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Nigahiga’s new video “BEST DANCE CREW” featuring Quest Crew’s Victor Kim is hilarious as are all his videos. Now see I am a big fan of his, I can’t even count the number of times my friends and I watched his “How to be..” videos. I’m afraid that it is a lot — so many it could be considered stalking. . . Not really. Anyway, in this new video, he shows us various dance moves that he’ll teach us. My favorite has the be the “worm on dry land.” Victor Kim’s cameo in it was amazing. That last move he does makes me hurt just watching it. More »

Japanese game shows are some of the craziest and dumbest in the world, but they are the most hilarious. In this particular clip, people have to run on a treadmill and jump over hurdles to avoid being thrown into a pit of flour. Sound easy? Not really, but that’s the whole point of the game. So sit back and laugh your booty off! More »

To be truthful, I had never heard of Polysics before until I read somewhere that one of their members was leaving although right now I can’t remember who. I don’t really know a whole lot about this Japanese group except that they are techno-y. Although this song “Catch on Everywhere” has these weird chipmunk voices, I really like this song. It might have to do with this song being super catchy!!! I also kind of think the voices are cute!!! More »

Dia is a 19 year old newcomer on the Kpop scene. She has really been compared to Park Bom of 2NE1 because of her looks and her singing abilities. I do agree that they look alike a little bit. Dia’s voice is amazing for only being 19 though. Dia hasn’t been getting much love lately. One thing I don’t like about Kpop is that the greatest singers can end up being unappreciated. Anyway, check out Dia’s awesome music video, and show her some love! More »

Jinra sent me Jeff and Erin’s EPIC Wedding Trailer video of this couple’s amazing wedding save the date a couple of days ago, and then it was unfortunately set to private before I could feature it. They recently decided that it had already been spread, so they gave up trying to hide it. It was a good thing they did! I have to say that this is the single most awesome thing ever! This couple is so adorable, and I loved it! I can’t even describe it. Check it out!!!!!!!! More »

The Lotte Fits commercial featuring Takeru Sato is one of my favorite commercials out of Japan. To be truthful, I wasn’t quite sure what they were selling at first because the dance and music was too catchy. I hate to say that I actually learned this dance. I know, I know. I’m sad, but it is just too amazing. To conclude, I love Takeru Sato. Just saying. More »

There has been a lot of posts about Sam Tsui’s Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson medleys. Him and his friend Kurt Schneider do it again. They took my favorite song, Jay Sean’s “Down,” and made an acoustic version. I’m pretty sure I about died. No joke. More »

From Girlybubble: When parents upload videos of their children online, sometimes it is cute, while other times it is not. In those cases where it is not cute, a child looks lost and awkward while obviously being directed by his parents off camera. But those other times when it is cute, the child is a ham for the camera and comes off with a certain charm about him. The five year old Japanese boy with a ukulele falls under the category of the latter. His videos have been making their rounds on the internet since late last year, and he has garnered a small cult following. That is not surprising find out. Whenever I watch his videos, I have a huge smile on my face. More »

The Wonder Girls are always interacting with their fans, whether it be with MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter. This time around, the Wonder Girls are wishing all their fans a happy and healthy new year. More »

From Htcyou: What happens when a really well made and superior product is released, and no one buys it? Based on the number of unboxing videos for the Nexus One, I assume that every unit sold has had its unboxing recorded and then uploaded to YouTube. From Patrick Boivin comes the most wicked and creative unboxing of any smartphone. My only question is, what took him so long? More »

Sam Tsui, the same man who brought you last year’s sensational Michael Jackson medley Youtube video, is back in action with an amazing acoustic Lady Gaga medley that’s currently 1+ million hits strong. I like to say that anyone who pays homage to Lady Gaga is good in my book, but I’m not sure if I can say that much about Sam Tsui. He takes good to a whole other level! More »

The trailer is now available on the main website here. Now you don’t have to put up with the crappy camera versions previously available on Youtube. And it looks even more delicious now, but it’s studio Deen. I’m sure they’ll find some way to screw it up. If they don’t then it’ll be a pleasant surprise. I still want to watch it no matter what though, even if everyone says it’s terrible. If you watched the F/SN anime and remember episode 14, you’ll know what I’m looking forward to seeing.

Yes, you read right. Time Magazine likes this interesting, Asian movie more than New Moon. Although New Moon earned half a billion dollars, Time Magazine still believed that this Asian movie called Thirst had a better plot and the main character’s acting of emotional changes was just great! More »

What I absolutely love about the world we live in today is the fact that I no longer have to leave the comfort of my own home for beauty advice. Had this been the world I lived in when I was going to prom, I would’ve had better prom pictures to show people. Embarrassing life moments aside, I now owe it all to the Top 5 Asian Youtube Beauty Gurus for making life a lot easier. After all, I wasn’t born looking this good. Sorry guys. More »

Need to kill some time? Here are seven of the funniest ninja-related videos I could find on YouTube. More »

Lately, we’ve been reflecting a lot on the things in life that are most dear to us. Things in life we are most thankful for and things we genuinely appreciate. Given that it’s Thanksgiving week and it is still indeed, Ninja Month, we’ve all come to the conclusion that all of us at Ningin, Rekuru and Wirebot are thankful for the same thing: Ninjas. Believe it or not, ninjas happen to be our driving force in life. Key figures we look up to, even! We’re also very thankful for you. To express our gratitude, I present to you the Ninja Thanksgiving Special. More »

From Girlybubble: Before you read on, there are just a few things you have to do to prepare for yourself. 1) Make sure you’re sitting down. 2) Stop operating any heavy machinery while you’re at it. 3) Give yourself plenty of room to have a few cute-splosions to yourself. There’s a reason why you need to be prepared and it’s because these Hello Kitty Youtube videos are too cute to handle! More »

From Girlybubble: Could this month go by without legitimately paying e-homage to our Queen of Cute’s 35th anniversary? Absolutely not! In honor of Hello Kitty turning 35 this month, GirlyBubble’s got a great week of Hello Kitty blog posts scheduled. More »

Want to kill some time online? Geeks like me who favor MMORPGs will appreciate the comedy web series “The Guild,” which follows the on and offline lives of six gamers who play together as a guild. The ongoing story is narrated by the female lead, Syd, in-game name “Codex.” Season one opens with Codex being “dumped” by her therapist for refusing to kick her gaming habit, immediately followed by her guildmate Zaboo appearing on her doorstep to profess his undying- and unwanted- love. More »

Tomorrow, Youtube sensation KevJumba and and Kaba Modern are scheduled to perform live to launch the “B Here” campaign in Irvine, Calif. B Here is a campaign designed to raise awareness of hepatitis B, a life-threatening liver disease that affects up to 2 million people in the United States – many of whom are Asian Americans. More »

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