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Are you currently fighting furiously for your team in KPOP Idol-Off 2: Changmin (TVXQ) vs. Key (SHINee)? Or are you working on a December Ningin Wallpaper Project submission? Either way, you’re probably having lots of fun on Ningin! This week saw the announcement of the winners of KPOP Idol-Off 2: Jaejoong (JYJ) vs. Onew (SHINee) as well as the randomn prize winners for the match - congratulations to them! Let’s also give it up for our top users of the week: More »

What a week we’ve had here at Ningin! First up, we hope everybody had a spooky but good Halloween and have kicked off the month with a great start. Here at Ningin, the start of November translates to the start of Mixr Legions November 2011, KPOP Idol-Off 2: Jaejoong (JYJ) vs. Onew (SHINee) and the opening of the Ningin Wallpaper Project - December 2011 submissions (don’t forget to check out the awesome November submissions!). Over in the winners corner are the winners of the Great F’ing Giveaway of October and some lucky winners who have sent photos of their prizes in. Last but not least, don’t forget to keep up with the 2011 Mixr Holiday Gift Guide Special! More »

Where did October go? Maybe if it rushed past for you as it did for me, you were having so much fun on Ningin that you didn’t notice! I’m sure those lucky users are having a great time with the prizes that they won. You can join by participating in Mixr Legions November 2011! There’s plenty of opportunities to bag a prize for yourself - on top of The Great F’ing Giveaway of October 2011, Tumblr Giveaways, Prize Fights and Prize Votes we’ve got prizes to tempt all the ELFs out there - Super Junior SPAO Bags and Super Junior Mr. Simple Sticker Sheets! Let’s give it up for this week’s top users: More »

Here at Ningin it’s all about the winners, from winning SMTOWN Live in NYC Tickets, to prizes from the KPOP Idol-Off 2: Changmin vs. Eunhyuk match and We Miss Heechul giveaway. Let’s also not forget team Changmin’s victory in KPOP Idol-Off 2: Changmin vs. Eunhyuk! Don’t worry, there’s always chances for you to win, just like in our Great F’ing Giveaway of October. Don’t forget to keep on submitting your entries into the November Ningin Wallpaper Project too! More »

There goes another fun-filled week at Ningin… With team Onew coming out victorious in KPOP Idol-Off 2: Onew vs. Taemin, some lucky players won some great prizes. Keep on fighting for your team in KPOP Idol-Off 2: Changmin (DBSK) vs. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)! Love SNSD? Then you may be interested in purchasing these attractive SONE t-shirts! Look out for our 2011 Halloween Special as we present you some scary treats in the run up to October 31st. Check out the super cool limited edition B1A4 pins which you can earn with RPs (here’s a note on how to earn them). Let the fun roll on! More »

Congratulations to team Key for coming out on top in the KPOP Idol-Off 2: Key (SHINee) vs. Jonghyun (SHINee) match as well as the random prize winners. I wonder who will win the KPOP Idol-Off 2: Onew (SHINee) vs. Taemin (SHINee) match going on right now? Speaking of winning, congratulations to those who won themselves cool prizes in The Great F’ing Giveaway of September 2011. Remember that the Ningin Wallpaper Project - November is no open, so get submitting! Let’s congratulate this week’s top EXP winners… More »

To celebrate the kick off of October in style, why not take a look and download some of the super cool October Ningin Wallpapers on offer? It’s all about winners again this week with user omgsun who not only won Mixr Survivor but got a whopping 5,000 Reward Points! Team Jaejoong came out victorious in the KPOP Idol-Off 2: Yoseob (Beast) vs. Jaejoong (JYJ) match and there were also some lucky players who earned some enviable prizes! Let’s also congratulate those with the top EXP this week… More »

It’s been all about the winners this week at Ningin with the announcement of the KPOP Idol-Off 2: Siwon vs. Eunhyuk Random Prize Winners as well as plenty of Ningin Prize Winner Photos to be jealous of. The prizes just keep on coming and there’s more to come with the kick off of the KPOP Idol-Off 2: Yoseob (Beast) vs. Jaejoong (JYJ) match - which team will be victorious? Don’t forget to carry on participating in the daily Mixr Survivor Challenge and enter your submission for October’s Ningin Wallpaper Project! Let’s congratulate the following EXP winners: More »

There goes another fun-filled week at Ningin! Have you been keeping up with the Mixr Survivor Challenges? There’s also new reward center prizes with the likes of U-Kiss, KARA, Sistar, Teen Top, Infinite, G.NA as well as a surprise item! As we make our way into fall and return to school, make sure you keep up with our 2011 End of the Summer Special. Last but certainly not least, there’s still plenty of time to enter your submissions for October’s Ningin Wallpaper Project. More »

What a week! As you all know, I am currently in New York covering New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 (I missed out on HoMin at Lincoln Center. Sorry, guys.) While that’s going on, we’ve recently kicked off both The Great F’ing Giveaway of September 2011 and Mixr Survivor. Check the flash games section out recently? You’ll find new flash games. Speaking of new, how gorgeous is Anabel’s October wallpaper featuring miss A’s Suzy? Lastly, another thing to note is that we’ve sold out of the U-KISS limited edition pins. Here are your top users of the week: More »

There’s quite a handful of great songs about September. The way I feel about September usually is the same way Green Day feels about September — wake me up when September ends. In terms of Ningin, I feel like it’s more Earth, Wind and Fire’s September. (If you haven’t heard it, listen to it here. Go ahead, I’ll wait.) Are you done listening? Good. Now play the song as you read about the good things that happened this week: Say goodbye to the Super Junior Super Simple Giveaway and Great F’ing Giveaway of August and hello to the Great F’ing Giveaway of September. Speaking of September, have you seen the latest batch of September wallpapers you guys made? They’re quite exquisite…like the limited edition Mr. Simple Version B pins that sold out in a flash this week. If you haven’t already, take a look at the MVPs for the August session of Mixr Legions. And while we’re at it, let’s give it up for last week’s MVPs in EXP: More »

Last weekend of Awesomegust. We hope everyone is safe from Hurricane Irene. It’s been yet another fun week here! Super Junior Super Simple Giveaways are still in full swing! Mixr Legions has recently concluded and sign-ups for Mixr Survivors is now up. We’ve also added 5 new flash games, check them out here. And now, the top users of the week: More »

Awesome-gust continues! This week we started Stage 2 of Mixr Legions and the Super Junior Super Simple Giveaway. Speaking of Super Junior, we’ve completely sold out on our Super Junior t-shirts! While we sold out, we added more KPOP prizes to our Reward Center. Let’s now give it up for the top users of the week: More »

It’s official, it’s no longer August anymore but, Awesome-gust. As in a really cool August, not a really cool gust of wind. Yet another week of putting the ‘Awesome’ in Awesome-gust! This week we announced winners for July’s Great F’ing Giveaway, then kicked off August’s Great F’ing Giveaway. Speaking of kicking off things, we also kicked off the first official season of Mixr Legions. The first stage actually ended this week, but no worries — the next stage comes soon. Team Super Simple is also happy to know that it was another super Super Junior week! We sold out on our Limited Edition Mr. Simple pins and revealed the Super Junior IQ Test scores. You might also want to take advantage of the presale for our Super Junior t-shirts — they’ll be full priced in 48 hours. If you’re not into purchasing stuff with money, you might want to check out the recently added KPOP goodies in our Reward Center. And now, your top users of the week: More »

What a super week it’s been. I’m thankful that I don’t have to read this recap to you because I’d be out of breathe a lot. Ah, how grateful I am for commas and periods! (And exclamation points.) Anyway, last week to celebrate the release of the new Super Junior album we kicked off a Super Junior Super Special 2011. Since we like to show off our ELF pride, we’ve unveiled a really cool fan-made Super Junior t-shirt that you can purchase here or get for free. You could’ve also gotten it free if you took our Super Junior IQ Test. Speaking of tests, we recently ended Mixr Survivor and while I’m at it, The Great F’ing Giveaway of July (winners soon!). If you were unfortunate enough to miss out on both, don’t worry The Great F’ing Giveaway of August and Mixr Legions is coming soon! September is coming soon and so of course, the Ningin Wallpaper Project Submissions for Sept. 2011 are now open — check out the cool Park Bom wallpaper! Speaking of Bom, we sold out on last week’s limited edition 2NE1 pins! And now, let’s give it up for the top users of the week: More »

And here we are. The very last day of July. All good things must come to an end, they say. Good things also have to begin first in order to end. What am I talking about? Well, last week we launched the Super Junior Super Special 2011 to celebrate the upcoming release of Super Junior’s 5th album! We’ll be dedicating a lot of our editorial to Super Junior this week, so be sure to check the special out. Also check out the really cool August wallpapers your fellow users created for the Ningin Wallpaper Project August 2011. Let’s give it up for our top users of the week: More »

Can you believe that this month is almost over? We’re at the last week of July now. Luckily, the fun never stops here. We recently launched our sister site GirlyBubble’s own Pixs and it is proving to be hours of cuteness. Speaking of cute, how cute are the now sold-out limited edition MBLAQ pins? You guys snapped them up within 10 minutes of availability! Time is still available to turn in wallpapers for the Ningin Wallpaper Project for August 2011 — be on the lookout for new August wallpapers soon. While I’m on the subject of art, feast your eyes on rawrdudde’s Ningin Tribute drawing! Let’s also take time out to recognize the top users of the week: More »

It’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, gotta get down on Sunday…and recap what happened this past week. Fun, fun, fun, fun! This week we announced the winners of June’s Great F’ing Giveaway, kicked off July’s Great F’ing Giveaway, reached 500K Facebook fans thanks to you and added Limited Edition 2PM pins to the Ningin Reward Center that were quickly sold out. We also concluded the Heechul vs. Yunho KPOP Idol-Off 2 match and kicked off the Kyuhyun vs. Henry KPOP Idol-Off 2 Match. Let’s also not forget our top users of the week: More »

Quite an eventful week we’ve had! Earlier we revealed the now sold-out limited edition Japanese SHINee Replay Pins, kicked off Mixr Survivor, concluded the Great F’ing Giveaway of June, added a Feature Suggestion Wall for you to tell us what’d you’d like to see here and made a few updates to Pixs. While I’m updating you about what happened last week, why not also check out pictures of the prizes that your fellow Ninginers have won? Speaking of winners, let’s give it up for the top users of the week: More »

It’s 4th of July weekend here at Ningin and we are definitely celebrating our liberty and freedom. Feel free to check out our new Reward Center additions, newly added flash games, new Fill In The Blanks blog game, July wallpapers that you guys made and blog comment likes and dislikes! We also concluded Mixr Legions Text #6 and will soon be starting Mixr Survivor. In other news, the Wonder Girls will be performing at the Mets vs. Braves game in NYC — we’re a proud media sponsor! We’re also proud of this week’s top users: More »

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