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- More cute on the way in this second installment of male idols and their irresistible “bbuing bbuing” aegyo.

- 1D fans may be heartbroken to see the latest shots of Harry Styles smooching a model.

- A roundup of some super lovable Disney and Pixar characters - did you favorite make it?

- Learn all about Selena Gomez’s new hair that will have you wanting a sleek and voluminous look as well.

- It’s all about the mustache in today’s iSkin of the Day!

- The new HTC J is all set to officially launch in Japan this coming summer.

- See what they’re saying about the place you reside in on this United States of Stereotypes map.

- Pick up a few beta tips in the newest Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailers that are definitely upping anticipation for the release.

- Now you’ll be able to shop in the style of Kinoshita Yukina with the debut of her very own fashion brand, “Avan Lily.”

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- Who knew that there were so many different types of eyes on SHINee’s Taemin - and they don’t all view him the same way.

- Perk up your wardrobe with any of the pieces from Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960’s chic and fun new Fall/Winter 2012 lookbook.

- Selena Gomez gives the green light on Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift’s upcoming collaboration.

- Come check out “The Lights” with its dreamy scenery and our first iSkin of the Day!

- Ubisoft is getting sued over the story of Assassin’s Creed - ouch.

- Admit it, you’ll totally committed one of these actions before to earn yourself an awkward merit badge.

- Keep yourself and your finances in check with My Budget Book, featured for today’s App of the Day.

- NewS fans will enjoy this trip down memory lane with the guys and some of their best songs.

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- Gathering the shorties and the tall…ies, where does your favorite SM artist fall in this height ranking chart?

- Looking for a new lipstick that won’t dry out on your lips? Check out Sandy’s review of the Baby Balm Lipstick in Fresh Carnal by Vincent Longo to see if it halts your search.

- One Direction? Koalas? How could it be anything other than cute?

- T-Mobile gives pink Carly a makeover to match their new game plan involving the HTC One S.

- Kendall Jenner is sporting a bikini for her latest photoshoot by FLAVOR Magazine.

- New details on Crysis 3’s upcoming special edition has just been released.

- It seems like only a guy would come up with a contraption like this to produce music while they…pee.

- These neon flip flop flash drives are definitely ready for Summer, featured in today’s Unique USB.

- Conveniently waterproof mini posters of K-ON! and Yuruyuri are on the way for anyone that wants to spruce up water-dangerous rooms.

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- With smiles and personalities like sunshine, how could you pick only one of these cute kid idols.

- Do double duty with these lip balms that will keep your lips nourished with a touch of color.

- Ever wonder what this year’s hottest Spring trends look like…on a cat? Wonder no more!

- Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be returning as a modern movie with a few interesting changes already revealed…

- Beyoncé’s open letter directly praises Michelle Obama for all she’s done.

- Love for Call of Duty seems to be declining, especially in sales.

- Here’s one birthday cake that everyone can probably relate to when that special day rolls around.

- Piano players of all skills will enjoy Steinway Etude for its convenience and library of music.

- Looks like we won’t be seeing Akanishi Jin on the upcoming remake of GTO who was rumored to be the lead.

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- The idol world is very competitive, especially on body images - but someone should really feed these 10 overly-skinny idols some KFC.

- Jinra’s review for Etude House’s 2NE1 Follow Me Lip Tint in Pink Follower will have you “following” right along to pick it up yourself - so pretty!

- The first trailer for Pokemon Black & White 2 is finally out!

- Emma Watson shows off a completely new look that is definitely more skimpy than fans are used to…

- Bringing so much cute, the Ridiculously Photogenic Puppy has as much charisma and charm as his human counterpart.

- Rock your Missoni love on these new collaborative Chucks that are certainly eye-catching.

- New tablets from Samsung, the Espresso 10 and 7, will be deliciously arriving in June.

- The Hunger Games takes it again as this week’s number one in The Weekend Box Office Report.

- Have today’s Unique USB sit on your desk as a very handy USB Hub in the shape of a cute pink mouse.

- A bundle of joy is on the way for Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa - congrats!

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- Male idols and aegyo is generally a rare occasion, making this roundup of 11 of them attempting the hand-clenchingly cute “bbuing bbuing” even more click-worthy.

- Carly Rae Jepsen is set to start a new collaboration with BCBG for a collection of hats!

- Love is in the air for Kanye West, who recently shared that Kim Kardashian is “his Beyoncé.

- Catch up on what you missed out on NCIS, returning this week with a new episode entitled: “The Missionary Position

- An unexpected new skincare line was interestingly created by…Carmelite monks?

- The Toshiba Excite 10 tablet makes its way to the FCC.

- That’s one way to troll the reaping for The Hunger Games

- Fans will have to wait until April 16th for the official announcement and reveal of Crysis 3.

- A kawaii doll bride is awaiting your…files as today’s Unique USB.

- S/mileage finally drops their MV for “Dot Bikini” that is perfect for any summer playlist.

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- Unleash your “awws” going through these 10 adorably cute Hello Baby moments.

- A review on the new Missha M Luminous Color Lip Rouge that you may want to check out before picking up.

- Find out something you never knew about Josh Hutcherson.

- Android users need not worry, since Cinemagram developers are already working on this currently iOS-only app.

- Sneak a peek at this cool graphic merging everyone’s favorite school and animation company.

- It seems like Miley Cyrus will be reaching for a two piece as her outfit of choice whenever possible.

- Who knew we only needed Google Translator to figure out Batman’s true identity

- Sales for the PS Vita and Mass Effect 3 have sadly dropped in March.

- “Orange” you glad at what’s featured for today’s Unique USB?

- Take a trip around the world with Arashi’s Nino and…Pocky!

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- With legs that everyone envies, did your favorite “Honey Thighs” idol make the list?

- Lend all your ears 1D fans as the guys from One Direction spill on their style and…girls!

- Those coveting “Flawless Skin” will be intrigued to see how Laura Mercier’s Face Polish does in this review.

- Sad news, no more Beats headphones will be coming packaged with future HTC phones.

- The face palm moment when our favorite main characters from Pokemon have no common sense.

- Word is that the Wii U will be dropping on the market for at least $300.

- Pick up tips from the Victoria’s Secret Angels themselves for their exercise routines from the latest Vogue issue.

- Learn all about one of the most essential resource that everyone needs with today’s App of the Day, Virtual Water.

- It seems like CHEMISTRY is going on a hiatus as their duo to explore their solo dreams for a bit.

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- Junho shows off his protective charms with Kim So Eun during their car ride.

- VEVO Lift puts 1D’s Harry Styles in the hot seat on a variety of topics.

- Master false lashes with MAC Senior Artist Jennifer Chen.

- Instagram picks up a new update that gives it more tablet support for all its recent Android users.

- No one will mess with you if you’re sporting Max Kibardin’s newly debuted pink spike sandals.

- The helpful tutorial trailer has just been released for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

- Struggling to keep a diet? Maybe you need this specific spoon that would surely keep you on track.

- Be tempted to break out your favorite Disney movies again when you see their posters remade here.

- Learn the periodic table like the back of your hand with today’s App of the Day, The Elements.

- The most magical place on Earth brings in a fresh, anime style for their latest Tokyo Disney Resort CM.

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- V Line? Bagel? Find out what it all means in this handy visual glossary of some commonly used KPOP Body Terms.

- Before you spend your money, check out this review of SHINee’s Shini Star Lip Balm from Etude House in the fittingly titled shade of “Bling Bling J.”

- One Direction heads for the Big Apple in the latest episode of “One Direction in America.”

- One of the first looks at the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Assassin’s Creed DLC collaboration.

- HTC’s EVO 4G LTE has finally been announced and with HD Video.

- Those lovely moments when Pokemon references are seen in real life

- A wonton flash drive is featured for today’s Unique USB that might make you hungrier than usual.

- Congrats to X Japan who have been nominated for a Golden Gods Award.

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- IU captures hearts again by being truthful on a sensitive subject for most idols.

- And we’re off! GirlyBubble’s Prom Special 2012 has started and there’s loads to look forward to this week.

- Flaunting its pretty Naval Blue color, see how MAC’s Chenman Pigment did in this review.

- HTC picks up their “Face Unlock” patent that should make future releases pretty interesting.

- With his dead ringer looks, I don’t think anyone else could play Steve Jobs more than Ashton Kutcher.

- NIS America plans to introduce three new JRPGs for all you PS3 fans.

- This soy sauce ad was definitely more entertaining to read with its…unique Engrish.

- Have some yummy-looking bacon for today’s…Unique USB?

- Peek at Zara’s new TRF April 2012 Collection and just try to resist falling in love with at least one piece.

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- Though their drama love has long finished on the show, here are 7 couples that definitely need to reunite their love.

- Sip some tea and check out how these Sheen Supreme Lipglasses from MAC do in this detailed review.

- Looks like Android users are welcoming Instagram with lots of love…and just in the first 24 hours!

- Unbelievable! A Hunger Games fan gets detention for yelling a quote-that-you-won’t-expect from the movie.

- View your favorite FFXIII-2 characters looking pretty fancy as models for Prada’s latest line.

- Lauren Conrad is topless for the latest issue of Glamour Magazine.

- A black magic math trick that you can’t help but follow along to the amazement at the end.

- Jessica Alba rocks some new ink for her upcoming role in A.C.O.D.

- Today’s App of the Day, TouchCalc, will come in handy for a variety of operations.

- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will finally be releasing her first album in late May!

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- Sneak a peek at SHINee going the school uniform route for their upcoming Japan Arena Tour VCR.

- See if you’d be brave enough to sit through 8 of the grossest spa treatments that have been rounded up here.

- Demi Lovato drops her music video for “Give Your Heart A Break.”

- The FBI is getting serious with their intriguing use of technology from Gears of War for a few upcoming training programs.

- Wanting a summer dress that stands out from the rest? Find out how you can get your own custom tailored for under $60.

- The next Android 4.0.4 upgrade for the Nexus S 4G has been leaked.

- Because everyone knows that once you say it, it’s coming true…

- Play your acoustic guitar in a miniature version with today’s Unique USB.

- No matter how many animes you’ve watched, they’ll all probably never stop being so predictable…at least in this one area.

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- Heechul’s inner dancer comes out to bring the laughs once again in his recent radio broadcast.

- RPG fans might be entertained to find out what it is about Adventure Bar Story that earned it a pretty awesome Wirebot Score via Emily’s review.

- A new collaboration between J.Crew and Soludos have produced some bright and summer-ready espadrilles.

- See how Zoya’s Nail Polish in Parveen fares in Felicia’s review.

- Check out the official trailer for ParaNorman, an upcoming animated movie that is certainly bringing a “deadly” plot.

- Pick up the new A7 tablet running the latest Android OS from Hyundai for a cool $110.

- Learn all about 1D’s Louis Tomlinson in today’s Cute Boy Watch.

- Seemingly perfect results have come out of this Hunger Games and Pokemon mashup.

- All the dog information you want is at the tips of your fingers in today’s App of the Day, Perfect Dog.

- An Cafe fans will be happy to hear that the group is back from their hiatus!

Yummy Thai food adventure! What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Jonghyun seems to be enjoying his mischievous nature to the fullest, seeing as he’s “transformed” into f(x)’s Amber.

- It seems as though One Direction’s US debut isn’t coming without restrictions and the latest one is sending the members into a fury.

- It’s all about the tangerine lips this Spring and here are 10 celebs sporting it with style.

- The Hunger Games continues to dominate for another week, see who else made a goof effort in The Weekend Box Office Report.

- With the debut of Windows 8 arriving soon, users may be surprised to learn that it might not be coming with a start button.

- Looking ever-so-chic, Kate Moss brings the glam back to wearing glasses in her photoshoot for Vogue Eyewear.

- Word is that the next generation Xbox will not be blocking used games - yay!

- Problems are present everywhere but it’s these First World Problems that are at least ones you can laugh at.

- Verizon’s new LG Lucid is finally out and available.

- Look out for D=OUT to drop their next single this May.

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- Peek at what the Brown Eyed Girls have been up to in Hong Kong with Ga-In’s adorable photo updates.

- Find out why the latest episode of Fashion Star will have you wishing summer was here even sooner.

- Vincent Longo’s Water Canvas Blush sounds serene from its name, though find out if Morning Tender is the one for you in Sandy’s review.

- A fake Android Store pops up in China though the stranger thing is that it’s selling Apple products?

- Chloe Moretz has been cast to bring back the horrors of “Carrie” in a new modern remake.

- I bet you never though that Disney would be referenced with your cell phone.

- Help Mr. Oops!! escape danger in today’s App of the Day.

- Danny O’Donoghue of The Script only has nice things to say about Jessie J.

- A creepy new trailer has been released for Darksiders 2.

- Those hitting up A-kon this year will be happy to hear that AYABIE and -OZ- have been confirmed for the event!

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- Who would’ve expected such a passionate kiss between Yuri and Lee Jae Hoon.

- Peek at everything Hello Kitty has planned in this adorably awesome Fall 2012 preview. (So much stuff!)

- All eyes will be on you if you’re sporting any of the glam pairs of shades from A-Morir’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

- Come see if the “Olive Grove” is one you want to explore for NYX’s Eyeshadow Trio in Anabel’s review.

- As an upgrade to the previous model, the LG Optimus M+ will be making its arrival on MetroPCS.

- Though Snooki’s baby is no where close to arriving yet…that didn’t stop College Humour from envisioning what it’ll be like.

- New details have surfaced for the Assassin’s Creed 3 star, Connor.

- A teaser trailer for Total Recall is now out for your eyes - definitely one for all you action movie junkies.

- Bring out your creative side with Swakker and send mobile messages like you never have before.

- Congrats to MIYAVI who has been chosen to open for Lenny Kravitz and his upcoming Japan tour!

New (subbed) Liar Game specials! - one of my favorite series. What was the highlight of your day? More »

- Find out why Shindong is making people laugh but saying sorry to G-Dragon

- Let out loads of laughs as you make your way down these top 5 Amy moments via The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

- Anyone who thinks they know diamond rings has never seen a legit one like this.

- How much would you enjoy seeing these video games on the big (movie) screen? Any more to add?

- Watch out world, Snooki seems well on her way to embracing motherhood with her latest preparations starting…now.

- Instagram hope appears for all you Android users with the release of their pre-registration page.

- Check out the cutie designs that Meadham Kirchhoff’s new Nail Wraps are sporting.

- Not even Draw Something can avoid The Hunger Games mania that has swept the world.

- Get to work with this Peanut M&M USB Hub by your side to motivate you.

- Kiyoharu fans will be happy to hear that the single is going to release a new solo single!

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- The wait is over - SHINee’s “Sherlock” MV is finally released in all its glory.

- With a name like Sheen Supreme Lipglass, let’s see if the shade Asian Butterfly is really supreme to buy in Jinra’s review.

- A moment that can only be called strange happened on ep. 2 of Fashion Star, find out what it was and the low-down on the entire show in this recap.

- New game modes for the upcoming Kinect Star Wars are introduced in the latest trailer.

- Rihanna shows off her new petite cross tattoo (also her 15th piece of ink!).

- A study determines that those pesky app ads are draining your battery.

- With this one shirt, you can look so much more important than you really are…standing out in the street.

- Today’s Unique USB is one cute duo that I am all for.

- Sad times, the Beelzebub anime is set to come to an end pretty soon.

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- Get into a party mood with the new “OPPA OPPA” Japanese MV teaser!

- Check out how the Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Fashion City from MAC wears as your potential new Spring shade in Jinra’s review.

- Modern Warfare 3’s first content collection will be released for all you Xbox 360 gamers.

- Look chic with the new Kate” and “Pippa“-inspired dresses in stock at Banana Republic.

- HTC wins over all for a new customer satisfaction survey by J.D. Powers.

- Peek at the first poster for “The Wolverine” - even though it’s leaked, it looks pretty wonderful.

- Justin Bieber may be returning to the big screen sooner than you think, with rumors of a basketball movie in his future.

- I’m sure everyone’s had this happen to them at least once…curse those pesky exams.

- Showing Papa Smurf some love in today’s Unique USB.

- PIKO’s next single, “Emiiro Refrain“,” was interestingly produced by L’arc~en~Ciel bassist TETSUYA.

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