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- On “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking’ Eve,” you’ll be able to catch the one and only Psy this year on the lineup.

- The lovely Emma Stone is a beaut attending Revlon’s recent “Nearly Nakedlaunch event.

- Gilt + Starbucks have teamed up to launch the first metal Starbucks Rewards Card that is definitely unique.

- Season pass holders on Xbox 360 have the chance to access the new Nuketown Zombies map for Black Ops 2.

- J.K. Rowling’s non-Potter book, “Casual Vacancy” is heading to the small screen.

- Try out Multiponk for a bit of entertainment, featured in today’s App of the Day.

- Why use regular toilet paper squares when you could use toilet paper braids?

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- B1A4’s Gongchan claims he owns this best body part this out of all the idols.

- The 2 Change Roller BB Cream from Holika Holika gets a new look and color in Jinra’s refreshed review.

- Illuminate your listening experience when you play music with the Acase Black Diamond III.

- Zayn Malik hits up the needle again to have Madison Square Garden as the latest ink on his arm.

- There seems to be a reason as to why Santa is usually so happy…

- Word is that the next-gen game via Warhorse studio is already in development…via one of their latest trailer.

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- Reminisce a bit with today’s Song of the Day featuring Big Bang’s “Always.”

- The theme seems to be fittingly provocative for Agent Provocateur’s new Spring 2013 fragrance.

- Hooray - Street Fighter X Megaman is all set to be released for all you PC gamers.

- Mercedes-Benz releases a sneak peek at their upcoming Fashion Week Campaign starring Karlie Kloss.

- How pumped would you be for an Alice in Wonderland sequel? It might actually happen!

- Challenge yourself with today’s mystery-filled App of the Day, Doors&Rooms.

- Check out Fudanjuku’s latest PV “Jinsei Wahahah!right now!

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- SNSD take on the stewardesses concept for their just released 2nd Japanese album.

- Have more fun with your options when you try out Inglot Cosmetics’s new eyeshadow pans.

- Karl Lagerfeld teams up with Fossil for a new watch collection that is absolutely gorgeous.

- The release window for Pikmin 3 has been pushed back to Q3 2013.

- A huge set of Bonsly plushies are featured in today’s Plushie of the Day.

- The answer to how much space information from the Internet takes up is answered here.

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- Get ready VIPs, Daesung is gearing up for a Japanese solo album this February.

- So just how darling is the Etude House Dear Darling Neon Lip Tint? Find out in Jinra’s review!

- Cole Haan brings a covet-worthy set of pumps to reality when they collaborated with stylish beauties Jen Brill & Olivia Kim.

- The release of Rayman Legends looks to be launching in late February for all you gamers.

- Eastern Drawing aims to let you to artistically create with ease while you’re on your smartphone.

- The very bejeweled Beaded Miniaudiere from Juicy Couture is festively featured in today’s Cute Carriers.

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- Come find out all about love in 60sec with INFINITE’s Sunggyu in today’s Video of the Day.

- Check out Fergie’s latest campaign photos and video for her new fragrance “Viva.”

- Now you can shop in person for that classic handbag seeing as The Cambridge Satchel Company has officially opened their first store.

- It’s a “Kawaii Paradise” in today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day with the darling Hello Kitty.

- The Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim is expected to arrive in early 2013!

- Never get lost (hopefully) and know where you are with today’s App of the Day, MapQuest.

- The writer for “Amazing Spider-Man” chats about the comic’s latest plot twist.

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- Soon you’ll be able to see the lovely KARA looking as cute as ever as an…anime!

- See if NYX’s Crystal Liquid Liner is able to give you that extra hint of a sparkle just in time for the holidays.

- One guy decides to pull off a pretty awesome prank involving befriending Facebook strangers and reproducing their profile picture - too funny!

- Today’s Plushie of the Day is definitely adorable, I mean, who can say no to a toast cushion?

- Someone was super bored to figure out how to craft this classic masterpiece that is totally one of the more fancy pieces of calculator art that I’ve seen.

- HBO is gearing up to premiere a new documentary film covering the life of Vogue fashion editors.

- The time has come to an end for the agreement between Facebook and Zynga.

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- While many enjoy his musical talents, it seems like Seo In Guk is planning on focusing his attention to his drama career for the moment.

- Would you tune in to DWTS if the Fierce Five’s Gabby Douglas and McKayla Maroney were on it?

- Illamasqua’s most recent makeup ad sparks controversy by their move to feature “blackface.”

- Other smartphones better watch out for Lenovo’s new beauty and its impressive 29-hour battery life.

- Could some of your favorite clothing brands actually be fueling modern day slavery?

- The latest trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us shows off the ability to play as the menacing DeathStroke.

- It’s okay, you can admit that you’ve used this method to cure your loneliness as well.

- The evolution of the Dark Knight is quite an interesting scroll-through - which was your favorite?

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- See A-JAX perform the choreography to “2MYX” in their newly revealed dance practice video.

- The “Inside Out” gives you the best of both worlds with a trackpad included underneath that has a lot of real estate.

- Right after the holidays is the start of the new year and on the small screen, you might want to tune in to this particular show for this great lineup.

- The life of Michael Jackson shown in just five seconds.

- Why have normal nail polish bottles when you can have…booty-shaped ones?

- For those that missed out, never fear, the gold Wii Nunchuk will be returning in 2013.

- Get your sneak peek at the upcoming second season of HBO’s “Girls.”

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- SHINee’s Minho looks more than delighted to be holding hands between these two idols.

- Facebook aims to challenge Skype with an upcoming “party calling” feature.

- Can you guess who Miley Cyrusfavorite One Direction member is?

- Head to NYC to visit (and shop!) the largest Victoria’s Secret store in the world!

- PC gamers will also be included to receive Ace Combat: Assault Horizon as early as next year.

- Go for a subtle orange accent in today’s Daily Nail Art that puts the spotlight on stripes.

- Not just for Twitter, hashtag has also become someone’s…name. Seriously.

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- SMTOWN finishes up their concert in Singapore and posts a picture of SNSD’s Yuri with their goodbyes.

- Skin feeling the stress lately? Try out these 5 budget and time friendly beauty tips to give your skin some TLC.

- A new world record has been set for the longest video game marathon!

- Travel around in style with this Forever 21 x Hello Kitty-designed scarf print bag.

- In-n-Out fans will love the handy app that’s featured in today’s App of the Day.

- A Twilight summary in comic form that actually seems pretty accurate.

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- Besides causing quite the shock, here are 5 lessons that you can take away from the IU-Eunhyuk “scandal.”

- Goop has teamed up with Butter London for one gorgeous and exclusive nail polish collection.

- Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Part 2 claims the top spot as the franchise’s biggest opener.

- I totally approve of these darling bunny rabbits featured in today’s Plushie of the Day.

- BioWare seems to be starting already on planning their next Mass Effect game.

- Get into the holiday spirit early with today’s App of the Day, Christmas RADIO.

- For all your arm sleepers, here’s the perfect pillow for you!

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- Have you seen Psy blow up the stage once again with his latest epic performance at the AMAs alongside…MC Hammer?!

- Presenting quite a different look than what you might recognize them in, the Disney Princesses have gone Vogue.

- The Google Play Store finally has the 16GB Nexus 10 in stock again.

- How to make your shoes last longer with an easy waterproofing method that only takes one unexpected ingredient…

- Minors on the new Wii U will need to pay a small fee to register.

- Whether it’s photo trickery or something else, no one should get in the way of this 50-foot woman.

- Go incognito with today’s Daily Nail Art, fittingly inspired by camouflage.

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- A Pink’s Eunji sends out her thanks for supporting her in her first “Legally Blonde” performance.

- Using classic cartoon ladies that you might recognize, which lady do you think has the best ‘do? And it’s all thanks to Dove.

- Macy’s is graciously donating tickets to their epic Thanksgiving Day Parade to Hurricane Sandy victims.

- See how much Dorothy’s dress from the original Wizard of Oz went for in a recent auction.

- Check out what new games are coming out this week and maybe even add a title or two to your shopping list.

- A new and deliciously improved way to make and eat caramel apples.

- How adorable is this kawaii winter girl with glasses featured in today’s Unique USBs.

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- Have you already checked out the special trailer by SHINee for their next Japanese single?

- Girls fans will be happy to hear that we’ll be seeing a third season of the show thanks to HBO.

- Send your photos through the Phototoaster Jr. that is highlighted in today’s App of the Day.

- Taylor Swift seems to be pondering with the idea of being her own homeowner in the city of London.

- PS3 gamers seem to be experiencing recent code errors on Nuketown maps.

- A fat people problem that is probably sadly true…but a bit funny.

- Embrace the fall with this geometric-inspired print featured in today’s Daily Nail Art.

- A best-of album from Base Ball Bear is set to be released in a couple months.

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- Boyfriend’s Hyunseong shows off his washboard and drool-worthy abs.

- With an impressive performance of an acoustic “Die YoungKe$ha is sounding surprisingly great!

- Gamers should look forward to Xbox Live’s 10 Anniversary because custom Xbox 360s will gifted to loyal members.

- How darling is this set of cufflinks that are adorably reminiscent of the iconic Pixar lamp.

- David Beckham brings the heat once again by starring in H&M’s new Christmas Collection.

- The Acer C7 Chromebook offers a lot in a sleek package and it’s available right now!

- How a scumbag teacher wins at being like a boss

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- NU’EST’s JR gets adorably cute with his celebration of “Ppyong Ppyong Ro” Day.

- Make your eyes pop with a touch of color with TONY MOLY’s Perfect Eyes Eyeliner covered in Jinra’s review.

- Forever 21 teams up with the lovely Chanel Iman in their new “Let It Glow” campaign for the holidays.

- An impressive set of murals that may surprise you when you look closer to find out what they’re made of.

- In the latest Wii U game trailer, Sonic and friends are gearing up for a to-be-intense race.

- Today’s App of the Day lets you have a bit more fun with your images using Cinemagram.

- A Harry Potter horror that probably only pleases certain fans of this particular Hufflepuff.

- This is pretty much a surefire way to ride a wheel chair…like a boss.

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- Who was the mysterious guy that Sunhwa really wanted for her husband on WGM?

- Burt’s Bees gets creative with their latest billboard that doubles as a demonstration for one of their new products.

- Here’s one light switch that is pretty much almost impossible to top…

- Rihanna has just announced that she’ll have two more collaboration singles with Mr. David Guetta.

- Word is that Microsoft Office will finally be arriving for smartphones sometime early next year.

- For the next Transformers movie, it seems like Shia LeBouf is looking for $18 million this time around.

- Head over to Uniqlo for the limited edition sweaters created with help from Andrea Crews.

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- Today’s Photo of the Day showcases Key’s shopping habit that I’m sure some of us can relate to.

- A new teaser commercial has been revealed for Justin Bieber’s upcoming fragrance.

- Despite its slightly high retail price tag, the iPad Mini only costs $188 to be built.

- Get ready for a laugh when you see this bad lip reading take on the 2012 Presidential Debate.

- Aiming to surpass its previous sales report, the Gran Turismo franchise is on its way to topping 68 million.

- Danbo and Domo-Kun get cute and in position for a hug in today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day.

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- Which SNSD member are you most like for those pesky life problems.

- See if you can be gorgeously smoky…with your eyes from Jinra’s review of the beautyADDICTS SolutionEYES Eye Shadow Quad in Seduce.

- It seems like the Disney Channel may be creating a Boy Meets World“-inspired sequel?

- How adorable is this Sheryl Nome flash drive from Macross Frontier?

- Manish Arora’s Spring 2012 lineup has been revealed and your iPad has never looked so stylish.

- FIFA Soccer 13 has rolled out a “major” update for all you PC gamers.

- A bundle of cute pumpkins are featured in today’s Cupcake of the Day - mmm!

- Way to fail at your job while on the job - don’t you feel safer already?

- Kikkawa Yu drops her PV for her very upbeat single, “Sotsugyou.”

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