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Valentine’s Day is here, and while you spend the beautiful day with your loved one or your kpop bias through the computer, we can never miss out on the idol couples that we just adore and love. More »

BEAST is currently in Paris for the KBS’s Music Bank in Paris and it looks like Yoseob is having some fun as he has tweeted a picture of “Cowboy Seob”. More »

Looks like someone is yearning for Lunar New Year to come back as BEAST’s Yoseob posted a picture of himself as a baby munching on some ricecakes. More »

BEAST will be kicking off their concert tour, Beautiful Show, in Seoul this weekend and they have prepared some special and memorable surprises for fans. More »

With their concert tour, Beautiful Show, to begin this coming weekend, it’s no surprise that BEAST has been practicing non-stop to ensure that they give fans a delightful and fantastic show. However, it looks like the non-stop practice and hard work has begun to take its toll. More »

BEAST’s Yoseob is known as his group’s resident cutie for his adorable and cute looks, but Yoseob looks to make you fall head over heels for him once more with his childhood picture. More »

BEAST’s Yoseob is known for his fun and playful manner and this time, he has uploaded quite the fun picture for fans. More »

For BEAST, I guess there’s no better way to start off the weekend than with a cooking showdown. Yoseob was quite amused and posted a few pictures of Doojoon and Dongwoon washing ingredients for their food. More »

BEAST’s Yoseob has given fans a present they will surely love through the form of a photo. On January 13, Yoseob shared the above photo via his Twitter page and wrote, β€œEat my kisses once, twice, and keep on eating.” More »

BEAST’s cutie, Yoseob, celebrated his 23rd birthday in Korea on January 5th and when midnight struck, he adorably wished himself a Happy Birthday. More »

During the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun, fans and viewers alike were treated to a cute and special duet performance from BEAST’s Yoseob and IU, but what do you know? Looks like one cutie was nervous performing with the other cutie. More »

Just last week, Cube Entertainment announced that BEAST would be holding their first World Tour, Beautiful Show, and after seeing the first teaser for the Seoul stops, Yoseob narrates once more for a new teaser. More »

On December 30th, idol group BEAST brought back a trophy for the ‘Song of the Year’ at the ‘2011 KBS Music Festival‘. The members, including their manager could not help but to express their joy and gratitude towards the fans through Twitter. More »

Earlier, Cube Entertainment announced that BEAST would be going on a world tour, Beautiful Show, and following in the heels of that announcement is Yoseob’s for the Seoul concert dates of February 4th and 5th. More »

BEAST recently recorded a special stage for this week’s Music Bank and Kikwang decided to share a picture of his ‘babies’ sleeping. More »

And just like that, 2011 is slowly coming to an end! This year has no doubt been a fantastic year for KPOP. The amount of songs released was never-ending and the spread of the Hallyu wave also strengthened. 2011 was also a year of many great collaborations. So let’s see who were the best of the best! More »

Today’s GIF of the Day features BEAST’s Yoseob slipping on a pair of shades with cool motions. The macro suggests that he’s giving someone some attitude. Well, that’s one way to interpret him simply putting on sunglasses. Looks pretty nice there though! More »

BEAST’s resident cutie, Yoseob, has been chosen as the idol that you (aka, the fans) want to hug this winter! More »

As the exhibit date for the β€œ9th Letters to Angels” campaign for domestic adoption draws closer, more and more have been showing interest in the project due to the participation of several of Korea’s top celebrities. More »

Mushroom cut, bowl cut and pot haircut, what do you understand from these? A normal person would imagine something like this: A hair cut where a bowl is placed on top of one’s head before the hair is cut, along the bowl that is. Well basically, the hairstyle itself looks like a bowl/mushroom, comprendo? Little Yoogeun Moogeun here should give you a picture of what mushroom hair looks like. More »

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