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The Last Airbender teaser for the Super Bowl is out and it looks surprisingly awesome! You get a taste of each bending style (Earth, Fire, Air, Water). My doubts about the movie have gone down a notch. Hopefully this isn’t one of those trailers where they show all the good stuff and when you watch the actual movie there’s nothing left to enjoy. Let’s hope M. Night Shyamalan directs this right! More »

The holidays have come and gone and now it is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. If you can recall in November, we launched a Mixr Holiday Rewards giveaway of an Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and game controllers in promotion of our Facebook Connect feature. Facebook connect enables you to login to Mixr sites via Facebook. And boy did you people Facebook-it-up! The giveaway has recently ended and now we’d like to announce the lucky winners! More »

There isn’t much truth in saying that December is part of the most wonderful time of the year. It’s always the most wonderful time of the year here! Although for this month, there’s a lot to be specific about when it comes to calling things wonderful. For starters we launched two sites; beauty site and dating site We also had a ton of stuff under the Christmas tree for you like the Asian Beauty Tribute, The Things Ninginers Would do for Love, The 12 Days of Christmas and the End of the Year Special. Let us also not forget to mention the new games site, FT Island albums + posters, 2PM albums + posters, Red Cliff posters, Ninja Assassin posters and Mixr Rewards’ Xbox 360 and Wii giveaways. More »

I know many of you are excited about Final Fantasy XIII. What better way to wait for your copy than squandering away cash on delightful official FFXIII merchandise?

Here are 10 items I’ve selected for your appraise (in no particular order). Click thumbnails to see them better. More »

From Wirebot:

Popcorn and the movies. Television without commercials. Yoo-Hoo and a glazed donut. Some things in life are just perfect for each other. Video games and music are one of those things. While gamers are unable to control the requirement to earn that last gold trophy/achievement, they are able to control what pumps through their speakers while doing so with custom in-game soundtracks. To help change up that stale rotation of old-time favorites, the Wirebot bloggers will be providing a suggested playlist every Friday. Our recommendations this week include songs from: Dance Gavin Dance, All That Remains, Team Teamwork and a few others. More »

From Wirebot:

Chocobo’s are so freaking awesome, and instead of spending Microsoft points on something like a monkey, a cat, a dog, or a snake, all you have to do is register your Gamertag and you’ll receive your download token for your very own Chocobo via E-mail during the holiday season! More »

The release of John Woo’s Red Cliff has passed and so the Red Cliff poster giveaway closes. Just as Red Cliff is an epic film about the Battle of Red Cliffs, the battle for a Red Cliff poster was something to not overlook. In the end, we could only have one victorious winner. More »

It’s true, Christmas did arrive earlier than usual this year with the Mixr Holiday Rewards giveaway of the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Recently, we’ve decided that the early arrival of Christmas just isn’t enough for our beloved users. In light of that decision, Mixr is officially extending the Mixr Holiday Rewards deadline to Dec. 31. That’s right, you now have more time to enter to win a Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360! More »

It’s safe to say that November, aka Ninja Month, was the most awesome month for Ningin yet. We had 4 specials - Ninja Thanksgiving, Japan-a-thon, Vampire Special, and Gaming Special. We had 4 site launches, Wirebot for gaming, Swandiary for Vampire entertainment, Rekuru for Japanese Entertainment, and most recently, FlauntMe for Beauty. We had some big interviews - Rain, Boom Boom Satellites, and Takeshi Kaneshiro. And course, tons of giveaways, SS501 album+poster, 4minute album+poster, Red Cliff Movie posters, Ninja Assassin Gear, and Xbox + Wii game sytems. There’s also about a dozen Ninja Assassin movie posters sitting here that needs to be given out…later though too many contests running right now! I’m sure I’m forgetting more stuff. But isn’t that kinda a lot?? I hope you guys enjoyed everything! Not sure if we can continue at this pace forever, but there’s still a lot more stuff on the way! More »

What a week here on Ningin! It started with the Ninja Thanksgiving Special that we did with those ninja-holics on Wirebot and Rekuru. I had no idea we were gonna crank out so many ninja related posts — it was ninja-epic. Make sure to check all of it out if you haven’t! On Tuesday, I got to see Boom Boom Satellites in concert and it was awesome to say the least! On Wednesday, Ninja Assassin came out in theaters and Boom Boom Satellites came down to the Ningin office to hang out with us. It’s not everyday we have rock stars in our office, but it does seem to be more common now. The interview with BBS is schedule for tomorrow so be sure to check that out. We also got a few autographed stuff from them, so look out for that too. Then of course you have the Thanksgiving weekend where I ate till I passed out and had lots of catch-up sleep. What did you guys do for the holiday weekend? More »

By now most of you know that we’ve giving out game systems to random users. That’s not the only contest going on either. We have Ninja Assassin Gear, Justin Chon autographs on SwanDiary, Swarovski iPhone faceplate on Girlybubble, and ESPN Magazine subscriptions on BlitzNation. If you think that’s a lot, it’s just the beginning! Soon, there will be some sort of regular prize for all our sites like Xbox/PSN point cards on Wirebot, bobblehead dolls on BlitzNation, and so on. If you’re in the city of Rhode Island (why call it a state?) Wirebot is hosting a Guitar Hero 3 Tournament and giving out $100 in Amazon gift certificates. Btw, have you checked out our new Ningin-spin off site for Japanese entertainment, Jinra and the Ningin bloggers are hosting a Japan-a-thon special in honor of its launch. Wirebot is going Japanese too. It’s fun when sister sites work together! Expect a lot more of that going forward. Last but not least, we have a cool interview with Takeshi Kaneshiro who’s starring in the new Red Cliff movie out right now. Speaking of movies, I hear Ninja Assassin is coming out this Wednesday. It’s in your best interest to check that out. More »

(Part III) The closer we get to the release date of Final Fantasy XIII, the more exciting hype comes our way! I hope you all liked my series so far, that summarizes all the new and up to date news about this awesome RPG, as I’m continuing on with a 3rd entry here. More »

This has been a tremendous year for Ningin and the parent company Mixr Media in general. We’re less than two years old and we’ve grown so much, in so many different ways. It’s all because of such wonderful, loyal readers like you. For that, the staff and I really want to show you our appreciation by doing our biggest giveaways yet, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 game consoles! More »

Both the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii have come down in price to an affordable $200; if you’ve always wanted a new console but couldn’t afford it (or simply couldn’t justify the expense), now is a great time to buy- but which one is right for you? More »

Just because the Ningin Halloween Special has ended, doesn’t mean the fun here ends. Today, we’re pleased to announce the official launch of our sister gaming site, Wirebot. To celebrate the official launch, this week marks the Ningin Gaming Special! Tune in everyday this week for a blogpost dedicated to the world of gaming:

Mon., 11/02: Top 5 most popular video game characters

Tues., 11/03: If I were a game character, I’d want to be…

Weds., 11/04: Xbox 360 vs. Nintendo Wii

Thurs., 11/05: Top 5 Videogame franchises Why do we need to play games?

Friday., 11/06: LAN Parties

From Wirebot: The popular online game by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XI, will now be released with all seven expansion packs and add-on scenarios. Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection will be released on November 12 for PC and Xbox 360 for just $20. After the free 30-day trial, it will cost $13/month. More »

Yeah it’s true. Grand Theft Auto IV expansion, The Ballad of Gay Tony has an anime. And I’m not talking about an adaptation of the video game. It’s more like you control your character to watch an anime that is actually inside the game. More »

From Wirebot: Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man who created Final Fantasy, has hinted that his Mistwalker studio has nearly completed a new game. Sakaguchi resigned from Square Enix and founded Mistwalker in 2004. One of the games developed by Mistwalker is the 2007 Xbox 360 title, Lost Odyssey. This new game is yet to be confirmed. More »

How many of you guys like video games? I’ve been thinking about video games a lot recently since we’re gonna be launching a video game website, Wirebot, soon. And you know what’s the first promo we’re gonna do when that video game website launches? Well, we been giving out posters, albums, and games. So the next escalation would be game systems! I can’t give an exact date of launch, but it’s sometime soon…very soon. More »

From Ziggytek:

Square Enix company head, Yoichi Wada believes that both Sony and Microsoft are not as successful as the Wii since both game systems extend their features at a reasonable pace instead of going all out on one device. Wada also believes both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 have similar games and could get up to the level of the Wii if they produce more interesting and interactive games, although motion control games are very hard to design. More »

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