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- With VIPs holding a bated breath, it seems like Big Bang’s Taeyang has found…the one?!

- For those that want a bit of color without anything sitting too heavily on their lips, check out Jessica’s review on the Tony Moly Tony Tint to see if it’ll fit the bill for you.

- Through some sharp Directioner eyes, it seems like Harry Styles has gotten some new ink.

- Looking cute already from the title sequence, see how Magic Tree fared in Emily’s iPhone/iPod Touch review.

- The influence of Apple seems limitless, even creeping into people’s color preference for cars.

- Now you can channel your inner Waldo with ease, thanks to Warby Parker’s fun move with this geek chic frame.

- After the adult’s slight salary drama, the kids of Modern Family have negotiated their raise without too much fuss.

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- Showing off some cute member love, SHINee’s Minho pokes a bit of fun at Jonghyun.

- Coral lovers might not be able to resist Supercontinential, one of MAC’s new Powder Blushes from their recent Styleseeker Collection - gorg!

- With the movie release inching closer, a new “Perks of Being a Wallflowerclip is out to make the waiting a little less painful.

- New intel has surfaced that push a new MacBook Pro with Retina Display closer to reality…and a lot of wishlists.

- In the latest Mass Effect 3 trailer, the anticipated Leviathan DLC can be experienced.

- Find out why Nicole Scherzinger thinks Mel B. is actually “pretty scary.”

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- Being “married” to him, this actress’ heart goes pitter-patter at seeing the body of Super Junior’s Leeteuk.

- Visually a delight to add to any makeup collection, cehck out how the Culturized Eyeshadow X2 from MAC does in Jinra’s review.

- How many of the most popular celeb teen tweeters do you follow?

- With fans crossing fingers around the world, let’s hope that Ellen DeGeneres is returning in the Finding Nemo sequel as the lovable Dory.

- How YouTube can channel a bit of scumbag tendencies in its video organization.

- Microsoft’s corporate logo gets a long-awaited update.

- The UK gears up to finally open its Angry Birds theme park.

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- f(x) joins Super Junior’s SPAO family as their new representatives.

- Check out the who’s who of the cast of The Hunger Games sequel, “Catching Fire.”

- Xbox Live has been recently updated with the Election 2012 Hub.

- A new nail lacquer line arrives that is actually quite interesting for your fingers by Jin Soon.

- It seems multiple cities are being accessorized by large pieces of jewelry?

- Find laughter and entertainment in today’s App of the Day, “FML Official.”

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- Which so many KPOP idols interested in an acting career, did your favorite make the list as one of the ones who double up as actors?

- An unexpected congrats to the new engaged couple, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.

- MAC aims to have you channeling your inner “Styleseeker” with their upcoming Fall 2012 collection.

- Rather than planets, the modern translation for men, women, and their websites is quite an interesting read.

- No one expected The Little Mermaid to end up looking like this

- Both Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are here to entice you with this new teaser for Fashion’s Night Out.

- Penélope Cruz gets very Italian as the new…Mario?

- The world’s favorite song right now, “Gangnam Style” by PSY, gets the misheard lyrics treatment in this hilarious video.

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- A new couple has been revealed after much denial, though I think Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung suit each other quite well - you?

- See if Etude House’s Aloe Sheet Mask is just the thing to soothe your troubled skin in Sandy’s review.

- The lookbook for Nicole Richie’s upcoming Macy’s collection is out and looks amazing!

- Exciting news for you Avengers fans, the sequel has finally been given a release date by Disney.

- Watch out for the giant snake that is featured in the latest Resident Evil 6 trailer - gives me the creeps.

- It’s official…The Hunger Games series has managed to uproot Harry Potter in sales.

- Looking for a new cute game? Today’s App of the Day, Webbies, will fit the bill perfectly.

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- Did you know about these 7 KPOP idols who came from the US?

- Check out how the intriguing Etude House’s Black Head Sleeping Paste works in this review.

- Looking ever-so-chic and girly, the new Garance Dore designs for Kate Spade’s new line is super adorable!

- Are they getting serious? It seems like Selena Gomez might be taking the next step with Justin Bieber.

- The new Dead Space 3 trailer shows off some pretty interesting…creations.

- Kendall Jenner might be jumping into acting with her first role on Hawaii Five-0.

- Anti Leaks has begun their rebellion over a Russian news site.

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- If your favorite idols were in high school, which clubs do you think they’d be in?

- Whether you’re starting holiday shopping early or need something last-minute, NARSFall 2012 Gifting Collection has you covered with these new items.

- Need a new show to fall in love with? Why not go this school-life route with these 10 tv shows focused just on that.

- Analysts are already foreseeing 10 million iPhone 5 units to be sold with the anticipated September release.

- Sly’s gang gets a nice introduction in the latest trailer for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

- H&M brings back David Beckham for their Holiday 2012 ad campaign - mmm.

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- Besides being a charismatic performer on stage, did you remember that these 17 idols are active students as well?

- With a variety of products to whip your skin into shape, the best of the best from Boscia were included in their new Little Black Book Gift Set - now see how it fares in Jinra’s review.

- The Bourne Legacy follows a different format than the film series you may be familiar with now…but it seems to have done okay.

- Hopping out of the Olympic pool and into a bathtub? Michael Phelps is the new star for Louis Vuitton accessories.

- Kristen Stewart gets a bit vampy red in the eyes in the latest batch of stills for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

- Apple stores will now match iPhone discounts that you find at other places - quite sweet.

- The secret is out…find out why dentists are actually rolling in the dough.

- PlayStation Vita users will soon get to pick up PlayStation Plus thanks to some new news from Sony.

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- Looking ever so chic and just plain adorable, these 9 KPOP Idols in School Uniforms are definitely ones I wish were in my class.

- Check out if Tony Moly’s Berry Lovely Girl Eye Primer performs as cute as it sounds in Sandy’s review.

- If you’re a bit stuck with your Back To School clothing shopping, check out these 5 Fashionable Looks to spark some inspiration.

- Pressure from higher ups are egging Micosoft to increase the price point of their new Surface tablet.

- Peek at the list of songs for the upcoming Rock Band Blitz - did your favorite make the cut?

- Miranda Kerr is baring it all in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

- A new roundup of First World Problems that become relateable for most…but never seem to find a solution.

- Eminem steps up to help create a new “Recovery Japan Tour” shirt for 2012.

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- An audio teaser and photos have been released for U-KISS‘ next Japanese single, “One of You.”

- Channeling a city chic vibe, Rag & Bone’s Resort Collection for 2013 is looking quite covet-worthy for any closet.

- It seems like sales for the Samsung Galaxy Tab is being kicked in the butt by Apple’s iPad.

- Football fans will be excited to hear that the demo for Madden NFL 13 is now out!

- How Windows can be such a scumbag sometimes…

- Making things official, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have revealed their relationship to their families.

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- Be ready and focused with these 8 songs that made it to our Study Mode KPOP Playlist.

- Proudly flaunt your nails with these school-inspired designs.

- Be comfortable and fashionable with these Back to School picks for shoes under $50.

- Go behind the scenes with an Olympic photographer.

- Shoe lovers will be impressed with Macy’s new record-setting shoe floor.

- Do you agree with this particular difference between real life and video games?

- A giggle is sure to escape seeing how these Avengers have played a bit of mix & match.

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- New still cuts of one sad-looking Minho have been revealed from “To The Beautiful You.”

- See if the Kiss Lover Lipstick from Tony Moly will be able to sweeten your lips enough with Sandy’s review.

- Motorola aims to reveal new details about their upcoming 4G smartphone via Facebook.

- Why rock a pair of regular shoelaces when you could have these ones made of…solid gold?

- Star Wars 1313 has been deemed “for adults, not psychopaths” after a bit of controversy with the game’s violence level.

- Will Ferrell shares his own angst over the recent break up drama between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

- EXILE TRIBE has finally arrived and in a very tough way with the PV for their single, “24karats TRIBE OF GOLD.”

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- Being quite the model, G-Dragon shows off the special Big Bang edition of Soul by Ludacris Headphones.

- Essie gives you a bit of pretty motivation with their new Gym-inspired collection.

- For those lucky enough to be in London right now for the Olympics, a reinstated Twitter feed is back online to provide spare tickets to the events.

- Olympian swimmer Missy Franklin reveals some of her top pop culture picks - who knew she was a big fan of so much?

- New features have been introduced in the latest SSX patch.

- On the new season of Gossip Girl, one British fashionista will be joining the cast on the Upper East Side.

- Pieces from the desired closet of Carrie Bradshaw is now available via The Coveteur for your own wardrobe.

- Minimalist design lovers in San Fran. will be able to visit MUJI’s first store on the West Coast.

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- How do you feel about the recent buzz about a possible TVXQ reunion?

- With back to school season around the corner, Burt’s Bees has some suggestions for you to look ready to take it on.

- You can now sip the signature milkshake made especially by Cher Lloyd.

- Agyness Deyn is rocking it in the new video lookbook for Dr. Martens.

- With the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed III, gamers will be getting a bonus surprise.

- See how NBC ended up unintentionally giving one Olympian a pair of glasses…

- Today’s App of the Day, tipSkip, will make your music listening experience even better…especially if you’re a track skipper.

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- Were your eyes paying enough attention during PSY’s “Gangnam Style” to see…two Big Bang members?!

- Cuter than your other tubes, see if the Cats Wink Lipstick in Orange Pop by Tony Moly performs as well as it looks.

- Everyone’s favorite Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence seems to be in negotiations for a raise before “Catching Fire” arrives.

- Prepare yourselves…the first full trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 has arrived.

- The first bits of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 details are set to be revealed this week!

- Lily Collins has just been named as the new ambassador for luxury watch company, Movado.

- Sport a calming beach scene of a palm tree in today’s iSkin of the Day.

- Arashi was recently chosen to star in a CM for “24Hour Television” - so cute!

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- Have your heart ready to be melted by these 10 kids covering your favorite KPOP songs and idols.

- Check out Jinra’s review to see if Mizon’s Fruit Therapy Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel is as effective as it appears to be.

- With the imagination of one artist, see where your favorite Disney couples have ended up after the movie ends.

- One way to get the wi-fi password that also does double duty as a pretty genius parenting tip.

- The new Fall/Winter Campaign for Zara TRF has arrived with Cara Delevingne looking as pretty as ever.

- This week’s Sales Chart seems to be holding steady for a few games that it seems no one can knock from the top.

- A delicious-looking bunch of blackberries are featured on and in today’s Cupcake of the Day.

- Keep track of your pulse with this unique workout watch that offers a bit more than just the time.

- The wait is over for Perfume’s full PV for their current single, “Spending all my time.”

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- Oh no! It seems like some of Leeteuk’s personal information has accidentally leaked out.

- H&M’s upcoming line of accessories for Fall 2012 has surfaced and it looks to have something for everyone.

- For those considering a Wii U, Mass Effect 3 has been officially confirmed as one of the upcoming console’s launch titles.

- Why not try out the mattified gradient look that is featured in the latest Daily Nail Art.

- Lady Gaga is already planning to make 2013 her year with a recent announcement.

- Domo will love the Domo Nation that is featured for today’s iSkin of the Day.

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- Hwayoung makes an appearance on Twitter to tweet a request to fans.

- With a name like the Face Oasis Cleansing Water, H2O+ sure has a lot to live up to - see if it does in Sandy’s review.

- How one newspaper has decided to distinguish the two Korean countries participating in the current Olympics

- It’s all about the Sculpture Bag for the upcoming Autumn/Winter Collection from Marni.

- Glee has officially added two new female McKinley students to the cast for Season 4.

- New technology can be spotted in the latest trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3.

- Hotmail users will soon become users due to a new switch by Microsoft.

- Look forward to David Guetta and the new collaboration track he’s completed with Sia.

- ONE OK ROCK teases fans with the release of their short PV for “The Beginning.”

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- Lend your vote to this week’s poll on the idol departure that was the most shocking.

- Check out if the Its Skin Babyface Teardrop Liner is able to become your new favorite finishing touch from this review.

- So I’m not sure what happened in that four year break but I have to say that Beijing definitely beat London for mascots.

- Like clothing that stands out a bit? Chromat’s latest Cage Collection will surely be the perfect fit.

- Look out for Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara to make her animated appearance on…Family Guy!

- A pair of closed doors for the HTC office in South Korea - considering their competition, it’s no wonder.

- Pokemon Black and White 2 gets closer to a release with a new trailer that you can watch now.

- Apple TV users can now enjoy their movies and shows with the new availability of Hulu Plus.

- Today’s Cute Carriers features a very cute Smoothie Contrast Trim Backpack that would be perfect for your back-to-school shopping list.

- The girls of Perfume have released the short PV for their new single, “Spending All My Time.”

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