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Wonder Girls’ introductions were not that fun. If you were happy with the Wonder Girls’ English intros and interviews, this will make you happier. The girls just released videos on how to achieve the Wonder Girls’ look. More »

Let it be known, I am a sucker for a man in a suit. GQ’s September issue featuring John Cho modeling suits has got me all kinds of confused — I don’t know if I’m a sucker for John Cho because he’s John Cho or if it’s because he’s John Cho wearing a suit. Can you imagine the dilemma I am in? Life would be just so much easier, simpler and happier if he was just naked. Am I right or am I right, ladies and/or gentlemen? More »

By no means is Ryan Higa a professional comedian. In fact, he’s just an average teen from Hawaii. Somehow he’s managed to rack up Youtube fame as a comedian based on his random videos averaging out to a million hits per video with over a million subscribers. Jessica Alba’s a fan. They were seen shopping together not long ago. More »

I’m not necessarily a fan of Dane Cook but I am a big fan of him putting VaneXXXa Hudgens on blast at yesterday’s Teen Choice Awards. Sadly, Fox made the decision of cutting out his VaneXXXa nude picture comments. The comedian revealed to that he won’t apologize for his comments, but he’ll definitely “take the hit” for any criticism he receives. Dane Cook, I got nothing but praise for you. Nothing but praise. Here’s Dane Cook saying exactly what is on our minds: More »

For reasons unknown, Charice uploaded then deleted her acoustic cover of Miley Cyrus‘ “The Climb” on her official Youtube channel last week. More »

Just in from Yoobins twitter: (July 15)WGyubinOMG!! wonder girls #1 most viewed musician on youtube today!!!! :) ahhhhhhhhhh~~~~~ More »

All your bases belongs to SNSD. Just hand it over, it’s theirs anyway. SNSD has been red hot recently but still number 1 across all charts and categories. That has changed; SNSD has completely taken over. Every single chart: TV, radio, magazine, mp3 sales, album sales, broadcasts, online, ringtones, billboard - you name it, SNSD owns it. More »

SNSD is officially off the Richter scale. There is far too much going on for these hot vixens to even comprehend. SNSD was second only to Michael Jackson on Youtube views at one point, and on another day having the most views. To summarize, So Nyeo Shi Dae is a force to be reckoned with. More »

Aside from giving me gas, I can agree that dumplings are pretty good. Are they good enough to risk a bitch-fit from your older sister? Probably not. Unless you decide to cleverly steal them for the purpose of capturing your sister’s bitch fit on hidden camera. That is exactly what this person did: More »

In a TV Patrol interview yesterday, Charice Pempengco revealed that she was formerly scheduled to perform alongside the late Michael Jackson in a duet/dance-off to “Billie Jean” for this year’s comeback tour. Like all of us, the King of Pop was first introduced to Charice via Youtube –last year’s Oprah performance in particular, followed by a Youtube video of her rendition of “Billie Jean.” More »

We like to talk about 2009 like it is the YEAR for Asian cross overs. In the case of Charice Pempengco, you can’t really say that she crossed over. She was here before she crossed over, all thanks to Youtube. It was announced this week that 16 year old Charice Pempengco has accomplished crossing over by being signed to major record label, Warner Brothers Records. More »

Youtube has done the amazing and brought several musicians together over the web. Launched on Dec. 1, 2008, this is the first ever online collaborative orchestra.

Auditions were held until January 28, 2009 where entries were asked to play “Internet Symphny No. 1 ‘Erotica’” by Tan Dun, a world renown Chinese composer famous for his scores for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero. Finalists were voted for by the Youtube Community from February 14 – 22 and announced March 2. More »

2PM has been dubbed “most viewed musicians channel” on Youtube this week with 123,610 views worldwide. Looks someone has been making a scene in the video streaming world. Could it be due to their latest teaser video? Of course! More »

Youtube is the root of all fame, or so we would like to believe. For this user, Pumashock aka Natatlie White, Youtube has turned her into an overnight kpop celebrity.

Joining the SNSD – Gee craze, Pumashock became widely famous for her rendition of the hit song. It features a completely different melody and is all in Korean. What’s not to like? This of course shot her to the top leading to SNSD actually watching her Youtube video and like all famous international kpop fans, she eventually appeared on Star King to perform.

I can only wonder what’s next for her. Music deal ju say yo? More »

Wonder Girls just finished their Myspace page. We know this because Ningin just finished designing it for them. It’s not something we normally do, nor do we especially like doing Myspace layouts in general. But JYP asked and we just couldn’t say no. So if you have a Myspace account, go friend them!

Please don’t ask us to do your Myspace page for you. Like I said, this is not what we do on a normal basis. More »

After much YouTubing, we are getting very close to choosing our top 10. We still have some prepping and a final round of deliberation before we can release the top 10. In the meantime, I thought you’ll be interested in some notes I have from the contest. More »

Just short of three months after the release of “So Hot,” the Wonder Girls already proved themselves to be a merciless force when it comes to creating addictive new songs. Just as “Tell Me” and “So Hot” had done, “Nobody” made everyone go crazy. From the Wonder Babies, Norazo, Sakurai Sho of ARASHI and even robots. And as most know, this single was milked for all it’s worth—see the many, many, manymany remixes. More »

Everyone knows about the Wonder Girls dance videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites. There must be thousands of them on the interweb… Well, does everyone know that the Wonder Girls have been following this craze? In fact, they love these videos so much that they want to make an official Wonder Girls Dance Video Contest, and they asked Ningin to organize it! More »

Gotcha! Usher and Arashi are not actually working together at the moment; for now, any collaboration with an American artist is unknown.  See, fans in the U.S. know not to hold their breath in hopes that one day they will be blessed with a real live concert appearance from a Johnny’s & Associates boy band.  So, those of us non-Asia based fans take to the Internet in search of anything Arashi, News, Smap, or KatTun. I know I missed naming most of the bands, but with so many Johnny’s groups and duos, it is hard to list them all. While these cutie pie musical icons are loved from afar, some of the creative fans take time to make diverse fanart. Check out this Arashi animated gif. Isn’t it adorable? This is one of the many ways these dedicated devotees share their love, like making avatars, email signatures, and music videos. Fan videos are all over the net and ones like this feature a series of clips of the Japanese idols set to the song “Yeah” by Usher. More »

Last Tuesday, I got the chance to catch up with Quest Crew after the live taping of episode two. If goes without saying that all the members of Quest Crew are extremely talented individuals, but after speaking with them, I can safely add a few things more to the list: hilarious, friendly, humble, fun-loving, down to earth, determined, adorably boyish—okay, I’ll stop there… More »

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