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And here we are, the last week of June. Luckily, there are more weeks to the Summer left and more fun to be had on Ningin. Speaking of fun, this week we launched a new homepage design and kicked off not one but three new giveaways: Summer of Hot Pixs, Tweet for Prizes and I ‘Heart’ Ningin Giveaways! If giveaways aren’t your thing, we added a lot of new stuff to the Reward Center and new flash games! Let’s take a look at the top users of the week: More »

If you blink, you really do miss out on a lot here. For people with serious blinking habits, we’ll break it down for you! The biggest news here is that we launched a new site feature called Pixs — in a nutshell it’s the largest database of Asian pop photos on the Internet. Just for using Pixs, we’re giving away double EXP for a limited time only — perfect for those participating in Mixr Legions. Speaking of Legions, phase 2 of Mixr Legions #6 kicked off this week and the competition is fierce! Just as fierce as it was in the recently concluded Onew vs. Kikwang KPOP Idol-Off 2 match! We’re currently in the middle of IU vs. Donghae. If you’ve missed out on signing up for this match, you can sign-up for the upcoming matches (listed below) and/or check out our newly added flash games! Everyone wins — especially these people for being the top users of the week: More »

Another week of June down, let’s look back at what happened this week. To start, we announced the winners of May’s Great F’ing Giveaway, launched June’s Great F’ing Giveaway, saw the end of the Jaejoong vs. Junsu KPOP Idol-Off 2 match, the start of the Onew vs. Kikwang match and we also kicked off Mixr Legions Test #6. And before I forget, we opened Wallpaper Project Submissions for July and added 5 new flash games — fun overload! And before we get to this week’s winners, I just want to direct your attention to our recap of SM Town Paris. Writer Vanda, had a great time! More »

Goodbye, May…Hello, June and yet another exciting week here. The fun started off this week with the ending of the Hongki vs. Eunhyuk KPOP Idol-Off 2 flash game battle, the continuation of our 2011 Summer Hot List Editorial Special and the end of May’s Great F’ing Giveaway (But check out June’s Great F’ing Giveaway too!). Let’s also not forget the new flash games we added and the brand spankin’ new June wallpapers you guys created! We also kicked off the Jaejoong vs. Junsu KPOP Idol Off-2 match. Speaking of JYJ, writer Ana Pastrana was also lucky enough to check out JYJ live in concert in San Jose — read her recap here. Let’s give it up for this week’s Weekly EXP Winners: More »

There’s a lot changing over here at Ningin with the shift towards the new user profiles - it all looks great! We have 5 new flash games and the winners of the Mixr Legions Beta Test #5 have been announced. If you’re willing to make yourself hungry head over and have a look at What Ningin Eats. Don’t forget to look out for the 2011 Summer Hot List Special where we’ll be telling you what’s hot this summer! I can’t wait for the summer, can you? More »

There’s so much going on at Ningin at the moment with The Great F’ing Giveaway of May 2011, JYJ North American Tour Tickets being offered as prizes, and the KPOP Idol-Off 2: Taeyang (Big Bang) vs. Jong Hyun (SHINee) match. There’s also lots of fun going on over at Mixr Legions - don’t forget to take part in the Legion Scavenger Hunts to win more points for your team! More »

The winners of The Great F’ing Giveaway of April 2011 have now been announced. Don’t forget to enter The Great F’ing Giveaway of May 2011 with 18 days of amazing prizes in store! Very soon, we’ll be switching over to a new profile system, so don’t forget to save any photos and private messages as they will not be carried over. Stay safe and have fun! More »

With the start of a new month comes 5 new flash games, the finish of The Great F’ing Giveaway of April 2011 (with the start of the May giveaway imminent) and the opening of the Ningin Wallpaper Project - June 2011 submissions. There’s no such thing as a dull moment over here at Ningin. More »

What a week it’s been here at Ningin! On the Mixr Legions front, we’ve got a new prize structure and the announcement of the Beta Test #4 winners as well as MVPs. As well as a new prize structure, we’ve also got private messages changes - make sure to save anything important! The Ningin Wallpaper Project - May 2011 entries are out now, so get changing your wallpapers! They received a whopping 100 RPs to spend in the Reward Center, and it is also important to read this notice regarding prizes. Over on the fun side, you can take a peek at What Ningin Eats as well as play some of the new flash games! More »

This week has seen a wave of Ningin Tributes from dania2284 (cool Ningin Henna), Jjamjjoo (a creative 3d graphic) and jptyiu22 (an awesome sketch depicting how Ningin is growing up). Our flash games are growing again and make sure to take part in the Legion Scavenger Hunts for even more fun that’s Mixr Legions-related. Happy Easter everybody - are you enjoying your eggs? More »

Along with the introduction of 5 new flash games this week, we’ve had new Reward Center prizes in the form of Dalmatian, Beast, DBSK, F.Cuz, ZE:A, CN Blue, Paradise Ranch. Be prepared to become hungry after viewing the submissions for What Ningin Eats (note: do not view unless you want to make yourself hungry!) User lytoe has submitted a creative Ningin Tribute Wordsearch - I would never have been able to think of something different like that! Have a great week all! More »

There goes another busy week at Ningin! We’ve had 5 new flash games (again!). The winners of The Great F’ing Giveaway of March 2011 have been announced this week, along with the start of the Legion Scavenger Hunt and the opening of The Ningin Wallpaper Project - May 2011. Don’t forget that the Mixr Legions Test #4 has now also begun, so get battling! More »

This week marks the start of the first week in April - can you believe we’re heading into about a quarter of the year already?! Kicking off April is the launch of the Support Ticket System where if you have a question that needs answering and you cannot find it in our guides or FAQ, other users can help you out. We’ve had creative Ningin Tributes from iteukiiz and babybluebonny, submissions for What Ningin Eats (all of which made me very hungry) and the addition of 5 new Flash Games. Don’t forget that the April 2011 edition of the Ningin Wallpaper Project is now out, so get changing your wallpaer to your favourite one! More »

We’re in the final week of March - can you believe that the third month of 2011 has slipped by already? This week, we’ve added 5 new flash games, had prize winner photos, Ningin Tributes from ivywxy and wthahalolz, launched What Ningin Eats and had a taster of the 81 items KPOP Idol-Off 2 prize list. Phew, what a week!! More »

The situation in Japan continues and everybody is holding the country in their thoughts. If you want to take help a step further, reach into your pockets and donate - you’ll also get a free Ningin t-shirt. Over here at Ningin this week, we’ve seen the new KPOP Idol-Off 2 Bracket, the launch of five new flash games and jptyiu22’s Ningin Tribute. An exciting development over at Wirebot occured this week too with the launch of Wirebot Voices. Have fun and stay safe all! More »

This week, may our thoughts and prayers be with the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We’re all hoping that the country stays strong at this difficult time. Here, Mixr Legions Test #3 has begun and we’ve got more winner photos from a lucky bunch and there are even more giveaways on their way, so you might be showcasing your winner photo soon! Once again, 5 new flash games have been added to the already massive collection. The April edition of The Ningin Wallpaper Project is now open for submissions! Another way to win prizes is through Ningin Tributes which Hirin, doctorwho and SarangAnnyeo have submitted. Get your work in this month for RPs to spend in the Reward Center! It’s also been quite a week over at GirlyBubble with the introduction of the GirlyBubble Reward Center as well as the start of The Super Cute Boys 39 Days of Giveaways. I wonder what exciting happenings will occur next week… More »

The Super Junior 13 Days of Giveaways ended this week and there were a whole host of lucky winners - enjoy your prizes lucky people! Next week will see the revealing of the Super Cute Boys Giveaway (where there’ll be three times more prizes than the Super Junior 13 Days of Giveaways! There’s also a sneak preview of KPOP Idol Off 2 . After voting in Prize Votes, the results are that we’ll be giving away a MBLAQ BLAQ Style 3D Repackaged Album and a Super Junior-M Perfection Album. Let’s make this month even more amazing than the last! More »

February might be the shortest month of them all, but what a month it’s been here at Ningin! This week saw the launch of our Ningin Veterans vs. Ningin Rookies Match, 5 new Flash games, the movement to a new host because we’ve grown so big as a site, shining new Reward Center prizes in the form of Kahi, Super Junior M, Dream High and MBLAQ, the continuation of our Super Junior 13 Days of Giveaways, and the release of the amazing March submissions for the Ningin Wallpaper Project (for which April submissions will be open for very soon)! Remember that you can still earn points even after you’ve claimed your prize too! Phew, what a week. Stay safe and have fun Ninginers! More »

Don’t forget that there’s still time to earn 50 points to spend in the Reward Center should you submit a submission towards the Ningin Wallpaper Project. Speaking of the Reward Center, there’s even more new prizes! Should you be wondering why your Voices posts continually get rejected, refer here to find out how to avoid that and when you hit lucky when you win a prize, don’t forget the procedures you should take to get the goodies on your doorstep. If you’re new to Ningin, welcome, and remember to read our Ningin Glossary to get familiar with the terms we use so that you can get the most out of Ningin. More »

Valentine’s Day is now only one sleep away! In order to celebrate this at Mixr Media, we’re having a 2011 Valentine’s Day Special where we’ll be presenting you all with things do with love and romance - enjoy the schedule! The Mixr Legions Beta Test 2 is now up and running with new Territories as well as more new features - keep battling for your ice cream-flavoured team for the chance to win Reward Points to spend in the Reward Center- of which there have been additions to and where you can also suggest what you would like! Don’t forget to vote for what you want in the next F’ing Giveaway Poll and speaking of Facebook, since you managed to help us reach double the number of likes on our Ningin Facebook page, the Super Junior 13 Days of Giveaways will indeed be running! Since we’re currently nearly at 40,000 likes, we’ll also be doing a second promo since the amount of likes has increased by such as phenomenal amount even before the very first promo! Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow all! More »

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