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The Japan Society really has outdone themselves with their latest exhibit “KRAZY!”. At first I was sure this was just going to be a one room gallery of animation cells, but “KRAZY!” is so much more.

They have several rooms dedicated to different facets of exported Japanese media such as manga, anime, and video games. One cool aspect of the exhibit is that it’s interactive and rooms are set up to influence the senses. More »

So you’re an hardcore Anime fan… you collect the shows freshly from fansubbers anyway you can. You go out of your way to set your dvdr and tape your favorites, that are released in English dub. Oh! but whats this catchy J-pop song or J-rock song that you find yourself singing uncontrollably. You don’t understand the Japanese words but search for romanjithe lyrics anyway, than on top of that you’ll try your best karaoke pronunciation as perfectly as possible. You find yourself doing this more than once and now you ipod is mostly artists like Koda Kumi, Orange Range, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Tommy Heavenly6, L’arc~en~Ceil and Ayumi Hamasaki. Well! Congratulations you are now officially part of the theme song phenomenon. Don’t worry you are not alone, there are countless others that are just like you and use Animeas a likes to find new music. Just think the whole country of Japan has these infectious Anime themes as beloved radio tunes that top the charts. These opening and ending credit companions have reached the number one spot countless times. Even Europe has taken these Anime themes and have remixed them techno style and rerecorded them in thier own languages. If you ever go to France, Germany, Italy or Spain you will see what I mean. More »

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