their age at all.

- Mistakenly (but lucky for us), a working HP TouchPad is captured on video.

- The PV for “Hajimari no Ballad” by Angela Aki is released for your viewing pleasure.

- Mass Effect 3 wants you to “Save the Galaxy” in the latest trailer for the upcoming action game.

- Kristen Stewart can’t hide her disapproval of Robert Pattinson’s partying, even though they still say they aren’t an item…yet.

- A still is released that shows off Tom Hardy’s latest role in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

- Guru manwomanfilm is back with another amazing tutorial - this time, a perfect warm-colored Wedding Makeup look that could do well for other occasions too.

- A bit of color in every bite with these Rainbow Cupcakes from andidee.

- The HTC Sensation 4G officially arrives at T-Mobile on June 15.

- Totally love reminiscing through past MBC Star Dance Battles - so many good and unexpected routines from your favorite groups.

- Fans will be delighted to hear that the trailer for Season 4 of True Blood is out!

Being even more smitten and amused by the WooJung couple. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Don’t let these 10 KPOP idols fool you into thinking that you have to call them oppa or unni, their natural looks just end up looking a bit older than they are.

- New rollerball fragrances from Tokidoki are adorably decorated for your convenience.

- If you’re having trouble accessing the newly revived PlayStation Store, no worries - just give it some time.

- Natural (and untouched!) photos of Vogue models are published that really show appreciation to real beauty.

- The new Nokia chief actually wants more employees to use their iPhone competitor.

- Sun in the sky and on your nails, with this bright tutorial recommendation.

- Could Justin Bieber already be ready to pop the question and a ring to girlfriend Selena Gomez?

- A sweet song and throwback MV from Paran’s Ace is shared by peachypanda.

- Interestingly, the next Android version, Ice Cream Sandwich, is considering a Ti collaboration on the chipwork.

- New details on Sienna Miller’s next movie, “Freaky Deaky” surfaces.

- Take a listen to two radio ripped songs from AKB48’s upcoming album, dropping next week!

Good mood from good friends and a BBQ - what was the highlight of your day? More »

- A very agreeable list of why KPOP fandom is unlike anything else in the world to be in.

- Empires & Allies debuts as Zynga’s newest game on Facebook.

- Snooki (slightly unsurprisingly) crashes into a police escort while in Italy for the next Jersey Shore season.

- You can style and protect your hair in confidence with the Salon Grafix 450 Maximum Heat Protect Spray, though check out the full review for more info.

- Yoseob shows off his true fanboy feelings for IU.

- Cute and convenient, this Android USB microSDHC card reader (whew!) is able to go with you anywhere.

- A video showing off the HP TouchPad in action surfaces for us to see.

- doctorwho recommends this “Waves of Summer” nail art tutorial to bring a cooling scene in the hot weather.

- The role of Mizuki is chosen for the remake of Hana Kimi!

Submitting that final paper for the quarter. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Best Buy officially scoops up the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to add to their available inventory.

- The connections between idols and suicide in South Korea and why they are prompted down this sad route.

- It’s possible that today may be the day that the PlayStation Network comes back online.

- So what’s it going to be? Who’s “Haru Haru” are you more smitten by?

- These cute bobbleheads would make any car ride more pleasant, especially if you can’t help but want to bobble with it.

- Shots surface of Sofia Vergara on her new filming venture for “The Three Stooges.”

- Who would’ve though that an iPad 3 could be build out of impatience?

- Lady Gaga releases another video message expressing her love and good wishes to the Japanese earthquake victims.

Planning my to-do lists for finals. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Based on their questionable lyrics, we may love these 10 KPOP songs, but maybe they should come with a warning label.

- Grab any one of these 10 gadgets to spice up and make it one hot summer to remember.

- Or use one of these Summer Date Ideas for a fun time in the season of sunshine and freedom.

- Learn how to make this kawaii cupcake charm with these easy-to-follow steps.

- The Hangover 2 impressively racks up $10 million on its first release day.

- Sprint’s Nexus S 4G is currently the only phone that will receive Google Wallet.

- A “who wore it better?” pits G-Dragon against JongKey in a fashion battle.

- This Game Fail brings us a slightly more realistic interpretation of Pokemon in real life.

- Surprisingly, Rihanna and Chris Brown may be on the road to patching things up enough to be dating again?

- A recent poll reveals the most wanted Japanese idol for a boyfriend/girlfriend - who would you choose?

A much-needed room cleaning. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- How can you not drool looking at all these Men’s Health idol covers?

- Check out what $180,000 shoes look like - do you think they match their steep price tag?

- The PV teaser for “Only You” from Morning Musume is now out!

- Justin Bieber sports his new ink proudly.

- The cute egg song is both catchy and full of adorableness.

- One alarm clock makes sure you know it means business when it wants you to wake up.

- A kiss between a U-KISS and ZE:A member is not what you expect.

- Season 4 of True Blood wants to keep you reeled in with its new poster.

- The new NOOK now carries the title of a “Simple Touch Reader.”

- A patch for L.A. Noire is released for PS3 and Xbox 360 users.

Sighing for the weekend. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- The Jay Park style of tweeting is incomparable, though at times it’s hard to figure out. Good thing we have Siknah to translate his slang into more clear language.

- A new trailer for Dungeons of Dredmor is out and reveals gameplay that is set to one pretty interesting soundtrack.

- The truth is revealed about the man who lied about his “stolen” tickets to Oprah’s final show taping.

- J.Crew releases the limited line from winning designer Prabal Gurung.

- Is it good or bad to be drooling for soap? Well, if it’s S’mores Soaps, then it’s a bit hard to resist, especially when they look so scrumptious!

- For your cloudy days, put these five songs into a playlist for a pick-me-up to your self-esteem.

- Find your Korean celebrity lookalike with the popular pudding website, shared by hikari_midorichan!

- The HTC EVO 3D makes its debut at RadioShack with a pretty appealing promotion to boot.

- Here’s how technology presents us with a modern invisibility cloak.

- Artwork for “Only You“, the next single from Morning Musume, is revealed with a cute and white color scheme.

Pho on rainy days make for the best dates of friend chatting catchup. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- One person really believed that Heechul was going to marry Hwangbo.

- A new CF is released for the Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos movie!

- This cutie puppy can definitely keep up with how Willow Smith whips her hair.

- Demi Lovato gets herself into a small fender bender.

- The Aquos clamshell smartphone from Sharp is appealing with its sleek look and bright colors.

- Hey! Check out this SNES…urinal? The most impressive thing is that it’s functional too.

- The 2011 MTV Music Awards is almost around the corner, check out this promo clip for a peek at what to expect.

- This lady tried to sell a moon rock for $1.7 million dollars and failed (thank goodness).

- A Super Junior and “Geemashup mixes the two together for a hilarious watch and listen.

- True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard finds he needs to put in more acting to film his successful love scenes.

So relieved that I finished and presented my communications speech - what was the highlight of your day? More »

- Lee Joon reveals his cute failure at joining Twitter - I do hope he tries again!

- lynch. releases the PV for their latest single, “I BELIEVE IN ME.”

- Step into the Kinect virtual dressing room and find the perfect outfit without having to do much at all.

- It’s already down to the final two for Celebrity Apprentice, who’s your favorite to win?

- China reveals their plans for an upcoming military simulation game titled “Mission of Honor.”

- How many of you guys remember this little gem from the history of PlayStation consoles?

- Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively are unexpectedly pretty friendly with each other - could this be our next hot celebrity couple?

- Poor Hyunseung, on “fire” and the other members of BEAST still ignore you?

- Seems like HTC Thunderbolt users will soon be greeted with a new video chatting tab on their phone.

- Totally smittened by these Hello Kitty Glasses, I mean, who can resist the interchangeable, colorful bows and cute whiskers?

Long-awaited sunshine and finals prep are a mean combination. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- It’s a fact, the Beast Fiction MV is now out!

- Hello Kitty knit pants. Need I say more? Oh wait, yes I do: OMG SO CUTE!

- When it comes to Apple teases, it always starts out with the case. In this case, it’s the Apple iPhone 5 case.

- Wirebot weighs in on the PlayStation Network security breach and it’s aftermath.

- Hurray, a closer look at the HTC Sensation!

- The Vampire Diaries season finale wasn’t so much a season finale but the first episode of the next season.

- Thor hottie Chris Hemsworth has recently been cast as the huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman.

- Look electric with this hot electric violet eyeshadow look.

- jeannette123123 wishes she could play as many instruments as Wang Lee Hom.

- andidee wants to know if she’s too old to be sleeping with a teddy bear.

The highlight of my day was coming across a sale on Milano cookies. What’s been the highlight of your day? More »

- Are you an expert at spotting KPOP differences? In all honesty, WE C NO DIFFERENCE.

- This hamster could possibly be the smallest hamster, ever. Warning: Too much cute ahead!

- Say hello to the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-63, one spiffy looking DSLR camera.

- Yet another Tales game, Tales of Grace F will be released next year!

- Glee’s Dianna Agron has a new short ‘do, is it cute or what?

- True Blood’s season 4 is upon us, check out this new promo trailer!

- This kind of stinks for Perfume fans — they’re not releasing a PV for Laser Beam.

- A new update to the Google App Marketplace has made it easier to find apps!

- Miss the latest episode of Survivor Redemption Island? Reelwire has the recap for you.

- xsandy2005’s got a thing for KPOP boy band members who love Hello Kitty.

- BubblyMe wants to know who’s cuter: Rilakkuma or Miffy?

What’s good, everyone? More »

- Random Fact: Yuri in Korean means glass. It’s kinda sad that you can see through her now.

- Justin Bieber vomiting in concert in the Philippines however, is no sign of an eating disorder.

- This high schooler used a computer to cure cystic fibrosis!

- Sad news Square Enix fans. They’ve just terminated a bunch of games for development.

- The bride makeup kit from Urban Decay has brides covered for wedding season!

- Who pays $40,000 for a photo of Lindsay Lohan as a vampire? A.J. McLean does.

- Brace yourselves, here’s a list of the rumored Japanese dramas of Summer 2011!

- iRobot intends on using Android for their new line of Ava robots. Sure this sounds confusing, but not when you realize what is meant by Android.

- Reelwire recaps the latest episode of Doctor Who! Read all about it.

- jeanette fills us in on what her favorite AWWWWWWH! moments in Korean dramas are.

- xsandy2005 shows us cute art, and boy is it cute.

Yay, weekend! What are you up to this weekend? More »

- Look, it’s f(x)’s Krystal looking like a crystal…on ice! For Kiss and Cry, that is.

- Note to Self: Don’t ever lose a bet to Johnny Depp or else he’ll make you dress up like a the piece of poo from South Park. Penelope Cruz has recently been subject to losing a Johnny Depp bet.

- Nothing makes suicide more easier than a suicide kit…that an old lady is selling.

- Tekken fans, brace yourselves — the new Tekken Blood Vengeance trailer is here!

- This graph shows you that yes, getting a hair cut is stressful.

- AKB48 teases with their Kore Kara Wonderland PV preview!

- Canadians brace yourselves — the HTC Flyer tablet will soon be yours!

- Modalu’s Bristol bag gets the royal treatment of being sold out after being carried around by Pippa Middleton.

- Tina Fey and Amy Poehler get hilarious Jersey Shore-style makeovers in their appearance on The Jersey Floor.

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday…The 13th! Do you believe in superstitions? If so which ones? More »

- Uee recently showed us a picture of her boyfriend and it’s kind of depressing.

- Justin Bieber takes to Twitter to respond to CSI’s Marg Helgenberger’s ‘brat’ comment.

- Apparently vending machines aren’t just for snacks and drinks. This vending machine in Seattle vends USB drives, cables, LEDs, etc.

- Rejoice! The new chapter for Final Fantasy Legends is revealed!

- Who better than glamor girl Gwen Stefani to let us in on her beauty secrets?

- The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev makes a stop at KTLA Morning news to fill us in on her upcoming projects!

- Fullmetal Alchemist movie viewers in Japan receive a free Vol. 11.5 manga — lucky them!

- Nook Color isn’t just for books — comic books on the Nook make for a great experience!

- Fashionistas, wish Mulberry a happy 40th anniversary!

- Say hello to Woody Harrelson as The Hunger Games’ Haymitch!

-eclara gives her thoughts on the recent news of a Wonder Girls movie.

- andidee is no stranger to the PS2 — here are her favorite games!

- Who knew sand art could be so cool? Oh, that’s right — QTKats knows.

What’s one good thing that’s happened to you today? More »

-The new requirement to be part of a KPOP group is that you have to resemble a cartoon character. True story.

- Who let Rpattz’ dog out? Who let Rpattz’ dog out? Who let Rpattz’ dog out? Kristen Stewart. Here’s proof.

- This iPad case looks like it could help an iPad survive falling out of a plane.

- Tetris Tampons! (That’s all I’m going to be saying.)

- Graduation for some of you is near. Is your face ready for it?

- Vampire Diaries’ season finale is upon us. Read here to get yourself ready for it.

- Gantz: Perfect Answer breaks out of the Japanese box office with 552 million yen.

- Bridesmaids is out in theaters this weekend. Guess its Rottentomatoes score and you could win a Bridesmaids pin!

- China’s iPad lookalike, the CM9701 operates on Android. Android > Apple iOs. Just sayin.’

- Now that Wentworth Miller is all broken out of prison, he’s recently been cast in a new ABC show called Identity.

- KPOP isn’t perfect and vtasian wants to show you how it’s not perfect.

- We’re not in Kansas anymore. Well, at least not in this nail art tutorial video according to iteukiiz.

Unsexy Fact About Me: I sometimes sleep with my mouth open and it gives me sore throats. If you have any great sore throat remedies, I’d love to hear it. If you don’t, tell me something good. Or you can tell us an unsexy fact about yourself. Your call. More »

-A SHINee parody? Oh, hell no!

- Who’s a cute summer boy? You tell us.

- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a new $7 million home — take a tour of it here.

- Portal 2 fan? You’ll want to get your hands on these unofficial Portal 2 figurines.

- Just in time for the summer, FlauntMe test drives a new hair serum from GKHair.

- June is a big month for Morning Musume fans as the girls will release their 46th single.

- Following Honeycomb, the next codename for the upcoming version of Android is pretty sweet. Literally.

- Following the trend of exclusive high-end fashion members-only sites, Amazon launches

- Charlie Sheen bath salts. Are they winning?

- When it comes to KPOP math, VLeenSasta is a math whiz. Read her discussion on the MBLAQ + Beast = Mbleast formula.

- vleevkimvwoo has a solution for drab keyboard keys, and it’s pretty cute.

Anyone watch the big Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight? If not, what’s the best thing to happen to you today so far? More »

- SHINee is taking over the world! First stop, Europe!

- Only in Japan can you dine in an Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant. Drugs not served, obviously.

- Feast your eyes on the Black Hawk helicopter responsible for taking out Osama Bin Laden.

- If you were affected by the Sony PSN Outage, rest assured that the majority of the credit card information that was stolen was expired. But you should still take all the proper safety precautions.

- Slacking on Mother’s Day gift giving? Here are tips to finding the right perfume for your mom.

- When it comes to JPOP DVD sales, Ayumi Hamasaki is untouchable.

- Rumor has it that the HTC Kingdom is acctually just the HTC Evo 3D but with a different name.

- Ever wonder if you’re wearing pants or leggings? This infographic explains it all.

- Reelwire takes a look at what’s to come for the next episode of Doctor Who.

- sherrie tells you about a KPOP song that blows her mind.

- andidee is only a fan of cupcakes when they’re in ‘Smores form.

And finally, the weekend. What’s everyone got planned? More »

- If I…..U was a booooyyyyy, I think she could understaaaannnnd…. /Beyonce

- Check out Will and Kate looking so regal in their official royal wedding portrait.

- The difference between a white iPhone and a black iPhone isn’t just color.

- Easter eggs, the kind you don’t color are commonly found in videogames…but videogame trailers? If you’re a Zelda fan, you’ll want to check this out.

- Fiberwig mascaras are all the rage in Japan! FlauntMe reviews the d.j.v. Beautenizer Fiberwig LX mascara to see what the hype is about.

- If you’re a fan of Perfume (not the kind you wear), you’ll want to tune into the latest episode of Ontama.

- Droid Charge has been spotted in the wild at a Wal-Mart store — hopefully this means a cheaper Droid Charge.

- People confusing Obama and Osama happens more often than you think. Take TV reporters for example…

- hikari_midorichan wants to know: What first got you into KPOP?

- Hungry? You probably shouldn’t look at andidee’s post about red velvet sandwich cookies.

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, partying, partying, YEAH! What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Look, it’s Justin Bieber and Rain in Taiwan…just not together. Or in the same venue.

- Jordin Sparks is perfect reminder that I need to hit the gym. Hard.

- Check out the top 40 stupidest Facebook reactions to Osama Bin Laden’s death.

- Speaking of Osama Bin Laden, did you know he’s had at least 10 videogame deaths?

- If you’ve ever wondered if you were ugly, you might want to read this.

- The live action Arakawa Under The Bridge packs quite a punch with Shirota Yu, Katase Nana and Abe Natsumi as cast members.

- Forget OkCupid or, this guy actually started a Facebook ad campaign to find a girlfriend.

- The Samsung Galaxy S welcomes two more devices to it’s family! Android, ftw.

- Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly sitting at a NBA game, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…?

- SNSDLuv introduces us to the Mando-pop sensation that is Khalil Fong — he’s especially really into the new 15 album.

- wacky_tomboy took a ‘chance’ in telling us about Monopoly cake.

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I can’t wait to get my hands on tacos n’ beer. Anyone celebrating? More »

- If you look up #1 Fanboy in the JYJ Dictionary, you’ll get Yunho.

- Justin Bieber concert attendees thought it would be an eggs-cellent idea to egg Justin on stage.

- For anyone that’s every wondered what it’d be like to bathe inside an aquarium, wonder no more with this shower with a built-in aquarium.

- Whether or not you believe in videogame urban legends, these are actually true.

- Leighton Meester’s ad for Vera Wang’s Lovestruck fragrance will have you falling in love.

- If you missed out on the last two episodes of The Vampire Diaries, Swandiary has you covered.

- What’s a JPOP PV and white all over? KAT-TUN’s teaser for their White PV, duh.

- If you were wondering what happened to Motorola’s S10-HD headphones, they’re actually now DROID headphones.

- With Steve Carrell gone from The Office, here’s a montage of Michael Scott’s worst impressions.

- swtxcandi is a big fan of crepes, especially the red velvet ones!

- When it comes to Taemin and Heechul, brettchoi sees no difference.

It’s hump day! What are you most looking forward to this weekend? More »

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